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Four years ago today, I said yes! You said yes, or maybe “I do.” We’ve built a life on top of yes. To celebrate, we’re running off to Vegas to get on our couple freak. To which I say, “Hell, yes.”

My taste buds, body, and mind are ready to love up on you in Vegas. Mid-October, 3 show-filled, food-coma-inducing, craps-roulette-black-jack-risking nights. Best part of these trips sometimes is the excitement that comes with all the planning. So, where should we eat?

Our last rendezvous (photos here) in the city of whores and man-sluts, we stayed at The Bellagio (this time too), where we enjoyed the wine and food pairings menu at Le Cirque (sat beside a couple who got married that night!); demolished half a menu at Michael Mina, then went hog-wild (you and your pork belly) at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon at The Venetian, where I had the best peach of my life. I include this so we know where we’ve been and can see where we’re going. This time there will be NO BACCARAT! But, oh how we’ll keep up our good luck tradition of caviar and champagne at Petrossian (pretty sure you had a white peach billini). We lunched at Wolfgang Puck’s Bar & Grill, at Joe’s Seafood where you loved your burger, hit up SeaBlue, and have already done Fiamma and Craft (everything). We also had overpriced and lame sushi somewhere within the Bellagio, not this time.

I’ve done L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Paris, Aureole a few times in New York (we actually stopped into the jumping LV version for drinks last time and watched them climb for our wine). I’ve done more Alain Ducasse than anyone should admit. Does that sound completely obnoxious of me? Absolutely. Adour at the St. Regis in New York, Le Relais Plaza in Paris, Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée in Paris, Le Jules Verne in Paris. And on an unrelated note, I’ve done Rao’s in East Harlem a handful of times, plus a world of Mario Batali from Lupa to Otto, Babbo, and everything in between. Doesn’t mean I’m not up for trying Carne Vivo.

Where I’ve never been, in any city: Fleur de Lys, Guy Savoy, JOËL ROBUCHON AT THE MANSION, Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, Alex (helmed by Alessandro Stratta) Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare, Picasso, RM Seafood. Is Alain Ducasse’s Mix worth a try?

Where does one “lunch” if she’s expecting an obscene dinner, or if she’s nixed all the overkill meals? And where does one drink if she wants a liquid meal?

Also, I’m well aware it’s not all about the food and shows. I have zero desire to do the rooftop roller coaster scene, nor the bangin’ pool table service world. The plan is to indulge, to spa (yes, as a verb), to work out, to gamble up a storm, to read a book, and to be nowhere near the sun (I am terrified of skin cancer).

All suggestions welcome!



  1. Welcome to my town! You'll love the beds at the Bellagio :) Make sure you see all the fun stuff in the forum shops at Ceasars, and stop in the FAO Schwartz for the beans, because you know, christmas is just around the corner! I see that you are going to see "O" great show…if you have time for a second show, I'd recommend Blue Man Group, or the Phantom of the Opera at Venetian. Obnoxious restaurant referral-Dicks' Last Resort at the Excalibur.

  2. If you're looking to bring something home for the kids, check out the FAO Schwarz at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. They had a pretty strong selection, including a lot of nostalgic toys from years gone by. The pools at the Venetian are nice and not too crowded or pretentious (except for the Tao Beach section – if you're looking for that). Have fun!!

  3. Mix at Mandalay Bay…the most beautiful view of the strip.
    Nine at the Palms…my favorite steak house in town
    Wynn…best nightclub(tryst) and boutique lounge(blush)
    Shop at the fashion show mall or the shops at Bellagio or Wynn
    and if you are feeling like a fun show go see Zumanity(sex, dance and just a great time)or Love (if you love the beatles)

  4. i have only been to Vegas a few times, i am not a huge gambler and i get a little claustrophobic in those casinos…but when i was there i took a walk to the older part of Vegas, the part that barely exists and i played at the slots and the tables at the old Stardust. it was pretty depressing, everything felt old and dreary as did the people, but part of me loved the experience. i pretended Frank Sinatra was next to me at the blackjack table and had a great time! the place reaked of character, something a lot of the other places in vegas don't have.

  5. See Ka at MGM. That's my favorite Cirque show. Go shopping at Caesars. Get a massage at the spa in the Wynn. Have sushi at either Tao in the Venetian or Hyakumi in Caesars (or both!). Those are our favorites. Have a great time!

  6. Must go to Firefly…Tapas rest. off the strip and close to Hard Rock….AWESOME PLACE!!

  7. For street photography, the little camera lets you get much closer to the action. Its also less distracting for you, more go with the flow experience. For those lovely close up depth of field shots… the big lens is better. I got a decent little camera as a sidekick to my digital Rebel, and it has all the manual settings, plus reads low light w/out flash really well… I like having both ; ) have fun

  8. 1. For the best meal you have ever had in your life go to nob hill in the MGM. I go to Vegas at least twice a year and it is the most amazing place.
    2. Get drinks and the cheese place at DB in the Wynn
    3. I have seen almost every show in vegas and NOTHING beats LOVE, the new beatles cirque de soleil. it is absolutely life changing.
    4. Have lunch at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris. Sit outside (they have heat lamps) and ask for the "carrot stuff" with your bread. (they usually only serve it at dinner)
    5. You MUST see the Bellagio fountains up close. stand and wait if you have to, its totally worth it.
    Have a fantastic time!!!

  9. Bobby Flay's restaurant "MESA grill" in Caesar's Palace. One of the best meals I've ever had!

  10. Kind of a sob story so I apologize for that, but 2 weeks ago I just returned from almost 2 weeks of pure hell in Vegas. My oldest sister was there for a bike convention from Miami, FL Sept. 25th. She went on a demo ride hours after arriving and ended up breaking her back, cracking 11 ribs which punctured and collapsed her lungs, and finally broke her shoulder and collarbone.

    She spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital with tubes in her lungs and through her back for surgery drainage, but was allowed to fly to Ohio to our care last Sunday but has a long road of recovery to go before she can resume her life in Florida again. Bottom line is she's beyond lucky to be alive and not paralyzed, and as a healthy 40-year old she should recover pretty well over time, and that we are more than grateful for. But seeing any family member spend 48 hours in a cervical collar, in a drug-induced coma, unable to move, eat or drink, before she could have spinal surgery is not an image I wish on anyone.

    I knew heading out there from Ohio with my parents that it wasn't going to be a "vacation", but had at least hoped after she got out of surgery and was released from ICU to enjoy some of the restaurants there as I LOVE food and have been reading about all the great chefs and their restaurants out there the last couple years. Then I ended up with an infection and ended up sharing a hospital room with her for 4 days!

    My only recommendation for you is that Treasure Island has some awesome beds, and they have a restaurant there called The Coffee House that has Filet Mignon Benedict at breakfast which was the best meal I had out there because it was mostly being at the hospital all day and sleeping as much as we could when we got back.

    But more so I'd love for you to have an awesome time and do all the things I wasn't able and post your heart out about it. Because I saw a very ugly side of people in Vegas and can't decide between going back one day an attempting to do all the things I couldn't, or just giving up on the place as somewhere I never want to be again!

    I do apologize for the Debbie Downer post I would just love to read some good things about a place I now feel bitter about! Enjoy your vacation, we know you deserve it after the stress on your own family's health issues and turning in your book! I wish you all well.

  11. The best restaurant ever… is Prime, in the Bellagio. It's a steakhouse, but they have AMAZING dover sole. And amazing service! Request a window seat, so you can see the fountains while you dine.

  12. this is sad, but when i go to vegas (never been) i am heading over to "slots o'fun" for their famed 99 cents hot dog. i saw it on the food channel…it's huge! plus it made me laugh just thinking about it. it's off the strip. not that you need to know that. i can't imagine sane people adding this to their vegas to-do list…

  13. are you with all girls or with your family?

    all girls – i recommend chippendales at the rio hotel. just saw the show 2 weeks ago and wow! can't help but appreciate the beautiful men. a fun outing with the girls.

    the bellagio fountain light show is always a crowd pleaser. the restaurants are great. they have a yummy gelato shop in the lower level. also check out the garden area (next to cafe) at bellagio. they have neat themes that change regularly. before it was a mini vegas strip replica complete with a train running around it. very cool.

    best buffet — aladdin (esp brunch).

    best pool – mandalay bay.

    have fun! :)

  14. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" (or any variation thereof) is wayyy overused, in my opinion. Have a fun trip!

  15. i salivate in memory of our meal at bouchon nearly two years ago……… my husband bought me the cookbook for a birthday gift soon after. sigh.

  16. Spend a few minutes in the M&Ms store. Customize a bag of chocolate goodness (dark or milk! or peanut butter! or almond! the possibilities are endless!) in all your favorite colors. Calories don't count in Vegas, either. Something about the desert climate…

  17. SW at the Wynn is fabulous….you have to try the Kobe Beef Carpaccio.

    Also, if you feel like heading off the strip, the Ritz Carlton Lake Las Vegas has the most incredible 6 course chef's choice dinner with wine pairings. It was the best meal that I've ever had and worth the 20 minute drive from the stip…and it's also kind of nice to get away from the craziness for a while!!!

  18. Mandy – I've never been to Vegas & have no desire to do so (though I'd very much like to see semi wilderness desert & mountain Nevada), but I love the sort of dilapidated, past its prime type locales as you described. If you ever find yourself in the NY State Catskills area, take a drive on NY State Route 52 from roughly Ellenville through Liberty. If you squint (preferable as passenger, not driver!) you'll swear you can see Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey practicing their Dirty Dancing routine.

  19. Mandalay is my favorite hotel. They have a great spa and restaurants, and the wave pool's kind of a fun novelty. Never had a bad time there. O is my favorite cirque show… the water element makes it really neat.

  20. Love the Bellagio water show to "Fly Me to the Moon" by Sinatra. Bellagio has a good dinner buffet, complete with sushi, crab legs, etc. I ate at Buddah in the Palms – pretty good. Ghost Bar has an awesome view of the strip. Paris has a great breakfast buffet, including crepes.

    The Piano Bar in the NY-NY is a lot of fun and gets packed. I can't remember the name – Times Square bar?

  21. Nob Hill at the MGM has great wine and food. For lunch, i love the chopped salad at Grand Lux cafe at the Venetian (its just like the chopped salad at Fred's in Barney's but maybe even better b/c you can get it with cheese). I also secretly love to sit in the fake St. Mark Sq at the Venetiona and watch the fake sunset next to the fake canal at Canaletto.

  22. Maybe there was a glitch, but my comment in response to your 'do snafu never posted…. I'll try once more. I second Carrie. The roast chicken at Bouchon is to die for. I'm a self-professed "foodie" and that chicken is the only meal that I regularly crave from any restaurant. I've devoured it 3 times now and I wish to eat it at least 300 more. If you happen to head off off-strip, I can also recommend a KILLER authentic Mexican place that serves equally killer margaritas. Kali orexi!

  23. You're going to Vegas?? I have a secret tip for you… I share it with all my friends who go to Vegas.

    Go to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, to Mr Lucky's Diner. They have an amazing shrimp and steak dinner with mashed potatoes and salad for $7.77. But it's NOT on the menu. You have to ask for it!

    Have fun! Vegas is my fave.


  24. What's the story behind all these half-hidden Amazon-links behind the thin blue print that pop up all over your site? I know they're not there intentionally, since one of them appeared on one of my comments and I sure did not put it there myself.
    Do you get paid for this? Or is someone abusing your website for that bulls**t?

  25. I agree with the person who said that the Beatles Cirque show "Love" was life changing. I think if everyone saw this show there truly would be peace on earth. Because all you need is …

  26. Barbara E. –
    You mentioned Ellenville in your comment. Brought back old memories. When I was there, I heard that the famous 'Woodstock' 3 day music fest, was really held in Ellenville. The real Woodstock town was pretty cool back when I visited. Have a great time Stephanie.

  27. Thanks, Barbara E. I'm on my way to Glen Spey. A bit west on 52 where NY/NJ/PA meet (or fall) into the Gap. Stephanie, have fun, wish you were here at Kellerman's.

  28. Barbara E. and Jane…

    I grew up in the Catskills and it's one of my favorite places in the country.

    Dirty Dancing was actually filmed in Virginia and North Carolina but the story is based on Grossinger's Hotel in Liberty, NY – the resort that Eleanor Bergstein, the writer of the movie, used to stay at as a young girl. It was a strictly kosher hotel and they hosted thousands of guests coming up to the "country" for a vacation away from the city (just 2 hours south of the Catskills).

    This part of the country hosted many celebrities of that time and the showroom's in the Catskills were always filled with big name performers. It's such a beautiful part of the country but it's been years since it's seen the hustle and bustle of it's heydey. I wrote about it on my blog:

    Woodstock, the town, is a very pretty place also. But Woodstock, the festival, was not held in Ellenville, it was actually held in Bethel, New York. It was held on Max Yasgur's farm and if you go visit, you'll be able to see the plaque they put up in memory of the event:

    It's a very beautiful area and just up the road from the Woodstock site is a great Alpaca farm, where you can buy beautiful, soft clothing and accessories made from the downy soft Alpaca wool. The man who runs that facility is great! If you're nice, you might even get the tour that I did and be able to see the Aplaca's up close! :)

    If you ever have a chance – definitely make a trip to upstate New York…it's truly beautiful!

    (For Stephanie: I don't know how including a link works and if you don't want to include them, that's fine – but I love to talk about where I grew up and how wonderful that area is – I think people would enjoy reading it. But it's entirely up to you. Hoping you and Phil are enjoying Vegas; I'm currently in Reno – The Biggest Little City In The World! LOL)

  29. Favorite all around hotel is the Hard Rock. A bit smaller than the strip mega-hotels and always rockin' in that 'leather pants, 600cc, shots of Jager, hey look it's Tommy Lee' kinda way. The music piped into the casino instantly makes you want to strut and rock out for some reason. The 'circle bar' in the center of the casino is a great place to grab a drink and people watch. I've never had a bad meal at Nobu (Black Cod….oh my Gooohd) and Body English is a fantastic club for boozing and woozing.

    The Palms is fun as well, but in a 'Playboy Bunny, Forever 21, hey look it's Justin Timberlake' kinda way. The Playboy Club is worth a look so that you can say you did. I ordered at glass of Schramsburg bubbly at the NINE Steakhouse bar – $26, no joke. Chapped my ass, but it was some effing good wine.

    Tao at the Venitian is by far the hottest, biggest, craziest club in Vegas. The line to get in will blow your mind. Only worth trying if you are willing to agree to buy 3 insane $250-300ish bottles of Absolut or if you know someone at the door. Oy – not worth the lipgloss.

    Have a fantastic time this weekend. You deserve a weekend of fun, food, booze and debauchery. And duck fat.

    PS – What are you, high? Your hair looks absolutely beautiful! Although – I'd still dispute the charges becuase you didn't walk out feeling fabulous when you really deserved to!

  30. Can I be pedantic about sentence construction? The new show is Cirque de Soleil's 'The Beatles', rather than The Beatle's Cirque. Just credit where it is due really, The Beatles were great too, they're just not all alive to perform any more.

  31. If you want to fix the cut and color of your hair while in Vegas (so you can leave the style you're unhappy with in Vegas) Call Christophe Salon at the MGM Grand and ask for Eric, who is a tremendously cool French guy with a great sense of style. He is friends with and worked with Jose Eber. Tell him Shana recommended you. There are also good colorists there. and so worth it. Bring your Before picture if you are trying to match the old color and they will likely hit it for you.

  32. P.S. I just read everyone's recommendations for you.

    At Bouchon in the Venetian, go for the fresh oysters and seafood over the roast chicken. I bet your roast chicken is better than theirs (I thought mine was). But the Oysters are next to godliness ;)- – Have them pair it with a good wine for you.

    Aquaknox at the Venetian is also out of this world for fresh seafood and it's right across from VBar so you can dance your dinner off.

    Do not eat at Stack if you go to the Mirage to see the Love show (or at least don't order the "grown up tater tots"…someone in my party did: yuck).

    The best kept secret steak house is the Steak House at the Luxor. It's got a very gentlemen's club-style interior, it's very quiet and unhurried with exceptional steak that's worth the price.

    If you shop at Macy's in Fashion Show mall, show them your out of state ID for 11% off, even on sale prices.

    Good luck and have fun!

  33. The Cirque Beatles show was one of the great crapfests of the early 21st century. And I enjoy both Cirque de Soleil and the Beatles very much. It's like using olive oil to make brownies. Come to think of it, Vegas in general is one great crapfest. With big fake tits.

  34. THE Hotel (Posh tower of Mandalay Bay) – Bathhouse, Mix and the Foundation Room
    My standby restaurant – Always delicious sushi – Little Buddah in the Palms

  35. I recommend slots of fun too! Won $7500 there a couple of years ago. Now I'm afraid to go back, I'm sure it was just beginner's luck. Have a great time!

  36. Barbara E., Jane, Daily Rant:
    I grew up in Woodstock!! It's a great town. Especially beautiful this time of year with the leaves, etc.

  37. Marlee, Jane, Daily Rant: I live in New Paltz. Representin' Ulster/Sullivan, yo! The foliage is pretty this year, but certainly not outstanding. Too warm & dry. Though it's nice biking in my shorts in late October. Sorry for the hijack SK.

  38. HelenSparkles, while we're being pedantic, the show is actually called 'Love', and, let's give credit where credit is due: the Beatles changed the world; Cirque is a troop of acrobats wearing weird makeup and performing under colored lights.

  39. Woodstock lovers – I fondly remember The Bear Cafe, all the artisans tucked away in the woods & too much beautiful art that I couldn't afford back then. It would be gorgeous this time of year. I only visited a few times in summer months. Stephanie, that would be a good place to go and relax.

  40. Barbara, Jane, Daily Rant, I'm from the Catskills too, although I've been away many years. I was born in Middletown and most of my family still lives there.

  41. How funny, Carole, Barbara, Jane, DR.. I lived in Forestburg for the first ten years of my life. I returned for a visit about four years ago.. it all looks exactly the same, untouched by industry and so beautiful. Tennessee is nice, but I would LOVE to live up there in NY again.

    1. I vote Botero instead — it’s at the Encore and has the best squash blossoms I have ever, ever laid taste buds on.

    2. We celebrated our half year in February with a beef orgy in Vegas. At Sushisamba in The Shoppes at the Palazzo have the Anticuchos of beef tenderloin with aji panca, then take it to the next level with A5 Kobe Beef served with a hot stone. Sublime! Skip breakfast and have a bloody mary and oysters on the half shell somewhere. For the love of all things consumable, don’t miss Carnevino. Try the Carne Crudo, order the oldest dry aged beef they have and DO NOT SKIP the Lardo. Holy hell it’s amazing. This article was our inspiration ( Congratulations!

  42. The best food in Vegas is at The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay, but you have to be a member to enter. Also, it has the best view of the strip, in my opinion. Maybe you have connections to get in? It’s worth it, if you do.

    Bartolotta’s at the Wynn is good, but it pales in comparison to Paul Bartolotta’s original Milwaukee restaurant, so I have trouble wholeheartedly recommending it.

    As for where to eat lunch before a big night out, I’d say just go to Olives at the Bellagio– that’s what we usually do, since we almost always are staying at that hotel. Mon Ami Gabi at The Paris has been inconsistent at best, in our experience.

    My last piece of advice is to ask around as to where the best nightlife is on any particular night. For instance, while Tao is always a good bet, the last I checked, Jet at the Mirage was where people wanted to be on a Monday.

  43. Could the lame and overpriced sushi come from Sensi at the Bellagio? We ate there after seeing “O” the last time we were there and our food was nothing to write home about either, and quite pricey! My sister was happy with her chiken curry, but you can get that any where!

  44. in the september issue of Bon Appetit there is a little section about french chefs doing it up in vegas….

    Restaurant Guy Savoy in Caesar’s

    Twist in the mandarin Oriental

    Mix at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay

    L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand

    …good luck

    1. and yes you’ve been to some, but i guess the answer is Ban appetit says give mix a try?

  45. Not to go all stalker-ish, but I will be there mid- October too!! Attending a wedding, and then enjoying my first trip to Vegas with my fiance!! We are a little more low key- staying at Planet Hollywood.. Hope you have a great time, and I agree that everything at Craft is sooo good!

  46. My husband and I ate at the wine loft at Fleur de Lys in March. (You have to get the Chef’s tasting and wine pairing but reserving the table doesn’t cost anything extra). It was wonderful. 9 courses and 7 wines later I could barely make it down the stairs.

    We also ate at the Burger bar in Mandalay Bay. The burgers were tasty.

  47. Olives is always a good lunch option. Also, I’ve had good meals at Bradley Ogden at Caesars. Also, are you willing to go off-strip? Lotus of Siam Thai?

    p.s. Would love to hear about Rao’s in Harlem. Isn’t that one of those impossible NYC reservations? How did you get in? How was it?

  48. This is unrelated, but did you see your favorite crepe place Lady M offered free Mini Chouxs yesterday in honor of Top Chef Just Desserts?

    I wish I was New Yorker, if only for the food!

  49. Eat breakfast at the Four Seasons. It’s delightful and serene and delicious. Fab service, of course. You’ll feel pampered.

  50. I was there in August and spent a lot of time in CityCenter. I actually have a picture of almost every store in Crystals cause I die for the fashion in Vegas. Also there is Todd English P.U.B., a Wolfgang Puck (the shrimp appetizer made a perfect light lunch and I would kill to know how to make it) and The Pods which is also Puck. Also there is Beso – Eva Longoria’s restaurant, partnered with Todd English… but I didn’t eat there. Bar Vdara has a nice light fare menu and while I didn’t get to spa there, if you do please blog about it. Cafe Vettro in Aria also has a good menu for lunch– and if you figure out how to make the sauce that comes with the calamari I will love you forever. Have fun!!

  51. O is water form of Mystere

    LeReve was created by Steve Wynn and the original creator of cirque, but now totally Steve's control. It is a slight shadow of cirque but way better

  52. We’ve stayed at the Venetian and the Palazzo (sister property)… We liked the Venetian better – very nice-sized suite. What I really like about these properties are their pool/spa areas. Very relaxing and you feel indulged.

    Enjoy. I am very, very jealous!

  53. This will be one of the more random suggestions you will get, but happy hour at American Fish (a Michael Mina restaurant) at Aria is so very, very good.

    All plates are $5, and we ordered one of everything (and two of a few). The food is really damn good, the staff is terrific and engaging, and the whole atmosphere is just fantastic.

  54. We had an amazing meal at RM Seafood…they’ve got fantastic sushi as well as seafood dishes, although I had a duck confit gnocchi as my main course (still delicious). The dessert was the most fun part though…a ‘fat Elvis’, which was an egg roll concoction topped with sugar and caramel that contained banana, peanut butter, and Nutella. We also had their ‘guess that ice cream/gelato/sorbet’ tray of about 20 mouthfuls of different flavors where they give you a chart to try and fill in your responses. A fun game with our group. Enjoy your trip!

  55. You have to do the beef tasting menu at Carnevino (obviously with wine pairings). It’s an incredible meal, one of the best I’ve ever had.

    I also had the most visually beautiful meal of my life at Joël Robuchon at the Mansion. If you do that meal, you MUST bring along the camera. The service makes you feel like you are the only one in the restaurant.


    1. Booked. We’re doing the SIXTEEN COURSE menu at Joel Robuchon at the Mansion. I warned Phil that I was bringing the camera, to which he put his face in his hands and groaned. Too bad! I’m capturing the whole thing, like it or not. Also, as far as today anyway, heading to Sage and Bartolotta. Carnevivo’s taverna for a lunch?

      I’m just not a meat eater (I was a vegetarian for 9 years, people!). So, am I really missing out if I don’t do the beef tasting? It’s simply not my thing. I’m more about creative food pairings and elaborate sauces. I’d say, to date, my favorite meal ever was at Auberge du Soleil in Napa. It was gorgeous, the food and the view and every second of it.

  56. Definitely go to Carnevino, but once you’re there you’ll have to make the difficult choice between black truffle vinaigrette or Gorgonzola Marscapone as a side sauce for your steak. Or you could always do both.

    I went to RM Seafood Upstairs (upstairs is the 7 course tasting menu, downstairs is more casual), and all I have to say is…eh. It was okay. It wasn’t that it was bad, and the service was excellent, but it just wasn’t memorable. The atmosphere isn’t anything spectacular – in fact, you feel like you’re eating in the middle of a mall, but the food itself was just above average at best. It felt like it was trying too hard in the interesting presentation realm instead of focusing on the actual taste of the food.

    Have so much fun! I love a good Vegas bender every now and then.

  57. I live for the pineapple mojitos at the Wynn. Best I’ve ever had anywhere. My favorite Vegas meal is Fiamma but you’ve already been. For a light but tasty lunch, check out Tintoretto Restaurant and Bakery in the Venetian. Or tasty but not as light, go to In&Out burger.

  58. I am stoked to see this list and read all of these comments. My husband and I currently live in Vegas and are always looking for recommendations. There are so many places – it is hard to choose! Bookmarking this page now. :)

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