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Is it terribly sad that emails from total strangers make me happy? I was on facebook and tried to befriend the man who’s married to… my father’s wife’s daughter. He didn’t have a photo up, but I took the risk, sending a note:

Subject: "I think you’re my brother-in-law"

And it kinda made my day when he denied our friendship, responding:

Sadly I think you are mistaken, I am a New Zealander living in Auckland New Zealand. To my knowledge none of my siblings are married! Its a shame because you look ……… (chooses words carfully as to be complimentary yet not sexist)’very pleasant’


I’ve decided "Regards" is only a delightful response when coming from another continent.

In other disgusting news, my chest looks like a cum rag right now. There’s just too much snot in my world. Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

I’m in the living room, sounding a bit like an air-horn, blowing my nose, shocked that it’s still coming out thick and yellow. You’re welcome. Phil is in the office with Megan (assistant/publicist/superstar). She’s wrapping gifts for our niece, who arrives today with Phil’s sister. They’re discussing The Real Housewives of Orange County. We all agree next week’s episode looks good. This is how it goes in our house. Now I’m going to watch a few pilot episodes and continue to use HandBrake to convert my DVD library into MPEG-4 video. Next I need to research file servers and figure out how to get my entire DVD collection on there, so I only need to press a button, and no longer have to mess with the actual DVDs. The tater tots are back from school now. Mama baked them cookies!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE..The Real Housewives…can't wait for New York episodes to return.

    Hope you feel better soon..sick sucks!

  2. Please, tell me more about Hand Brake…I'm just technical enough to get into a world of trouble…we have collected a huge DVD collection and much like we've done with our CD's, I'd like to save electronically and box up the physical items. Do tell more!

  3. As ashamed as I might be to admit it, I'm totally addicted to RH:OC. I 100% agree about next week. Scandalous!!

  4. Using handbrake right now… Converting some files for a client. It's awesome. I've viewed all the RH… shows from the start, but I must say no one's bugged me as much as Lynne/Steven Tyler.

  5. I still maintain that I should get one of those "sucker" units they use in the dentist office for when my sinuses are backed up. I realize it would be so easy to hurt yourself doing this, but a good sinus headache makes me thing it'd be worth the risk.

    Get feeling better.

    "…like a cum rag…": grin.

  6. Real Housewives is my guilty pleasure. This season is crazy. When did they all become such bitches! I would never be able to tolerate that kind of drama from my friends, but I freaking love watching it on tv.

  7. I love RHOC! However, Gretchen drives me nuts. Greedy biotch. I gross out when her and her fiance kiss. Yuck.

    I am curious about the upcoming episode too…..

  8. do you find hangbrake takes a really long time? i tried burning a dvd onto my computer so i could get it on my ipod and it took FOREVER! i think i may have quit before it even finished. however, if you're liking how its working i may give it another stab

    feel better!

  9. You are very sensitive to what others say about you. You shouldn't be like that when you own a top class blog. Cheer up!

    Psst: regards are not used by all outside – usa people. I am in India, and i don't use it.

  10. I couldn't resist a second comment when I realized that there were others saying how awful Tamra, Gretchen, and Lynn were. Not that I don't agree, but I think Vicki is the most horrendous of the bunch. By far. She appalls me. *shudder*

  11. When you say "my chest looks like a cum rag" my first thought is that you just got done having a dude paint your chest.

    Then I realized it means you're sick. Which isn't nearly as sexy. Actually… its only sexy if I do it, anyway. So forget I said anything.

  12. Sorry but my mind also went to the gutter when you used that term! Very Stephanie! My work always uses Regards and so it's my default closing to an email. I hope you feel better soon! P.S. Dooce has a new book out!

  13. I read your post from a while ago about not getting into a I found out I wasn't "wanted" either. I guess sororities have a thing against smart, sassy redheads!

  14. Ok – totally off topic but, can you recommend a good site to order New York things I miss like knishes, etc?

    Your help would be MUCH appreciated!!!!

  15. Maybe you've got cedar fever. I've lived in Austin almost 10 years now and the past two January's I got allergies. Get prescriptions to Allegra D and Flonase to make it all better.

  16. What I love about this is I tried to contact a friend from New Zealand on Facebook and ended up contacting a guy much closer to home.I also am a twin, but don't have twins so maybe it's some kind of alternate, parallel life.
    Let's just hope I don't go Benjamin Button-style and begin to get called Moose as I get older… :)

  17. I just spent the last hour of my life reading your blog and anything else I could find about you. Great stuff! I laughed out loud a few times and now I may get fired, but it was worth it! You definitely have a new fan in Montreal…

  18. I would be more than thrilled if I got to come home to fresh baked cookies. You may be sick but you are still a rockstar mom.

  19. Hey, yawl. If you want a good blog (hilarious too) about the OC Housewives (I thought it was a chick's blog but it's a guy and he's sweet as pie too) go here and laugh your ass off:

    or here for all his blogs about Housewives:

    His sketches are the best part. And you can get some dirt on some of the ladies, like juicy juicy dirt. So there's your spoiler if you visit.

    I used to think Vicki was the most miserable person on there but now I'm convinced Tamra is just as miserable with herself as Vick. Gretchen acts like she's freaking 12. Grow the hell up, lady.

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