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Hung’s Anne Heche, Author Stephanie Klein, Author A.M. Homes

No internet access all weekend.  Photos from East Hampton’s Author’s Night to come… first, I must get the beans dressed for their last dinner with Grandma & Grandpa before returning to Austin, Texas. Heading to River Bay for stone crabs, toasts, and good family talk.

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Sushi Dinner







  1. You look fabulous in that color! Love, love, love the necklace. Gorgeous pic.

  2. stephanie, i’m sorry i just had to jump in here- i certainly hope you, a foodie, is not going to Riverbay in Albertson/ Williston Park? That is the blandest seafood on LI by far! Why not at least venture to Astoria for fantastic Greek-style fresh seafood, or into Port Washington/ or the south south shores near the water? I’m flabbergasted you would go to Riverbay.

  3. A.M. Homes’ book The Mistress’s Daughter is a fantastic read. Heartbreaking and compelling. Highly recommended. Also…Alec Baldwin=Yum. I know he’s probably a chauvinistic pig, but I still have it bad for him. Ever since he played the skeevy best friend to Kevin Bacon in She’s Having A Baby. Hot then. Hot now on 30 Rock.

    “Lemon, rich 50 is middle class 38.”

  4. Yeah, Stephanie, fan-freakin-tastic dress and necklace. You look great.

    And Danielle, I have it bad for Alec, too. Being the evil conservative that I am, I adore Jack. Jack’s probably a lot better than Alec. But either way – YUM.

    “It’s after 6:00 o’clock, Lemon. What am I, a farmer?”

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