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Maybeans003This weekend, we headed to Stonewall, Texas for a lavender festival. Dulce had once given me a Lavender Cookbook, so I was looking forward to stocking up. Except, with the weather being what it was–total Etta James weather–the festival was lacking a bit of fest. Aside from handmade soaps that resembled baked goods, it was a bit anti-climactic. Still, I was in a lovely mood, and wanted to make the best of it. We were, after all, on a vineyard. There were wine tastings, verbena hand wipes (granted, 20 for $14 is a bit over-the-top), and it was deliciously overcast. I felt happy and wanted to share it.

Phil didn’t share my mood so much, and wanted to get back to Austin to watch game 7 of the NBA playoffs (Lakers vs. Rockets). He’d made that clear early on in the day, and here we were at an -ival, "For what?" He wanted to know. "I can buy all this stuff at the grocery store… and for less." This was true. He was right. Still, we were there, why not make the most of it?

"The most of it" became Fredericksburg, TX–a favorite of mine. A narrow alley of a town with antiques, toy shops, bakeries, and why yes, even a shoppe. Aside from Navajo Grill, of which I’ve only heard, I still haven’t found anywhere to eat. It’s always very… unremarkable. I guess I’ll never really be wowed by German sausages. I’m all for simple, mind you. Give me a ripe tomato with kosher salt, a good olive oil, and a crusty bread, and I’m fed and thrilled. But a plate of meat and German potato salad just ain’t my bag. Oh, but Swedish Country Interiors so are. And I’m always on the watch for them. Dotted with a few home stores carrying chicken wire lined cabinets, the streets of Fredericksburg make me swoon a little. Why does it feel like every goddamn store in Austin carries either mod / retro / contemporary OR rustic, Texan, tasseled looks? Anyone know where in Austin a girl can fine some antique ‘Gustavian style’ furniture?

Phil was actually quite a sport about missing his sport. It was a blowout before we even made it home. So he watched the next game (Celtics vs. Magic), and we spent the night uploading photos from our day.

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  1. Yes, because that is all that German cuisine has to offer – sausage and potato salad. mhm.

  2. Jesus you've become someone who gets excited about handmade soaps!

  3. Agreed that Fredericksburg food is lacking and I always leave disappointed and overly full. I want to try Rather Sweet Bakery though for some simple soups/salads/sandwiches.Gorgeous picture by the way!

  4. That is the prettiest photo I've seen of your little lady. It's flawless. She's flawless.

  5. Stephanie – off topic… Where is Abigail's dress from? I'd love it for Elisabeth (my four year old)… Also, did you cut her hair in that style or has it grown into that. It's really cute.

  6. The German restaurant with and outdoor space in the back has the best Cobb Salad I have ever had! I have visions of visiting again, simply for that salad.

  7. Do you not want to try Navajo Grill? No sausages or potato salad there.

  8. I never understand the fascination with sausage in Germany. Waiting in the queue at the meat counter – especially if it is the sliced meat/sausage counter is a bit of a nightmare as so many people buy so many slices of this sausage or that sausage with bits of this or that in it. You see a short queue but its about 15 mins until the person is through selecting their sausage cuts. I can never get excited about it.

  9. Would you share where you get their clothes? I love the plaid pics and what Lucas is wearing.


  10. i have to second the notion of rather sweet bakery and cafe. it gets bonkers during prime meal times, but if you can just relax and wait for it, the soups and sandwiches are lovely.

    as for gustavian style furniture here, well….you may be SOL. lots of huge chunky texas ranch-y type stuff. and lots of super modern industrial heartless stuff. not a lot of lovely cottage-y looking wares 'round these parts.

  11. Navajo Grill is fantastic!! I also really love breakfast at Rathskellar's. It's a basement restaurant but they have the most amazing Hill Country Beignets, also called Cinnamon Danish Doughnut holes. Maybe you can sweet talk your way into getting the recipe for me :)

  12. Hilltop is very good and really fun/ funky. Rather Sweet is amazing- Tuesdays they have Pot Pies which are delicious and sell out in hours (call in and pre-order). Pasta Bella off Main is declious and has incredible marinara. The Nest is also wonderful. August E’s is very good as well and has Thai Tuesdays.

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