holiday card time & let’s talk turkey

I never send holiday cards. I just can’t get (sh)it together in time. This year, I’m hoping that changes. I’m loving the keepsake holiday card mini-books, like this one I made of the taters. Here’s hoping we take some good holiday photos of the whole fam next week. We’re spending the whole week in Florida with my mother… and her side of the family. I’m exercising just thinking about the food damage to come.

Ooh, and on that note, this FRIDAY at 1pm Central/11am Pacific/2pm Eastern Standard Time I’m having a LIVE Thanksgiving Special! What does that mean? Hell if I know, but it should prove interesting! So set your calendars and call in with your questions or comments.

Now here’s one for you: what in the hell do you think I’d do on a Live Thanksgiving Special? Talk holiday fashion, food, kid crafts, table settings, or go-to side dishes?

minted holiday




  1. What gorgeous beans. I need to get on the card train. OH, I’ll be listening to the Turkey special!

  2. Just lovely photobook. Really stunning. It is really that happy time of year once again during which people debate whether or not you’re really Jewish and whether or not you should have a tree? It’s become a tradition — like the Charlie Brown Christmas.

    Safe travels.

    1. Ah yes Barbara. It is that time again. Nothing better than to spend the holidays virtually with blog friends.

      1. Could you expound on your comment Phil? Are you agreeing with Babs E that the trolls will soon be the multi denominations of your household,picking apart every post SK makes from ornaments to sticky buns to what brand menorah you possess? Because your comment could be read quite a few which ways… Just sayin.

        1. All I meant to say was I agree with Barbara E.’s insightful comment and I am thankful that Stephanie having a blog can bring us such a good friend.

  3. Is it cheesy to make a email holiday card? i mean it is cheaper in these recession times.

    1. Author

      Yup… but I’ll be cooking in Florida with my mother and sister Lea… not to mention the cousins, aunts (don’t get along with them at all!), etc. Big crowd. Need to pick a food direction fast. I believe that the “tone” of the meal has everything to do with which stuffing recipe you use.

      I should do a post on just that. What oyster “dressing” says about you.

      1. In that case, my “tone” is divided. I like the made from scratch cornbread dressing (a la Paula Deen and my Granny). My guests are Stove Top loyalists who would mutiny without it. I make both. I guess that means I’m too eager to keep the peace?

  4. I’m glad. Because I have to say for years and years, SK’s Holiday posts make me laugh, make me thoughtful, reflective… want to run for the nearest Hot Toddy and at times warm and fuzzy. It is my favorite time of year to read this blog. Warmth,Love,Humor, Good Food, These things know no denomination they are universal.

  5. *blushes becomingly at Phil’s response*

    Bee, I think you’ve hit on every major troll riff in years past! xx “Babs”

  6. Absolutely stunning…oh, what a beautiful thing to do, and what a beautiful, precious family. I can’t believe those tiny babes are already people.

    The most amazing thing about raising babies is that suddenly, without warning, they are no longer babies…and suddenly, without warning, you realize that all of those precious memories that you’ll never forget, are relegated to the kitchen counter, the second drawer down or that dusty file box full of pictures.

    If I had a do-over, I would take pictures, print them out and make such lovely things as these.

  7. Please, PLEASE share how you got such awesome shots of the twins? Although all the pictures are gorgeous, I’m talking about the ones where they are sitting close together. I have tried over and over to get my boys together in a shot and it never works out. PLEASE share any tips! Thanks.

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