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The day we stop looking is the day we die.
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mini lasagna

I’m going to just flat-out admit it. I might be dieting, but a girl can still look. When I can’t eat it, I read it. Or make it for the kids. Last week? Lasagna ‘cupcakes,’ where I constructed mini lasagnas in a muffin pan–individual portions ready to freeze for another night. I got the idea when Tasting Table featured Heirloom-LA’s ‘lasagnettes’ in their LA edition.

Yes, I live in Austin, yet feel compelled to subscribe to the email newsletters that serve LA, New York, Chicago, San Francisco (soon), and Everywhere. Why? Because I’m on food crack and need to know what’s happening in big foodie cities, lest I feel left out. How else would I have heard that the head chef from Austin’s Fonda San Miguel and New York’s Rosa Mexicano just opened a 35-seat Fonda in Park Slope? I love to love these emails and stop whatever I’m doing to read them (who doesn’t want to know what the new New Orleans restaurant picks are?) I always get ideas when I read about new chefs, new restaurant openings (a Japanese butcher shop?) and offerings (nabbed up the recipe for stuffing with sweet corn, leeks and tarragon)… and my idea today? Ell to the H with it, I’m going to share my little greedy obsession with everyone. Bon appétit.

Now then, anyone been to Rick Bayless’s Xoco restaurant yet? After watching him on Top Chef, I think he might just be the nicest person ever. Who else can utter the unquestionably straight up and filthy words "chorizo-bean torta?" Love him.



    1. Author

      You can use silicone muffin/cupcake liners, or mini aluminum tins, or, spray with olive oil and put tomato sauce on the bottom (like I did). Dreamy.

  1. Did you see Rick on both Top Chef (previous season) and Top Chef Masters? I agree – he seems like the nicest guy…

  2. By all accounts Bayless is a class act. VERY hard to find in that industry when you speak to actual employees. A friend of mine worked for him and he is a good guy. Did you go to Topolobampo (sure spelling is off?) in Chicago when you were there? Another one of his restaurants I believe. I saw a magazine with him cooking at home in his (of course) amazing kitchen. I thought OH! What a lucky wife he has. He cooks at home too? Fantastic.

  3. OK, we’re back in the present, right? The last few days of new looking posts w/old comments has confused the heck out of me.

  4. Any chance you’ll share that stuffing recipe? It sounds amazing… Thank you!

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