people will tell you no


They’ll tell you it pains them to say so, but you have a right to know. They’ll pretend to be gentle. They’ll snicker. They’ll elbow a friend. They’ll pretend to be on your side. They’ll mock you. And they’ll roll their eyes pretending to be supportive. They’ll say, "sorry." They’ll tell you that you simply don’t have what it takes.

And they’ll be entitled to their opinion before ever entitling you to a chance.

And they’ll be wrong.

Carry on. No matter what anyone tells you. Because one day, they’ll say:

"The most extraordinary shock we’ve ever had."

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  1. I saw this, this morning. I couldn't believe how openly cruel everyone was. Which of course, made her success all the more sweeter.

  2. It's what you tell yourself that matters. The thing is, even you may be wrong about you some of the time.

  3. It made me cry how mean everyone was to her because I know exactly how that feels. Someone sent this to me the other day after my American Idol post and it made me feel better. One day maybe I'll give the publishing world their most extraordinary shock.

  4. Would it have been alright for them to make fun of her if she hadn't sung well? Must we all have an extraordinary talent to be worthy? I certainly hope not…

  5. I'm going on the assumption that we're talking about Susan Boyle, & this is exactly what I've been thinking for a couple of days now. What if her voice has been awful? Would those creeps & jerks who rolled their eyes and sneered have been justified?

  6. I cried too, it was great to watch.

    Our American Idol devotes a stupid amount of time to showing us people who are completely delusional about their abilities. It's mean-spirited, sad and boring. I quit watching it a few seasons ago.

    Finding people to humiliate themselves is just as big a part of the show as finding people who can really sing is.

    It's awesome that she had the belief in herself to walk into that setup and nail it.

    It IS wrong to make fun of someone who doesn't have that kind of extraordinary talent — but I think that's pretty much the underlying premise of all reality TV, and there seems to be no end of people happy to sign up for it.


  7. I was standing up cheering for this woman as soon as she opened her mouth to sing. I was disgusted by the way the judges and the audience jeered and made comments to each other. Is this what our society is really concerned with? If so, many people out there are living a very sad existence. Watching this woman shock and surprise the audience/judges was one of the best things that TV has done for me in a VERY LONG time.

  8. Hi Amy
    I'm afraid our British equivalents to American Idol (X factor – Britain's got Talent etc) are equally as mean and devote episodes and episodes to old men wearing lycra while farting the national anthem under their armpit and such like.

    It just makes good tv and are the most watched episodes generally. It's a shame that this lady is getting so much attention (great for her tho' obv) just because she has a fantastic voice but happens to look like a bit of a brute. Good luck to her though (and it did bring a tear to my cold, cynical british eye too) x

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