father’s day gifting

Before I handed over the Ghurka goods I’d scored, I told Phil he wasn’t allowed to complain, to ask how much I’d spent, no, “But when will I use it” or “Do I even need this?” I’d have none of it. The only acceptable response was “Thank You, High Priestess Stephanie.” “I love it” was optional.

ghurka father

The boy carries his work papers around in a complimentary gym bag. The zipper is broken. He buys the cheapest luggage he can find, where haggling is always involved. I agree, if you’re checking luggage, you don’t want to worry about it being stolen or ruined. Durable is all you’re really looking for. But when it comes to the carry on, it’s a whole different owner’s manual. No more ripped gym bag. I won’t have it for him. This was my way of speaking out on his inner taste’s behalf.

You know what? I think he actually likes it. He might not like the Amex bill, but here’s to using it in good health. You only live once, and travel only so often, so why not do it in style–the living and the travel.

Gift ideas Cheese

Other gifts sent this father’s day: A “Home Run” cheese gift from Artisanal (Brillat Savarin, Tarentaise, Grassland Blue, Camembert, Fig Spread, Fruit + Nut Crostini)  and a gift certificate to Bryant & Cooper. Here’s hoping everyone had a delicious Father’s Day full of food, family, and frivolity. And for those whose fathers are no longer here, I hope you found a way to celebrate, pass on, remember, laugh, and cry.