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I run into people in my life who have never seen Lost, but who’ve read about my obsession on this blog. There are others who read this blog just to hear my take on an episode. What I cannot stress enough is how above and beyond exceptional this show is.

Stop what you’re doing, and get thee to a DVD store for Season One. Start from the beginning. Not sure if it’s for you? Give it the benefit of the doubt.

I know. I know there were believers who ultimately lost faith, thinking the creators didn’t really know what they were writing toward. I’m sure they were right on that, but now they know there’s an end in sight- and with the end comes answers.

I cannot say it enough. I don’t care if Season One kinda bored you. That you tried but just couldn’t get past the first three episodes. I PROMISE YOU it is worth the emotional, intellectual time suck.

Maybe it got too convoluted for you, so you gave up. Pick that shit back up. Now is your chance to catch up, knowing there’s an end, so you can appreciate the smartest TV series ever. And if nothing else, you’ll be way less annoyed by all my LOST posts to come.
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  1. I don’t know if it is just me, but your site has been causing my browser to crash lately…I subscribe through Google Reader, and every time the next post in line is one of yours, I get those anti-virus spam pop-ups and then my browser crashes…I’m not sure if it is some sort of ad ware built into your site, but I figured it was worth brining to your attention- I’ve had to unsubscribe in order to stop it from happening.

  2. The smartest TV series ever?? Really?
    Horses for courses I guess, but I just thought it was a try-hard, humourless pile of shit. And not in the least bit smart. It thinks it is, but really, it’s trite, convoluted and ridiculous. Mind you I hate 24 as well, for the same reasons, and people seem to lap that shit up too.

    Watch the Wire – now that’s smart tv.

    1. THE WIRE- yes. That one took a few episodes to get into but you’re right. Richard Price (an excellent, truly good writer) was a writer for some (if not most?) of those shows too. I laughed when the blog ‘What White People Like’ said they all go on and on about The Wire, but I mean, it *is* good. And THE TWILIGHT ZONE! I finally rented the series, watched Rod Serling’s genius in action. Not only was he a true pioneer the shows still stand the test of time. Now THAT is one of the best shows ever made:)

  3. Love LOST and your blog. Will you be doing Liive LOST blogging when it starts up again?

  4. I’m not feelin’ Fast Forward like I do Lost. Just annoys me nothing new ever seems to happen. What do you think?

    1. I agree, Melanie. I got half-way through last night’s episode and officially gave up. I think their mistake was trying to market it like the new LOST, when it doesn’t come close. Each episode of Fast Forward never left me in suspense over what the following week’s episode would bring.

  5. Someone explain to me why intellectually I know I’m watching a soap opera but convince myself it is so much cooler because it is quasi fantasy.

  6. Isn’t it interesting how the LOST characters are all appearing on this show(and “V”)? Charlie, Penelope and Juliet? Should we read into this?

  7. LOL, Lidia, I feel the same way about Mad Men. “Oh, they spent so much on the sets and costumes, and they’re meticulous about period detail! This can’t possibly be a soap!”

  8. I LOVE Lost, and I can’t wait for the final season. January cannot get here soon enough. I had some family that went to Hawaii, and the first thing I asked them was, “how close to the Lost set were you?” “Did you happen to run into Jorge or Josh?” They actually did see the caves! Now that is soooo cool to me.

  9. I 2nd the recommendation for The Wire. Best television EVER. My husband and I picked the 1st season up on Netflix last August and we were done with Season 5 by Christmas. And that was so that we could stretch it out. Amazing character development, smart writing, socially conscious…there aren’t enough things I can say about that show.

  10. It’s so bittersweet. I can’t wait for the next season to start but at the same time, this is it. What am I going to do with myself once LOST is no more?? ;-) And when I went to Hawaii, was it the beaches or the volcanos or the whale watching I was dying to check out first? Nope. I had to figure out where LOST was filmed so I could go there myself.

  11. I tried Lost for the whole first season but it didn’t hook me at all. V, on the other hand, I find very interesting. Lost just seemed so pretentious and like it was trying too hard to be super clever. It annoyed me.

  12. Hint: If anyone would like to see it, but save a little money and trips to the video store, I think still has all the old episodes online. Just click which season you want to watch. (I’m re-watching from the beginning before the next season starts.)

  13. Ah yes! My obsession…I get super excited whenever someone else says they love Lost. And I have to remember to avoid your blog till I watch it every week :)

    Love your theories as well…and also disappointed with Flash Forward and V. I imagine that’s how people feel before they get into Lost. Stick with it!

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