silly wednesday

A photo Phil sent me years ago which for some unknown reason he still has on his computer. Through crashed hard drives this survived.




  1. Good eyesight, Jane. No matter how I squint, I can't distinguish any gender specific features. But it sure makes me feel grateful to the distant ancestor who thought "Wouldn't I look cuter around the nomadic camp if I draped this animal skin over my torso like so, and maybe accessorized with a few shells & lion teeth…? Clothing. Wear it.

  2. reflectoporn

    A word I didn't know until a few weeks ago when my friend suggested that this photo I've seen circulating the web probably wasn't an accident as I previously assumed.

    Then you go and post this on your blog and now my head is spinning.

  3. there's also one where he took a picture of his dining room and you could see his reflection in a mirror. exhibitionism rules.

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