a year in review: scrap forward

I wouldn’t say that I’m a last-minute kind of girl, not aloud anyway. More like a last-month-of-the-year kind of girl. I wasn’t always like this, either. In school, I always finished all my homework on Friday night, so I’d have my weekend completely free of worry and stress. No Sunday night panic.

With December flurries still top of mind, I’m going into this year equipped, sleeves rolled. I’m all about planning. This might require a deep freezer. I want to be on top of things:

year in the lifeTo begin hunting for gifts now, throughout the year, taking my time to wrap them. Birthday gifts for the children of my closest friends (complete with CD compilations of music, a book for children, and coordinating craft to match the book). Gifts for my family, for Mother’s Day, for Halloween, for no reason or theme at all. Start doing it now.

To start my holiday baking. Seriously, I know they say things last in the freezer 3-6 months, depending on how they’re wrapped, what it is, but have you ever found a frozen crumb bar you haven’t liked? Ever? The shelf life is what you make of it, dammit.

After just completing my year in review of Two turning 3, I now plan on culling a few of our favorite photographs in a special folder titled "FOR 2010 YEAR IN REVIEW," where I’ll store copies of our faves.

I’m totally buying this, too: A Year In The Life eBook companion. I want to create an album, online or otherwise, one just for me, based on all the everyday things I love, observe, want, notice, think about. And also one that summarizes the lives of the bean sprouts. If I could marry crafty projects, I’d bed ’em down now, no planned parenting required.