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Polka Dots Are Never Slimming

I feel very low in energy, and what’s worse, I spent the day clothes shopping. In white shorts. They’re all that fits in all of my closet, aside from workout clothes. I look like a marshmallow. My stomach has a pouch. I look like a marsupial marshmallow. Now, where exactly do I find help? Because the magazines that promise a guide helping you dress to flatter your shape don’t list "marsupial marshmallow" in their index. But they do list "boyish," which is such a relief… to the two people with that "problem."

Everything was too small or too tenty. The clothes that did work, all super thick and forgiving… I couldn’t forgive myself for wearing in summer. Summer is about breezy light dresses, spagetti straps and bias cuts. But I’m a realist. I know what works with my short-waisted bod: A-Line V necks. They open up the neckline, focus on collar bones, and you can keep it bare or wear a showcase of a necklace hoping no one gives a shit about your arm cellulite. I’m all white and pasty and refuse to go fake bake or bother with a spray tan. I’m a redhead. I don’t want skin cancer. I don’t know how I let myself get to this place, how no one tried to stop me.

If they had, of course, there’d be another memoir naming names. So I’m glad Phil hasn’t ever said anything other than, I love you and am attracted to you no matter what. I know everyone feels like this at the beginning, that they have such a long long way to go, that they want to quit because what’s the use. But I don’t feel that way. It will take a long time. But it will happen. I just have to keep doing it. I wish I had the energy to exercise right now, but I don’t. I’m exhausted. If you asked me to go to an amusement park right now, to go on a shopping spree, anything, I’d say no. The only thing I might be able to bring myself to do is to walk on the elliptical machine. Tomorrow. I’m so tired. I think all I really need is a feel good movie, in the dark, while I hydrate with water. Tomorrow has to be better.

Also, may I just say… not eating fruit when cherries are ripe and the jewels of summer seem lit from within… sucks the big fat hairy moose cock.

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  1. Ah yes – recommitting to the diet. I went to Weight Watchers this morning and asked the woman to give me a new book, because I wanted to start over. I am they type of person that obsesses over these things (the new book part).

    Do you ever get mad at Phil for saying he loves you no matter what? I get upset when I hear it, even though I know he means it.

  2. So how much tonnage are we talking about here? 20 pounds? 30 pounds? I’m just curious, and although I know that it’s none of my business, I ask anyway.

    I am furious at myself because I lost 42 pounds last year, started eating during the hoggydays, and didn’t stop. And now I’m right back where I said I’d never be again, and I got rid of all my fat clothes because, of course, I’d never need them again. And if there is anything worse than squeezing into too-tight double-digit outfits in the Sacramento summer (think 101, but it’s a dry heat!), then I don’t want to know what it is. And I’m also a pasty-white curlytop who can’t be bothered to fake and bake.

    This is all to say that you are not the only one eschewing fruit, as I’m Atkinsing myself back to where I was last July. And I have 43 pounds to go. And it will take forever (again). And the last time I ate so little that I started losing hair. I want hair. I want food. I want a healthy body.

    My mini poodle is 3 pounds overweight, which is a lot when you’re supposed to weigh 12 pounds. It’s a snackless summer for the entire household. You reap what you sow…

  3. I’m a redhead, bottoming out at 5’3 and some change. On any given day my bathroom scale will go from 134 to 139 lbs. How the shit? And regardless of scale some days I feel like a house, some days bodacious. No rhyme no reason. I retain water like a camel. But day in and day out I slide into my size 6. I’m pretty certain I, and my bathroom scale, are largely delusional. I need to break up with it and my bullshit body image issues. I ran 3 miles the first time in 26 years last week, my body has bounced back from surgeries, piercings and questionable bed mates. It has climbed mountains, danced till the sun came up, and carried me through hell and high water. It’s high time we as women stop maligning these fortresses of ours and start appreciating them at all stages. BTW I’m wearing white shorts and SPF 85.

    1. Reading this made me want to applaud you! We should all have this type of attitude…if only we could get out of our own heads long enough. Cheers, Miss Ryn!

    2. SO TRUE! I recently realized this myself. I took a good long look at myself in the mirror and just wanted to hug my little body for putting up with me and all I’ve done to it over the years. We are all beautiful!

    3. I LOVE you whoever you are!! As a fellow flounder-skinned sister with strawberry hair and a LOT of extra poundage these days, I get it.
      Especially when I think of what my body and mind have been through in the last 8 years. If my experiences could manifest itself as a human, I’d be my own talisman.

  4. Sorry, it just doesn’t seem natural to cut out fresh, in season fruit, infact, that is what is natural. Before shipping and preservatives and genetically modified foods, which have caused more harm than good, that is what we humans ate, fresh, natural foods that were in season, there is nothing healthier.
    Not to sound too preachy but if you are eating pre-packaged, artificially preserved and colored food while forgoing beautiful, fresh, clean, ripe cherries, you are mad!

    1. I agree-I know it’s part of the diet but seriously. Fruit is good for you. It has sugar but also fiber and nutrients. The amount of fresh, un-extra sweetened fruit you have to eat to gain or maintain real extra weight would be mad.

      Have you read Mark Bittman’s “Food Matters”? A diet that is doable!

    2. So agree that any diet that prohibits fresh fruit seems completely nuts! Stephanie, good luck with this. You can do it.

  5. Hang in there… you’ll make it! Last summer, I felt similar after having my daughter and was dead tired… I enrolled myself in a 530am bootcamp — and it sucked (totally not a morning person) but it also sucked the fat off of my body and I could actually eat a little again. Within one 3 week boot camp and 6 weeks with a trainer over lunch (I have no motivation to do it on my own), I lost the weight. Starting is the problem. Good luck!

  6. I recently went shopping and was cursing the awful lighting in the dressing room. I too am pasty white and don’t want skin cancer. I just turn a light pink hued shade next to my husbands olive tan. At 39 I am in early menopause courtesy of my cancer treatment 8 years ago and although I am grateful to still be here the constant hot flashes, and weight gain have me bummed out and grumpy alot of the time. I had no idea that besides feeling 30 years older, my metabolism would slow and I would want to eat alot more, and go up a size in my clothes. Oh, and not want to exercise either. I too am short waisted and go for the A- line and V necks. I hate the chubby arms I have now, not sure when that happened but for the first time in my life I don’t want to wear sleeveless tops or dresses.
    Sometimes I feel as though having had cancer instantly revokes my right to complain about anything…..but here I am…still a girl, still with issues….

  7. Well, I’m right there with you. And I’m trying to ease the harsh, harsh self-directed criticism that can be so crippling. I’m trying to be okay with losing gradually and not getting into the “all or nothing” mindset that frequently leads me to binge.
    It’s all very very hard! But I don’t want to spend the rest of the summer feeling bad about myself. Or avoiding fruit. I’m trying to avoid sugar, desserts, bread-type carbs. But it sure ain’t easy.
    Thinking of you. Hang in there. You’re beautiful.

  8. PS I too found nothing seems to fit except 1-2 pairs of shorts. I just forced myself to buy a few things even though I had to go a size up. That sucked but at least my circulation is not being cut off.

  9. I am with you….It doesn’t really matter if it’s 10 or 20 or 30 pounds…it might sound like it does, but when you don’t have the energy to make the steps necessary to change what you know might cause some of the depression and tiredness, then even 10 or 15 pounds are a lot more than some think.

    Stephanie, you can DO this. :) One day at a time.

  10. travel to a foreign place, eat weird foods, drink your face off, then get some strange parasite/bacteria and end up very sick. That usually takes all the weight off, and keeps it off for a while. BUT you have to really like your bathroom.

  11. I don’t know about the rest of you, but it did me a world of good to see that there were other women who viewed their weight and clothes the same way I do! Right now I’m working with two pair of size 12 crop pants that, while they “fit” they make me look like a frump tourist at SeaWorld in August!

    Two years ago I lost 45 lbs at Diet Center with this wonderful counseler named Annette- Now Annette literally scared me to death; She was liked the uber version of “Fran” in Moose. For those of you not familiar with Diet Center, it’s probably a lot like Slim for Life, you go everyday, weigh in, get a hellfire lecture from the counseler, and if your counseler is like Annette, you WILL eat clean off the program, and you WILL lose the weight. It took me three months to lose that 45 lbs, and even though she warned me that if I went back to drinking wine at night and straying from the program, I’d gain it all back, (apparently she’d “seen my type before”) I smugly thought I could do it on my own- not to mention it’s an expensive program.

    Took me a year to gain it all back.

    So, my point is that for me, accountability to someone I fear and respect, seems to encourage me to get it done. Plus, I’d invested some, (for me) serious cash. A few weeks ago I tucked my fat tail between my legs and called Annette at Diet Center. Too late. The number was disconnected, her business, as many are, was closed. I was SO bummed. I’ve pulled out all the old info I had from them, but it’s just not the same.

    But like I said, I am encouraged to see that Stephanie and the other commenters are in the same boat, and maybe we can all figure out how to get this done, once and for all!

  12. I’m only 28, but now when I sit out tanning, my skin tends to get light smatterings of small freckles (on my arms and shoulders mainly) along with the tan. Definitely skin damage from my lifeguarding/baking myself days..

    I hate it!! I like the tan, but hate the freckles.. so instead, I just don’t tan at all..

    Anyone else have this problem??

    BTW – You have gorgeous/flawless skin Stephanie.. I think you look gorgeous with the pasty white!

  13. Amazing how similar these posts all are. I’ve lost 19 of the 40 pounds that need to come off. I’m doing Weight Watchers and it’s been a really good program for me. I think because it doesn’t restrict any particular food, I can’t imagine ignoring all that fresh fruit right now!

    Having been a T1 diabetic since age 7, I cannot stand lists of off-limits foods. It’s all I knew growing up. I like the WW points system and emphasis on portion sizes and filling foods.

  14. When you do find the energy to begin exercising again you may want to try, if you haven’t already, Bikram Yoga. BYD Austin has two locations and the one at Davenport offers childcare. They are currently offering to first time users a $39 unlimited monthly yoga pass. I have been doing it for about 6 weeks (3 to 4 times a week) and lost 1.5 inches in my lower waist.

  15. Sorry but any diet that says, “No fruit,” is complete and utter bullshit, and no good for you. I’m a strong advocate of whole, natural, organic foods – nothing that’s processed and NOTHING that has high fructose corn syrup in it. (That shit is BAD for a million reasons – and one of which is that our bodies process it differently and it CAUSES PEOPLE TO GAIN AND KEEP WEIGHT. Non alcoholic fatty liver, childhood diabetes, learning disorders… the list goes on.)

    I eat a diet of all natural foods, nothing low fat, nothing skim, but in moderation and more greens & fruit than anything. My weight has become easy to maintain. And have you ever noticed that you almost NEVER see a person who eats whole, organic foods with a weight problem?

    Check out In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. It’s an eye opener.

    Not eating summer cherries is ridiculous. The one thing we should all be eating the MOST of is those cherries, and other fruits – along with all the amazing summer vegetables.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree.

      If any diet would work, why are there 143.742 different diet books out there?

      Your common sense should tell you that any diet that makes you cut out fresh fruit is utter NONSENSE.
      – ah sure, for the “author” of the diet it works, because his books and diet foot sell.

      And Atkins, as one commenter mentioned?? Seriously. Has the message of it being the most unreasonable, unhealthy, dangerous diet approach EVER not reached everyone yet?

      It´s all about whole, unprocessed foods. I LOVE carbs and eat tons of them… whole grain bread, potatoes, grains… I eat a lot of good fats… a LOT of olive oil, I am a nut addict, and I sometimes spoon half a jar of peanut butter for dessert…
      And I have no weight issues at all. Fruits and veggies, grains, good protein from beans, fish, very little meat and saturated fats, nothing processed ever.

      Cravings for sweets, which are rare, I usually treat with a fruit plate, or pancakes with a lot of maple syrup. So much better than highly refined white sugar! Also try Agave and the like. Sweet and good for your body! 85% cocoa dark chocolate if I´m in the mood for some. But believe me, your taste will change over time and you will be satisfied by “less/naturally sweet” foods.

      It´s all about educating yourself on healthful foods and going the extra mile to cook at home (yes it can be done simple and quick!).

      I recommend “Superfoods” by Steven Pratt as a quick and easy read to get health food-savvy in no time. Eat wholesome and healthy, and your weight issues will be gone forever.

      1. Wow, this is my diet too! I also agree with Isobel. Llots of greens, fish, fruits and veggies, good proteins, avoid processed foods. “Diets” don’t work. Also, no weight issues–but credit must also be given to living in a city where I walk everywhere and excerise

        But, many people seem intent on putting themselves through diets–kind of like going to camp–something about a regime and having it planned out for you?

        1. Not that anyone has said anything, but I feel like I should mention – this whole, natural foods TOTALLY includes the good stuff. We go out to eat to really good restaurants once a week, real foodie restaurants. Luckily, in Santa Monica, I know the sources of their foods – everyone supports local farmer’s markets here, use what’s in season, grass fed beef, cage free chicken with no hormones & antibiotics used. (Definitely not vegetarian.)

          I think people follow diets because they want a quick fix, and there isn’t one. Plus, a whole foods “diet” means eating WHOLE food – real butter, olive & cocounut oils, NOTHING skim or low fat and that goes against everything they’ve been taught over the past decade. When in fact, everything they’ve taught you over the last decade is wrong. It’s been proven that with all the “low-fat” people have been eating over time, our country has gotten larger & sicker. Hmm….?

          I had a weight problem as a child, even went the way of full on eating disorders. I ate a lot of processed foods, too. One day I woke up and wanted to just be healthy. I cut out all processed foods, read labels religiously (you’d be amazed – high fructose corn syrup is in just about everything), snack on fruit all day and my weight is fine. I’m also healthier and have more energy than I have in years.

          Again, seriously – pick up a copy of that book (In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan.) My parents have been struggling with their weight and tried diet after diet. I flipped when they went on Atkins. I gave them that book to read, my mom was HORRIFIED at the state of food today – now she hits the farmer’s market every Saturday, studiously avoids bread, etc w/ high fructose corn syrup and the weight has slowly been coming off.

          They still eat just as often, they eat a little less meat then they used to but certainly haven’t cut it out and they still indulge plenty in the sweets they love so much. The sweets, now, are just dark chocolate, whole & natural ice cream, and those pastries from the farmer’s market.

          Some good resources about how the low-fat diet hasn’t done a lick of good:


        2. Isobel, that’s funny, I too live on the L.A. westside – used to be Santa Monica, but moved up to Topanga last year.

          Living here, it’s especially easy to be a foodie and eat healthy at the same time.

          There are so many people here sharing the desire to have it all – “real food” as opposed to “foodlike substances”, organically and small-scale farmed and humanely raised, and as local and seasonal as posssible.

          There’s a surprising amount of people that are just into food, into the whole food, who choose not to be deprived of food as it is meant to be/look/smell/taste, unaltered and full fat and nourishing to body and soul. I don’t know anyone who has that sort of relationship to food who is really overweight. I think it’s something to do with the fact that you break the cycle of cravings, physical as well as mental, once you develop a love-relationship with what you eat.

          To have the Santa Monica farmer’s market close by is really a blessing (I stop by on my way to work, pop the goods into the icebox), and food coops like Rawesome in Venice; and great restaurants here, I agree, lots of young chefs who just “get it” (and know there’s a market for it of course, too).

          It just makes me plain mad, this whole vicious circle that so many people are stuck in!
          How terrible to struggle with food (weight) all your life – food, which is just as basic as breathing and one of the greatest pleasures; it should be the source of joy and satisfaction, each day.
          Food has even become an enemy and a threat in mainstream society, not only in terms of dieting, but also in the sense that all the processed foods are being shoved down people’s throats for the sake of an industry’s profit. Don’t get me started on the corn syrup! (anyone watch the doc “King Corn”?) And the meat industry! It’s just wrong, the whole system, from ground up.
          Starting with the whole “convenience” idea being pushed upon people – cut the time previous generations used for cooking, so you can a be more “productive” member of society, and work more hours because you will need to, in order to feed your family on a minimum wage job, because Big Agriculture has destroyed countless jobs; and to pay those horrendous medical bills that you’ll rack up as a consequence of feeding your body all those overprocessed foodlike substances… aaaarrrggghhhh.

        3. I live in DC, FWI, near the Dupont farmers’ market–probably among the best on the east coast.

          I am also one of those people who loathe corn syrup… it is in everything as a cheap filler, and taxes your body. Go check your ketchup bottle–probably has corn syrup in it.

  16. Lady friend, you can do this! Take it one moment at a time. If you absolutely can’t even budge…don’t! Resting your body is just as important and a crazy cardio work out, as long as you’re not filling it with bottomless pints of ben and jerry heaven. Eh hem…I mean, hell. Thinking too far ahead will only depress you more. Mentally visualize yourself how you want to be and you’re well on your way even sitting on the couch. And can I just tell you, doing this little exercise takes no more than a couple minutes and you’ll see changes IMMEDIATELY…The Plank! I swear to it. There are weeks where I can’t bring myself to do anything, but if I do this only, I keeps your core strong and you’ll feel much better about your marsupial pouch. Everyone does it differently, google how it’s done. For me, I hold it for as long as I can then try and push myself a bit farther each day. Btw, 1st time ever writing here, but long time reader as so many are. I love that you can say big fat hairy moose cock and still be classy!


  17. I think whats at work here, is stress. You have the worry of raising three year olds, maintaining a household, praying for a solution to Phils’ health concerns, getting a script ready for Moose, entertaining the grandparents, making time for the New York friends, book signings, network meetings, etc….you will have your ‘me’ time back, for practicing patience, solitude, introspection, healthy eating and a schedule and routine that works for you, and the weight will balance back out and come off without work.

  18. At least you’re in Austin…try keeping to a diet when you live a few blocks away from the Spotted Pig! Hope you’re feeling happy enough with yourself by the time you arrive here that you can eat this city the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

  19. Hey are you on phase 1 of South Beach? I did it last year. I remember being that tired. I just didn’t exercise during phase 1. At. All. It’ll be over before you know it. :)

  20. For three years in a row I have done South Beach Phase 1 while on vacation. I know that sounds nuts, but I’m away from my normal fridge and habits and it makes me order sensible choices in restaurants when I’d probably otherwise indulge.

    Vacation’s coming up and I’m getting prepared to do it again.

    (p.s. I do phase 1 plus wine, but, you know, just one glass. and i do not say no to the wild blackberries growing next to the cabin. I just have fewer than I would otherwise.)

  21. Weight/self image is an interesting thing. The weight always feels like it sneaks up on me…but I think the real culprit is my feeling of control over it slipping away. I get caught up in living free from my worry of it. And I like that feeling – just not what it produces.

    I take my eye off the gym for one little second and the next thing I know it’s been three months and I’ve been eating my heart out the entire time.

    One little taste of freedom ends up being 10 lbs in the end.

    Yet, I indulge anyway – telling myself that life is too short. And it really is.

  22. What you are describing are classic symptoms of a malfuntioning thyroid. Have you had that checked? After my first pregnancy, my thyroid went all nuts, but a few visits to the endocrinologist and some medication made life much better.

    1. What she’s describing is starvation. Amazingly, when you starve your brain and body of the nutrients it needs, it tends to not function properly.

      But it’s worth it to feel like hell because then you’ll be thin. Right.

      please note the sarcasm

  23. Hiya,
    I have the same issues with exhaustion and I lost 20 lbs two years ago and within a month got mono and was practically bedridden for four months and gained it all back when my metabolism went in the trash. I’ve also recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism which makes everything harder and the weight just STICKS more.

    You sound really committed, so you just have to find your thing that you’ll enjoy. :) I’m the same way you are with the exercise. I have a fancy gym membership, but most days, I just want to get on my elliptical with my Netflix of “Brothers & Sisters” and veg. This has become my new “me-time” and it’s AWESOME for me. I get in a 45 minute workout, burn around 400 calories and get to watch a “guilty pleasure” show. Is there any chance that you can work in that kind of workout 4-5 times/week? It might not be “Brothers & Sisters” that does it for you (although I *just* hopped onto that show and LOVE it!)…but whatever floats your boat, get it and then get lost and you won’t even know that you’re working out.

    Also, I recently hopped on the ChaLEAN Extreme bandwagon. I hate lifting weights and I hate the $90 trainer sessions even more. So I got this video workout by Chalene Johnson that I had some friends recommend. They are only about 35 minutes long and as hardcore as any trainer I’ve ever had. It’s a 12 week program and I’ve been doing it on/off for three weeks. Even not sticking with it perfectly, I can see the difference, so that might be another option for you!

    Last thing: cherries are the lowest fruit on the glycemic index in the South Beach book. If you want some cherries, EAT THE CHERRIES. No one ever got fat eating cherries. Fructose is a TOTALLY different sugar than glucose and your body processes it differently. It won’t make you crave and your body will love the antioxidants.

    Keep it up, lady!! You will get there.

  24. I soooooo get this. I went to my yearly gyno appt this morning and REFUSED to get on the scale. My gyno, whom I’ve know for more then 20 years laughed. I told him I have no idea what is going on w/ me lately but I feel… old. I’m piling weight on just by looking at food and other things. He remembers me when I was a svelte 140 lbs (I’m 5′ 10″) I mean, I had to pad my freakin’ wedding bustier just to look like a decent b-cup! Now? I’m pouring out of d-cups, (along with pouring out of everything else I own). Of course, it’s 20+ years later, an 8 yr old and 5 yr old twins, but still.
    He too is 20 yrs older and said I have nothing to be embarrassed about.
    I have an Rx to get blood-work for my hormones, thyroid, etc. He recommended a medical diet-plan and wants me back to check on my progress. Plus, wants me back in a week or so to discuss the blood-test results.
    For the first time in years, I feel like someone else is ‘worrying’ about me instead of my doing all the worrying. Best thing? It’s ‘doctor’s orders’. NO ONE can make me feel guilty about taking care of me at this point. It’s a ‘health thing’ at this point.
    I have visions of being a healthy, happy mom by the end of the year.
    I didn’t know I felt so hopeless until I was presented with hope.
    Good luck Stephanie.
    I’m a fellow marshmallow too.

  25. It sounds like you’re doing South Beach.. or some variation thereof. And if you are.. you’re crazy. You don’t need to ‘diet’– you need to figure out how to eat real food in real situations (night out, at a party, at home, snacking on the run, etc.) and live life that way. Not to sound like a commercial.. but that whole ‘live life’ thing is the key. I lost 38lbs. that way after my last pregnancy and so far.. 18lbs. since my last baby a few months back.

    I LOVE working out.. but don’t really have the time to do it more than 2-3x a week and that really bums me out. I have been able to take Saturday AM walks with a friend in addition to the one or two times a week I can scam to the gym while one kid is in camp and the infant with me can go in the gym daycare.

    Something I’ve started doing in addition to the scale is measurements. I’ve started measuring my body weekly and log it into the website for the program which also tracks my weight. Sometimes while the scale does not move, your body does change and the measurements will show it. So, if you weigh yourself AND measure yourself, things like water retention and such will not sabatoge your mindset and thus your efforts.

    I’ve got at least 30 more I could lose and am sure you’ve got nowhere near that total amount to lose. So.. keep hope and keep going. The slow going weight loss is always the kind that lasts!

    1. Author

      You lost me at “I LOVE working out.” Of course you need a “live life” approach, a lifestyle change you can stick to. Believe me, if anyone knows, it’s me. I’ve been doing this since I was eight years old. And the fact is, I’m disgusted with myself right now and just want the weight off as fast as possible, even if it means I’m miserable in the meanwhile (which I’m actually not, as it turns out). THEN, once I have at least some weight off, then I’ll try, YET AGAIN, to figure out how to live life as a thin person. Here’s what I do know: I need to be accountable. And what’s more, I can’t do it alone. If Phil orders a cheeseburger deluxe with crisp fries, a slice of vanilla bean cheesecake to take home for later, and I’m stuck with a salad (dressing on the side)… I become VERY RESENTFUL. And angry. And bitchy. And I feel like I’m suffering. And I’d feel that way having to order anything other than a cheeseburger deluxe with crisp fries and cheesecake to go.

      THANKFULLY, he’s agreed to do this with me. As much as he can. He can’t really eat green vegetables given that they interfere with the heart medications he’s on. But he’s doing this with me. And that makes it SOOOO much easier. No more sabotage!

      I could honestly care less what the scale says. I only care about my clothes becoming much looser. I only care about dropping clothes sizes. I care about how my arms seem to spread in photos. I care about my double chin. I don’t care about a number on a scale. I don’t need to weigh myself. My clothes are assholes right now. I’m trying to get on their good side.

      1. my husband has a very different metabolism than me (he’s a foot taller, but we weight the same). as such, eating less or differently to lose weight isn’t really a good argument when we go out for dinner. my 2 thoughts are 1) if we go to the place with the awesome club sandwich and i really expect myself to be happy with gaspacho and a salad, i am insane. we either don’t go, or i have the sandwich, maybe 1/2 and wrap the rest later, maybe not. just not a diet triumph dinner, but not all of them will be. setting myself up to fail makes diets seems impossible, when actually only certain situations are truly difficut, and expecting them to not be in the face of vidence is the problem that doons my diets.

        and 2) health is a better argument for the men. weight/feeling “fat” is our big motivation as women, to lose weight, and unless we get a serious diagnosis from our Dr/s, no other argument will work as well, but for men, heart attack, colon and other forms of cancer, t2 diabetes, stroke, vascular disease, may be a better argument, and is a good argument to make ’em amenible to going out to healthier resturants than the one with the amazing burger, and for cooking more heard ( and pants) friendly food at home.

  26. Just started South Beach Phase 1 on Friday and haven’t had wine since last Wednesday. The wine part his hard since I love sipping on a glass of white outisde on a summer eve after my one-year-old is in bed. Now I’m sipping coffee or tea. I’ve dropped a lot of baby weight except the last 10-15 lbs. I started going back to yoga, pilates, taking vitamins, drinking more water, more veggies, etc. Hearing that you are on SBD too makes it all the more reassuring. I keep thinking how amazing my body is and was for creating a child, but seeing all my prepregnancy clothes in my closet, especially during the summer, makes it tough. I also have to do a reading at a friend’s wedding in late August. I see this as my mini “deadline” to drop some weight. Trying to focus on me for a change. Dropping carbs for a bit has actually improved my energy level.

    Good luck to you!!!

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