I realize I’ve fallen off the planet (aka been in Florida). No, I haven’t been working. I’ve been enjoying, though, which is something. Actually, isn’t it the whole point? Work should feel delicious and make you giddy. Only, I’ve been getting so wrapped up in “the rules” and plot point formulas that writing has stopped feeling fun. It’s strange because with both of my books, I never once thought of plot turns—though they were, after all, memoirs. And while I believe that even memoirs need to have an arc with a clear beginning, middle, and end, you can’t just make shit up to create momentum and suspense. So, right now in the process I feel stuck.

I’ve made a point of not including any of the material in my next book within the pages of this Greek Tragedy blog. So, there’s a lot missing, a lot I’ve been meaning to write, even privately, but haven’t. And while I’m wondering what’s going on with me, I’m also just trying to manage. Man-age. As in, this is exactly how man ages: by juggling.

staged laundry room
By remembering to hang the tutu upside-down on the hanger, so it has the “poof factor.” Remembering what time the rehearsal is, then the recital.
Remember each morning to bring their bathing suits to school, so the teachers can change them, and have them ready for a 12:45pm pickup, where I whisk them off to a ten minute swim lesson. Remember that the swim lesson times change next week.
Staging. Look up best ways to stage a spa bathroom, special small touches that make a big difference staging your home.
Convert the media room into a bedroom, and hit up Tuesday Morning.
Buy paints and paint white canvas. Make sure a predominant color in the painting carries throughout the room with coordinating accessories.
Manage this: you’re moving to Florida and you’re actually going to put your house on the market! When did this happen? And where are my boxes?
Find a summer camp for the tots, find a state while you’re at it.
Find a school and a school philosophy you believe in, that comes highly recommended.
Find a couples therapist in Boca.
Find doctors and curly hair stylists and occupational and physical therapists.
Look for babysitters in the big FL.
Find a motherfcuking house to rent in the sunshine state (and remember it’s not about the house, it’s the community and school that matter most)
Remember to tell the handyman to power-wash my mouth out.
Today, get thee to a Weight Watchers meeting (I’m down 24.6 lbs., but I will likely gain a pound today because that’s at least how much managing weighs). Then, get to Abigail’s classroom by 11am for her belated Mother’s Day celebration – remember video cam. Next, pick up Sir Luke at 12:45 and drive the taters to “don’t drown” lessons – cannot be even one minute late! Returns to Gymboree and Old Navy. Call Kids’ Club and let them know we’re coming to the club tonight.
Don’t forget Mahan is coming over tonight, coming to the club with us – make room inside the car.

Of all of it, my favorite part by far is the staging. I know this is true for almost everyone, but why do we make our homes the best they can be once we plan on leaving them? As in, this is good for you, but I’m somehow not worth the effort. Oh, how I love a neat manicured house full of coordinated accessories. New category for this blog to come: STAGE THIS HOUSE, where I’ll be taking your suggestions room by room.



  1. That laundry room is lovely. A room like that would make me orgasmicly happy :) Love it!

    I cannot wait to hear how it goes on your search for a curly hair stylists! I’d be willing to drive to Boca for it.

    Did I read that correctly? Are you MOVING to FL? Haven’t you previously stated (and I think more than once) your dislike with the idea of moving to Florida, saying something like it’s a second New York with all the transplants? If you are, in fact, moving, how have you come to terms with it?

    1. Author

      I should have made myself more clear… this is not my laundry room. Just inspiration!

      And, what choice do I have? To sulk? Life is an adventure, and although Florida hasn’t ever made it to my “places I’d like to live” list, it’s still where I’m heading, so I’d better make the most of it.

  2. I meant are you PERMANENTLY moving? Putting your house up for sale, no more Austin kinda move?

  3. Previously you said you were going to rent your house. The fact that you are selling it (in a terrible market) and that Phil has a new job tells me that things might not be going that well financially for you. No, not my business, but you do post about everything else, might as well admit it all.

    1. Author

      Austin market is actually good, and it’s silly for us to keep an empty house sitting here doing nothing, paying rent/ mortgage payments in both places, where we plan to be primarily in Boca. I guess it’s simply too early to tell. So, we’ll just have to see how it all goes. Not hiding anything here, financially or otherwise. Just being practical.

      1. I have to say that lately you are much more level headed in responding to snarky commenters (myself included). I notice a real change in tone – something (the therapy sessions?) has made a difference. Good for you!

        1. Imagine the difference it (therapy sessions?) could make for YOU, anon1!

  4. I thought you had rented a house already?
    Good luck with everything.

    1. Author

      No. We’ve come close. Put in offers, where the owner of the home decides “Nah, now that I’ve seen what’s out there, I might as well stay in my house.” Or we get so close, agree on price and removal of certain window treatments, and “woops, no dogs, sorry.” So we’re still back at it, even if it means a hideous 80s house within a great community, we’re game.

      As for selling the Austin home… originally, I believed Phil would be in FL from Sunday night to Tuesday night, so I’d have him for the “good days,” but now he realizes that he really needs to be down there for work, and he wants us to be there all together, as a family. And since I can in fact, (not) work from anywhere, I might as well just procrastinate in Florida. Thankfully the Austin real estate market never took a lickin.’ Life’s an adventure, and I don’t really know where we’ll end up, if I’ll be back in New York, or staying in Florida, how often will I be here in Austin? I simply don’t know and am just going with all of it. Because what choice do I really have? It’s nothing I planned, but it is an adventure.

      1. Florida is definitely an adventure, sometimes a backwards one! You’ll make it a great adventure though, I wish I lived closer to Boca, I would love to meet you. :)

  5. I can’t believe your financial situation is anybody’s business or that they would have the audacity to comment or ask you about it here.

  6. i’m thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes your way (even thought i don’t know you.) i love your attitude and outlook on this entire situation and your embracing the “NOW” w/out question, but instead w/ alert curiosity and openness – letting the current take you where it wants you to go next. as a former south florida resident (for 13 yrs) i can understand all the naysayers out there warning you about the lack of culture, depth, etc. and, to a certain extent i agree – after all, i don’t choose to still live there. BUT, what i’ve learned in the years since is that real happiness and fulfillment comes in the smallest moments, the smallest things. and, you, my dear, are really good at finding happiness in the small things in life, the things that really matter. so, i’m not worried about your transition at all or that you feel like you don’t know what’s going on w/ you right now… that’s a great time – the perfect time – for finding out that you are so much more than what you think (the narrow definitions and identifications you’ve come to think of as “you” up to this point) and that there is an enormous, untapped world of depth and creativity just waiting for you, no matter where you are. yay! …exciting!!! plus, you’ve got the ocean – nature’s therapy!

      1. This may be a bit late in response to the FL move, but I was exactly in your shoes-we had to move from PA to FL with only a summer to make it happen! What I learned once we got there was that South FL has its highs and not-so-highs, like anywhere else. I was in love with the beach-the most beautiful water and calming atmosphere! There’s awesome shopping, lots of family things to do (think free outdoor summer concerts and great farmers’ markets) and yes, the guava pastries are to die for. Find some asap. :) I wish you all the very best down there-you will come to love it.

  7. How are you finding WW during this time of upheaval? Are you able to track and count etc.? Because I am about to start a similar change/move and I also want to lose around 30 lbs, but WW seems very…complicated? Then again, is there ever an easy way to lose weight?

    1. Author

      It’s actually very easy and at the beginning it feels like a game. Literally, like a computer game. Where you try to rack up the points, get stars on charts, etc. It also helps to track on a mobile phone (there are free apps that do this, without weight watchers, and they will track your WW points – and tell you how many points you get based on your age, weight, height). That said, it doesn’t take long at all to begin to know (by heart) the point values for certain things, so it’s not “work.” I also LOVE that I can have all the fruit I want and still lose 25 lbs.

  8. Thanks – that’s very encouraging. Looking for a meeting to try out tomorrow.

    I wish I could help you in return – I do know a very cool NY mom who moved to that area of FL with two little boys last year. I don’t want to post particulars here, but you appear to me to have a great deal in common with her – same age, DH with similar health issues etc. She’ll know Jewish preschools, camps etc. so if you want her contact info., let me know.

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