q&a in the comments of a blog: not for nothing

StraightUpDirty c

Life happens on the sidelines, in the smaller moments, the side roads. It also happens in the comment section of blogs, where people post and run, where they never have to see you, where you get to roll your eyes, discard what’s being said or give it pause and consideration. I might not always respond, or even post every comment, but I do read them. I posted this comment a month or so ago, but I’ve decided to post it here:

So I’m going to comment and you may have banned me already or choose not to post this and that’s fine, at least you will have read it. I’ve read you for the last three years. I read your book <i>first</i> (keep that in mind, I came to you as a fan of your book not your blog initially and I’ve always given it to you straight) then found your blog through the same co-worker who insisted I read your book (she’s Maggie on here).  One thing I liked about your book was the raw factor.  It felt like there were no airs, it was just you. Maybe because at that time in your life when you wrote SU&D you had just come out of the shitty relationship, and it was easy for you to be raw.  Raw from the relationship as is, I’m sure, vulnerable, emotional. Perhaps it was easier for you to express yourself at that time in your life?

Whatever it is you need to get back in touch with it.  Your inner funny who doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Because lately it seems you’re not giving us Stephanie, you’re giving us Stephanie Klein.  Just a suggestion. Take it or leave it but your blogs used to be more personal and not chock-full of similes and metaphors. This is not in reference to today’s blog mind you, only in response to the latest from your blog (contests and comments). You pissed me off but I still want you to be successful and happy, because I think you deserve it. Just don’t lose yourself in the process.

And my quick response, with the subject line reading "Not For Nothing":
Not for nothing… as in, your comment wasn’t for nothing. So thank you. Also not for nothing, but I’m reliving and re-writing Straight Up And Dirty on a daily basis in creating this television show. My blog is a place for me to spill the extra stuff, not to work on my inner funny. Not sure what I did to piss you off… your words, not mine, but when I began this blog, I wasn’t writing a book, certainly not two books, or a TV show. As for the contest, people love when you give shit away and it gives them something to do. No one complained when I gave away an Hermes scarf for putting my video on their blog. Everyone will find a reason to get pissed or feel like I’ve "lost my edge." Bottom line, some days I have more to say than others, and I don’t always like writing about how I’m pissed off at my husband, how I’m feeling fat, how I want more time with my friends, how, ooh, I just found interlocking wood-like foam matting for another playroom for the kids where I’m getting them a play kitchen, some dinosaurs, a dollhouse, and a mock tool bench. Then letting everyone shit all over it telling me I’m materialistic, uninteresting, out of touch, shallow, and annoying. It’s not worth it. I’d rather save it all up for my next book, for my show, for something where I don’t have to read comments about what a fuck up I am or how mean I am to Phil. Is angst what we connect with most online? Yes. Second to that, it’s finding funny in our everyday lives, the lives we live where we have nothing interesting to say, where we wonder if we’re living the life we should be.

I continue to take risks in what I post, but I realize my best posts are those where I’m passionate about something. And sometimes I’m just grumpy and not in the mood, and that’s okay too. Mostly, I’m exhausted, but always, I’m thankful.