s factor in austin

sfactor austin

S Factor, a pole dancing and striptease workout, is coming to Austin Oct. 24th and 25th. They’ll be holding a series of workshops both days at Soma Vida Wellness Center. Yes, the price is steep at $85 for one session, but if S Factor moves here permanently (if we prove there’s a demand for it), pricing will hopefully come down, as they won’t have to fly a bunch of poles and instructors here. Take a moment to think of the visual there.

sfactor comes to austin

S Factor offers 90-minute classes like Intro to Pole, Beginning Lap Dance–I’m guessing advanced lap dance involves pasties and a pillow for your knees?–and Pure S, which blends yoga, pilates, ballet and striptease. All for women only.

If you’re sitting there reading this thinking, "Um, no fcuking way in hell," check out Sheila Kelly’s demonstration on Oprah. I’m guessing you might change your mind. Here’s the info for the two days of S Factor in Austin. My ta‘s and I will be there.



  1. I did it in LA. It is overpriced and kind of lame — not a good workout though it is fun to play on the pole. Also super-lame crowd — repressed accountants and lawyers trying to find their inner vixen.

  2. Looks super-fun, but that is WAY too much $$. You can get a personal trainer for an hour for less than that. Are there no pole dancing fitness studios in Austin already? We’ve got several here in Phoenix/Scottsdale.

  3. I have friends who tried the pole dancing class (not to be confused with their pole fit class which is awful) at Flirty Girl Fitness in Chicago. They all loved it!!!

  4. Actually S Factor is an amazing workout, and really fun, I do it in L.A. I love how the lights are dimmed and there are no mirrors – or men – so you can really release your inhibitions and just go for it!

  5. I take the classes in Chicago and love it. It has given me an amazing workout, especially in my core and confidence I never knew I had. I would recommend it to anyone looking for not only a great workout, but a vehicle of women’s empowerment and a total confidence booster!

  6. See, this was the problem for me:

    >> a vehicle of women’s empowerment and a total confidence booster!
    >> you can really release your inhibitions and just go for it!

    I was already empowered, uninhibited and confident. I just wanted to be skinny. And as a workout (and an expensive one to boot) it didn’t cut it.

  7. S Factor is an AMAZING workout, but the best part is that you don’t even feel like you’re working out when you’re doing it. After my first class I was sore in places I didn’t even know I had (thank you epsom salts!), and I felt so great that I haven’t weighed myself since then, and that was over two years ago. Not bad for a girl who grew up (and used to buy into) all of the images of perfect women on every billboard, TV show, music video, bus stop ad, and every other place you can think of! Now I know I’m hot just the way I am. Oh, and I can do some crazy $&*% on the pole now with my super strong arms and core. Thank you, S Factor!!!

  8. I totally agree with Ashley – S Factor is an amazing workout. All my life, I have participated in some form of fitness program from ballet to aerobics to yoga to weights to swimming, etc. I love the studio atmosphere with the warm lighting and loud music and working out with some awesome women. Every week, all of us leave the studio upbeat, re-charged …. feeling good about ourselves.

  9. Ironic how times change. What appeared weird and bizarre years ago is now all the rage, and vice-versa. If anyone would have brought up pole dancing years ago, ones exclusive idea would be in the sewer. Even So, it has come full circle and is at present one of the most fashionable forms of womens physical fitness. As someone who has loved it before it was “cool”, I am so glad to see so many ladies beginning to recognize that it can be a exceptional fitness tool , including too many notable female celebrities to name. The important thing to remember about women’s fitness, particularly as we get older, is not so much what we are doing, but that we are doing something systematically. The net is filled with useful websites(like this one) with scores of ideas for women, to launch a wellness routine that is efficient and sustainable.

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