If you’re gonna lick balls, make sure they’re burrata. And “cream your jeans good” might be appropriate, but it’s best never spoken–especially from a granny. Also, how is there not a soda (pop) that tastes like butter? AND, why aren’t there jams flavored like wines (though I’m guessing they exist)?



  1. I’ve made wine jam….

    pour a bottle in a pot on the stove + pectin = wine jam

  2. Hello! In France, you can find plenty of wine flavored jams! Let me know if you’re interested, I can share some addresses from my native Alsace!

  3. OMG…I live in Mendoza, Argentina & we have jam made of wine!! I’ve tasted the Malbec Jam and not only is it delicious on buttered toast, but sinfully yummy as a topping on Mascarpone ice-cream.

  4. It was so delicious seeing you again! Thanks for the company and the talk. AND we have wine flavored jams, made right here in Savannah. I’ll have to send you some.

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