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Been out of sorts and preoccupied but wanted to give an update and sincere thank you for all the well wishes and positive thoughts. After 4 attempts, the Dr. resigned to the fact that the cardioversions failed. Phil was left singed with the mark from the electric jolts, but he’s still in Afib. He’s feeling fine, except he’s sore, like a horse kicked him in the chest. He’s acting a bit like Madeline, wanting to show everyone his scar. I can’t get him to keep his shirt on. Not a bad thing. Next steps and more in a bit…



  1. Thanks for the update, Stephanie! I’ve been thinking of you and Phil for days.. worrying and wondering what was going on.. just did a sigh of relief upon reading your newest post.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Phil.

  2. Phil, this is your life, live it as you want, and know the doc’s are also in God’s care, when caring for you :)

  3. I’ve been thinking and prayering for Phil and your family. I do hope everything will be okay. Sending lots of positive thoughts.

  4. Docs in God’s care? Right. So as a medical student, I don’t see much reason to keep studying hard if you tell me that when push comes to shove, God will do as he pleases anyway. I wish Phil the best of health, but when it comes down to it, his health will be a product of the doctor’s expertise, genetic factors as well as physiological whims, and the numbers he was dealt in the genetic lottery.
    Sorry, Cynda, I have no intention to debate religion vs. um… reality, but it really hits the wrong chords with me when you diminish a doctor’s abilities and knowledge to God’s temperamental fancies.

    1. Time and place. This insensitivity and myopic reaction perfectly illustrates why sensitivity training/bedside manner lacks in some of the best trained doctors. Doctors are still human and as humans we all have weaknesses. This comment was not downplaying the expertise of his doctors but was merely an attempt to comfort Stephanie in this horrific tenuous situation. In time when things get stressful, overwhelming and no answers are forthcoming many people turn to blind faith to sustain them. This is neither good nor bad; right or wrong. And this comment is *not* about you or the medical experts treating Phil.

      Stephanie, so happy to see this entry and that you are all hanging in there. Many of us are sending you the best thoughts, praying for you all.

  5. 3 cardioversions never worked for me either, and I’ve been in A-fib for months now. I’m doing the Coumadin therapy (hate it) and they might do another ablation. When I have had cardioversions, the scar from the burn not only aches, but itches like crazy as well. If Phil is bitching about the itching, Sarna lotion works.

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