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Looking at the Spring 09 couture lines, I wondered if any of these might make it down the red carpet this Sunday at the Academy Awards. If we had our druthers, which nominees would we want to see in these (mostly) friendly frocks?



  1. Much as I tried to picture Oscar noms and movie stars in these dresses my mind keeps drifting back again and again to Michelle Obama. I'm beginning to feel like she could pull anything off. I love the pockets on the first dress. They'd do nothing for my hips, but I love 'em.

  2. Ohh, I'll play!

    1) Kiera Knightly
    2) Nicole Kidman
    3 is ugly – maybe Charlize Theron?
    4) Eva Longoria
    5) Sandra Bullock
    6 -yuck 7) yuck
    8) Lucy Liu

    On the second page –
    6) the blue one for Meryl Streep
    7) Then Renee Zellweger
    8) Demi Moore

    Can't wait for tonight! I'll have the darlings, the fireplace, wine and gowns!

  3. I think Anne Hathaway would look lovely in the last white dress! Jennifer Aniston in the turqoise.

  4. I think that most of these aren't dramatic enough to be Oscar hits. A few of them look like wedding dresses. The first red dress would work, especially on someone willowy like Cate Blanchett.

  5. Don't know if he's nominated, but James Franco in the first dress with that front line slit and pockets. Just cos I'd like to see him relax in anything revealing. So, screw it, James Franco. Yep.

  6. Did you like SJP's mint dress? I loved it and think it was the dress of the night, even if her husband seemed disconnected.

  7. Is it against the law for models to smile? Gaw, some of those facial expressions are scary.

  8. SJP's dress was beautiful. The breasts look new. Or the dress was a feat of engineering.

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