help me dress for weather that’s hot as balls


  1. Love the dress! But will you not be able to pick up your kids when you need to?
    The all-black outfit is very very NY… which might be fun on a nostalgic trip back :p

  2. #1 – Pack it.
    #2 – Needs a pop of color (orange was on the right track); cute for hot weather – where can I get that tank?
    #3 – Cute and flattering (as you said), but wonder if the tight arms and nothing on the thighs would make you uncomfortable – maybe for an evening outfit?

  3. I would say pack outfit #3, it is adorable! #2 is cute, #1 isn’t very flattering.

  4. you’re adorable and beautiful! i don’t know what you are so stressed about your looks for! legs to die for. speaking of legs, mine are going to fall off (if i were lucky) b/c i did a billion lunges… and yet they’ll never looks like yours anyways. love the dress for sure!

  5. like the dress. the lighter long top would look better with a black v neck tank underneath. the black top needs more colorful accessories maybe turquoise.

    overall the dress is by far the most flattering. it shows your nice waist. the larger tops make you look larger than you are.

  6. Pack #1. Love it and you look skinny skinny. #3 dress is cute. I couldn’t tell arms were tight. Who raises their arms up like that anyway? No one. Pack it. If you pack #1 you don’t need #2.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE # 3!!!!!!!!! And….love #3 bag…..looks very gucci fabulous. Not a huge fan of #2….but think #1 is cute and easy to throw on and go!!! Great job. What about hermes scarf as a top with white capris and the wedge shoes? One more thing…it’s pouring in NYC right now….that wonderful humid rain…double up on the hair products!!

  8. 1) Cute – Yup
    2) Nope on the top – too prego style and doesn’t really match the black leggings. love the necklace.
    3) Love the dress – very flattering. Spanx under? Too hot I’m sure…

  9. #1- Phil’s right. It’s not a good look.
    #2- it’s ok
    #3- yes! Pack it and buy more in other colors. It’s very flattering and fashionable. It’s unfortunate that it is uncomfortable…but beauty isn’t comfortable. :-)

  10. I love number three. You look classy and sexy. I like number two, I think you need to work on the accessories, it just looks a bit too distracting, the layering, black, white, beige (or stone or whatever color the blouse is), and then the long necklace, it looks distracting, too much stuff. Number 1, the empire waist thing makes you (you as in impersonal, it makes me too and non too thin people in general) look like early pregnancy.

  11. #1-OK, but the fabric looks too stiff–not flowy enough, so it kind of makes you look bigger than you are. Too much cleavage.

    #2-No way. the ruffle or detail on the breasts looks like nipples showing. Plus the ruffle hits right at the hips and just emphasizes that area.

    #3-Love it. Wear Spanx or Target’s ‘Assets’ version underneath to avoid the rub.

  12. I liked #1 and #3. I also liked the tank and top in #2, but the black bottoms seemed like a bit much of a contrast with the lighter top colors. And I also want to know where one gets that tank!

    Re: chub rub – I use Body Glide. It’s in a stick deodorant-type package, and it’s available at any sporting goods store. I’ve also heard great things about the anti-chafing gel that Monistat makes, though I’ve not used it myself.

  13. To me, #3 is the best of the 3. It looks youthful and it flatters your waist and legs. I didn’t like the tan top in #2. It made your stomach and hips look larger than they are. I thought #1 was cute and the leggings are great. Where did you find them?

  14. Ditch all the tops. Keep the leggings, put with a WHITE longish SHIRT with a colorful bag, hair pulled back, hoop earrings.

    The tops make you look pregnant. They don’t hide anything.

  15. Since you love the word balls so much – I’ll say that YOU have some big ones. To show that video, where you look so fat and flabby was bold.
    Why you are so concerned with the “right” outfit to wear chasing around twins is beyond comprehension – the capris were fine.

  16. #2 is shit. :) Throw it out or donate it or sew it into a quilt or something. That tan top is terrible. #3 is great. #1 is fine.

  17. This is probably late, but I agree with the others – look #3 is the best. It’s structured and it flatters you. The belt cinches you in and you have a shape to you. The wedges look comfortable and cute; they also elongate your legs. You had written in the past that v-necks and a-line skirts work well with you. Perhaps you could mix up solid colors with patterns?
    I think empire waists work for you, but you should look for items that have some structure too so that they’re not too flappy. You had commented that one of the tops made you look pregnant and I agree because there was little shape to it (actually both tops, 1 and 2, imo). Empire waists are in and they can be comfortable, but I generally feel they make most women look pregnant.

    Go for items that define your waist and show off your legs (dresses that are at the knee and are structured)
    For ex: a sleeveless v-neck dress paired with a cardigan. Skirts that flare out towards the bottom.

  18. Geez, brutal people with your horrid comments. Out of line!

    Anyhoo, my comments:

    The dress is cute, but the belt will make you sweat, the rubby legs will also make you sweat and then cry. I’m thinking for comfort AND style, it’s number one with the cute shoes.

    White purse is cute and should be used. The orange necklace is also looking sweaty too.

    You’ll be cute either way, and then you’ll run into the nine feet tall models that will make you feel bad. You should read that book Moose — she has some good body thoughts in there!

  19. Agree- that #3 is the best. You look adorable! You have great legs. I thought the top for # 2 did nothing for you.

    Honestly, I don’t like the leggings look. It looks a little too–I am on my way to yoga class, and threw on a necklace. But #1 is def better than #2

    Doing a video is such a great idea.

  20. Dress no. 1: don’t like at all
    Dress no. 2: Try again with a white pant (no leggins)
    Dress no. 3: This is it. Very nice, light but elegant.

  21. the last person that I can see as posted, anon, who said flat and flabby obviously and seriously sucks balls! Jerk.

    Anyways, I love all three. I def. think you are on the right track with leggings and the shirts, comfy and stylish and functional for trooping around the city.

  22. Okay, first outfit, no. Second yes, top is very cute on you…but I would say either the necklas or the purse (the necklace more) but not both. The dress looks really good on you and I love love wedges, cute and comfy. But the bad is mother-in-lawish. Okay so I know bermudas are so mom, but I bought some really cute dark dark denim bermudas that were cut to fit tight, but not as tight as skinny jeans. Maybe that can help. And yes it’s hot as balls! I moved to San Antonio from Jersey and this is my first summer, what a summer, ugh! Hope that helps.

  23. It makes me sad to see you be touristy in what was one your stomping ground…but off to the outfits:

    #1 is just a no … it is very unflattering, too tenty, gives off the impression that you have a third kid on the way. It’s great maybe for hanging out in your backyard or something, but not for strolling the streets of our lovely Manhattan.

    #2 Huge improvement over #1. Try white or turquoise accessories to replace the orange.

    #3 Absolutely the best :) Will make you look and feel like a tres chic mom — you can even wear it with flats to be more comfortable.

  24. #1 – cute but my least favorite of the three
    #2 – love this top! i think this is a definite. i do agree that it needs pop of color and i love the orange. not so sure about the orange bag though — you’re right that its a bit too matchy matchy
    #3 – adorable, perfect, very flattering! pack it

  25. Much like shorts, leggings don’t look good on most people. So there’s that.

    Number 3 is good. Like the slimming tank idea- WHERE do they have those?!

    You look good with no makeup..
    and just say no, no no to all of those tops. They are darling, perfect and I would wear them at home lounging with the family for drinks maybe. But they do make you look bigger than you are. That sucks b/c I too have a penchant for empire waists. So sweet and feminine but so unflattering.

  26. I agree with the oversized white shirt. Saw this in France and it’s flattering and elegant. I would go with a distressed, cuffed skinny jean, if that wouldn’t be too hot. And a comfy, elegant flip-flip type sandal. I also love a simple silver cuff and hoop earrings with a retro scarf in the hair.

  27. Ha. I second a slimming tank top thingy for the arm region and would buy so many that it would improve the current economic situation!

    As for you, you look wonderful!

  28. I say THREEEEEEEEEE is just fabulous on you. Perhaps not comfortable, but beauty rarely is. Your legs are AMAZING. The black pants also cool, and I like the number two top with them. This must all be very confusing, but none of the three were bad choices, just some better than others.

  29. it’s been a very mild (and wet) summer…hope it continues (the temp range, not the rain) for your visit, can’t wait to spend time with y’all, chica!

  30. #3 is best. Definitely pack that, or something similar. It would probably be wonderful if it was sleveless. I also like the white purse with it…it didn’t look boring to me.

    Not so impressed with #1 or #2, although they aren’t terrible.

  31. #1 — Not sold. It’s too bathing-suit-cover-upy.

    #2 — Love the orange touches. Black leggings might not be the best match with the tunic; how about a dark or heather grey, which complements orange?

    #3 — Love the safari dress (for some reason, that’s what I always call those). You look fantastic.

    Other thoughts:
    -Spanx/Assets are great for preventing thigh rub

    -How about Bahama shorts, which come a little above the knee? Better than capris or highwaters for shorties like us, and depending on the fabric, they can look office-dressy

    -While at Target yesterday, I was happy to see rack after rack of smocked empire dresses in bold prints. I’m hourglass-shaped — a rather full one at the moment — and these are the perfect solution to my late summer dress dilemma. They emphasize the chest and waist but hide the ass. Yay!

  32. I really like #2 and #3 (the dress is really cute and makes you look skinny (which you probably are, but I know it’s not up to me to decide that)).

    The first one looks a little young, but you still look cute in it. I say if you feel comfortable rocking it, then you’ll make it look great!

    I wish I had your closet (and your legs!) :)

  33. Definitely #3 is the winner. I agree with Phil on the top in #1, not a good look on any grown woman really. #2 is cute, but not even close to #3 for flattering shape.

  34. I agree with the others – the dress is perfect and totally flatters you. Ditch the two tanks entirely – they do nothing for you. I have a similar figure to you – legs and waist are good assets, arms and hips, not so much, and I find that shorter skirs (like the length of your dress) with a tall healed shoe (wedge, sandel) always works nicely. For tops I would do something short sleeve, not tight but not flow-y and a chunky necklace. I have also bought (and returned) empire waist tops and dresses. Unfortunately unless your super tall and skinny, they just end up making you look preggo – which is why my husband (like yours) doesn’t support the look. Have fun in NY!

  35. This whole post just screams attention whore and reeks of desperation, materialism and self-centredness. Stephanie, your blog is becoming more and more irrelevant by the day.

  36. Hello, To be brutally honest, the dress is the only winner. And it’s a BIG winner, so definitely pack that. the problem with the flowy top over leggings is it looks like you’re really wide in the midsection – it goes narrow shoulders, proportional bust, WIDE belly, WIDE bottom, then narrow tiny little legs. It’s like an apple shape, which you are clearly NOT.

    As far as under the dress, go to amazon and check out Champion brand bike shorts. They come in 7″ and 9″ lengths. They are great under dresses, providing modestly and chafe avoidance. If it’s only moderately hot, Gold Bond powder may be enough.

  37. Stephanie,
    I work in fashion in New York. Let’s talk.

    Outfit number three is fabulous – the safari dress is perfect. You should definitely concentrate on items like that – they’re easy (not hot like the leggings, though outfit #1 was cute). My advice: focus on structure. You need something that will SKIM your midsection. Your legs are skinny – show them off!

    Get a couple of structured and midsection skimming dresses, like a SHIRTDRESS from Zara, American Apparel, or Gap. Add a belt and your shoes and you’re set. AND you don’t have to spend a ton:

    lemme know how it goes.

  38. Both the tops in 1 and 2 kind of flare out at the hip — I think that’s what makes them kind of unflattering on you, because it just exaggerates the widest point. “Tent-y” tops can be find as long as they cut off mid-hip without too much flare

    Another long shirt idea is a regular button-down oxford, the kind with a rounded hem, worn not tucked in. It elongates, goes in at the hip for a nice line, and accentuates your assets up top. I think it could work with leggings but I’ve never tried it myself

  39. borrow your hubby’s dress shirts, push up the sleeves, then throw that belt around it. so sofia loren/diane von. a short-sleeved shirt could work too..roll up the sleeves to be on par with the 80s-ish thing going on right now. the olive dress is cute, but you want loose and comfortable, as well as chic!

    if it’s too short, put those shorts to good use. the fullness below belt will make the look less i’m-trying-to-look-sexy, and use those legs as your assets.

    i’m all about efficiency when it comes to packing, so i would pack a few of those shirts, same belt, then wear them every day. you could even bring them into night..unbutton a few up top, bolder jewelry, pashmina, and heels. no heels during the day, you’ll regret it!

  40. omg – I’d love to see you on an episode of Tim Gunn’s “What to Wear.” For what it’s worth, I think you looked great in each of the outfits – and I loved the wedges. Even though it’s hot as balls, I hope you’ll pack the best thing I saw you wear (I sound like such a kiss-ass, forgive me) but that smile,….adorable. Wear that!

  41. I know it’s too late for the packing advice but for future, please do yourself a favor and not wear the first two outfits. They are so unflattering. Number 3 on the other hand is definitely the direction you need to go in, tailored and fitted but not tight, a sophisticated modern look for you that flatters you so much more than the flowy prego tops with leggings look. Wear bike shorts underneath and the chub rub will be fine. Pair with a great bag and shoes, like you did, and you look terrific.

  42. 1) I like the other 2 outfits better – it’s the least flattering, but not bad and it’s cute. needs a pop of color – maybe turquoise or even that orange necklace from #2

    2) cute, but i’d keep the orange necklace and go with a neutral or other colored bag, not both orange-y. And a black tank vs white (if you have one) would help coordinate the top and bottom better.

    3) Very cute. i’d still like to see some color up by your face, but it works as is

  43. How mean are you? jeez. she looks fine! better than most women in the country. you were that bully in grade school, weren’t you?

  44. I’m avoiding work so here goes. #1 makes you look way more prego than #2, #3 is adorable pack it.

  45. #3 is adorable. damn woman, you have nice legs. it does look a tiny bit tight, but with most clothes these days, movement and activity will stretch it out a bit. the bag is also great.

    #1 is not bad, but it looks too low cut. The leggings would be better if they didn’t have the slit. There’s something cheesy about the slit. a more tailored or simpler approach to leggings would be more flattering and attractive, particularly for your covetous hourglass shape.

    #2 is not bad, but regular leggings would look better and i agree that there just seems to be too much going on.

    the peasant type, billowing blouses are more flattering on curvy women or just non-stick women when they are silk or a more forgiving, flowy material. Cotton and billowy is for stick figures.

    I agree with the commenter who suggested leggings, white shirt with collar, perhaps unbuttoned a bit to reveal a cute bra, and ponytail. understated is always best.

    you have a great body and the belt/dress thing looks awesome!!

  46. Love the new look of the website!! I <3 outfit #3 the best. It's most flattering on you. the other outfits not so much. I agree with Phil about that shirt. I like the white purse, not feeling the orange. You're right it was too matchy-matchy with the necklace. I like the way you dress & #1 & #2 don't look right on you.

  47. It’s moot at this point, but hh’s idea regarding the man shirts with a belt and capris is great. I need to go chunky belt shopping!
    Your’e too cute Steph. Have fun in NY.

  48. The first two outfits are going in the exact wrong direction. You really need structure on top. The flowy look only looks good on people who weigh 98 pounds and who have yet to have children.

    The rest of us look like we’re pregnant.

    The third outfit is definitely the most flattering. I would focus on getting more outfits that create that body illusion and ditch all the flowy tunics.

  49. The dress was the best. Like a few others said here, flowy tops only look good on a girl who weighs 90 pounds.

  50. I agree with the other posters, don’t really like the first two. But I will say, you should give yourself more credit – you don’t have a bad shape at all and shouldn’t try to hide it like you did in the first two outfits. Go with something comfortable, but more fitting than the flowy tops. As for outfit 3 – that was cute – but I could see how it would be uncomfortable. Good Luck!

  51. I liked #3 best then #1. Simplify and only take one or two purses. You have tons of baby stuff to take along!!!

  52. I liked the 3rd outfit the best. You are so pretty…why don’t you wear more colorful outfits? I think you’d look great in something dark green.

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