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I love this. These Ray Lamontagne moments, where you’re just sitting at a bar with a glass of Rioja, listening to the soulful voice, the one that sings about flowers falling from hair, about how he’s been to hell and back, so most things bore him. It’s this sleepy lullaby that reminds you of your life—the one you’d always imagined for yourself. A life of laps and walking barefoot on soft spring grass as the afternoon turns to “just before supper” time. Braids and true love. Picnic blankets and Sundays in the park that you didn’t hold onto tight enough the first time they happened. A slow life of lingering kisses and eyes that want to stay closed and open at the same time.

A YEAR AGO: Desperate to Be a Housewife

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  1. Heard the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album? It's decent.
    Anyway, sorry I'm commenting here but
    1) looks like you're ahead in the best blog of Austin poll
    2) thank you for showing Lucas and Abigail. I've been wanting to see them on video, curious how big they are now, how they speak, sing, etc. Too cute. Lucas is so sweet and calm. Love Abigail's little ponytail.
    3) latest video of you and Phil- lawd! Phil needs to RELAX, all that fretting cannot be good for his heart. Have you ever wondered if it's because you guys got married a little later (in your 30's as opposed to 20's) and you both were kind of set in your ways and it's more a matter of compromise than changing someone. I'm loving these videos. I've said it a million times over, you have balls.

  2. i've never read your blog before (but i will starting now)…my friend in austin forwarded me your link so i'd vote for you in Nick's ParentsPicks! i just DID…and will continue to do so! i hope you win! i never win anything either…except for a photo of the moon after being the 100000 visitor to an observatory in st. louis!? my brother, on the other hand, once won $1000 because an elephant pooped on his square in a big courtyard!? GOOD LUCK!

  3. Ray is so good and bc life is chaotic sometimes i forget to stop and listen. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. beautiful… This is the type of description that keeps me coming back to your blog over and over :)

  5. I could listen to Ray over and over. In fact, I'm listening to him now. His lyrics and voice are delish! I could eat him up!

  6. Hi, Stephanie… I have the weirdest question and it has absolutely nothing to do with this post (but I did vote for you on the Best Blog poll!) I had a baby girl almost four months ago and I love to scrapbook… I am finally feeling like my life is normal enough again to begin on her baby book and I was so looking forward to checking out the one you made for Abigail and Lucas one more time. I'd bookmarked it on my last computer but haven't been able to find it since it crashed. Can you help? I loved looking at it the first time around and got so many great ideas from you & all of your creative pages. Thank you in advance… And thanks, too, for keeping me entertained with your blog! Your children are a total delight… Congratulations to you!

  7. Do you listen to Amos Lee? The Deer Ticks? Two of my favorites. I could have all three bands on repeat for days and never get sick of them.

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