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The Boys Watch The Game

I’m just back from dinner with my father, Carol, Lea, and Phil. One of those dinners where we started out big, ordering as many appetizers as we could see. And when one of us was on the fence about a certain item, another of us would chime in, "Yeah, go ahead. We want that, too." We ended with many spoons and fewer dessert plates, a single decaf, and a childhood lunchtime game involving pushing a single quarter across a table, hoping that in three tries, we could land it on the edge of the table. At one point we all put our hands in the air, as if we were watching the World Cup. And I realized as people turned that we were that table. The loud people. Not too loud, just loud enough to remind me of how wonderful it is to be around family.

Upon returning home, we all settled into the living room, deciding what we’d do. Who would turn in, who’d stay up for a full movie, who wanted a score. And in that pause, I just wanted to find the perfect something that would keep us all together. I wanted to click to a movie no one could turn away from, something 20 minutes in, so no one could say, "Oh, no, I can’t sit through a whole movie." I wanted so much to keep us all there, and hoping for that reminded me so much of what it was like to be a child. To want to please your parents, to keep them delighted enough to stay. For them to love the moment so much that they’ll ignore the phone, or the potroast, and order-in instead. I want so much to preserve all our moments, to make these visits last longer than they ever do. They’re always too short. I wish we could all live in the living room all the time. Just seperate bathrooms.

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  1. So sweet! It sounds like the perfect day with family. I love how those days come about when you’re with family. All the love and laughing, without any drama.

  2. Your posts often remind me of the pictures I’d imagined in my mind as a kid reading Martha Stewart magazines, taking after dinner walks with my dad cracking jokes, watching my grandmother make her peroshkys, my mom baking stuffed peppers or making easter baskets for all the kids at school out of cupcake tins with handles and cardpaper hearts stapled on. You are living how I dreamed my life would go, feel, smell and be. I lived alot of those pictures as real life experiences for a long time when I was married, I say looking back with gratitude and wonderlust. But I know, I just know there are more, greater and just as divine, tender moments of love and life awaiting me. You have the gift of your courage, spirit, talents, love of a man who really loves you and a precious family all living in a gorgeous home with lovely appliances and countertops. Precious moments and times you’ll always remember.

  3. I know.
    me too.
    Never enough time and all these “keeper moments” in my head. Visual memories that catch a glimpse of life that I want to hold forever.
    Beautiful post Stephanie
    Great picture of the boys too :)

  4. Your posts have really inspired to me to take pictures that capture “everyday” life.

  5. I loved this post.. and sure wish I could have a piece of this in my life. Most family get-togethers of mine end in drama, drama and more drama.

    Cute picture of your dad and Lucas :)

  6. Hey Stephanie,

    Off-topic, but I wanted to say that the re-designed site looks great! I love being able to read the twitter feed on the right.

  7. Love the picture! Great post about moments with family. You always capture the little things in such great detail. They may be little but oh so important! Glad you had such a wonderful time with the fam!

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  9. This isn’t related to your post (which I loved) – I just finished Moose and can’t wait to pass it along to my sister when she gets into town next week. It’s such a perfect summer read and brought back many camp memories for me. I’m half way through Straight Up and I’m a total fan.

    Thanks for your honest writing.

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