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I watch the Hills. Now, tonight, I tuned in to The City. But on a whole ‘nother level is the reality show Momma’s Boys. You could say I’ve been there; divorced that. I can’t get enough. Don’t get me wrong here, it’s no Temptation Island (that was my all-time favorite), but how can you look away when one woman confesses to a mother on the show, "I might have been in Playboy. You look at the pictures. And yeah, you see I’m naked, but you don’t see my heart."




  1. Oh – the Pills. How I love to hate them. The darling daughters and I watch it as a great teaching experience…if they EVER turn in to such shallow, bitchy, moronic, flaming asshole bimbos – they know they're in deep shit.

    Forgot to watch the mama's boys – but I'm waiting with bated breath for the Apprentice, Big Brother, ANTM, and the new Survivor. I love tv.

  2. I had it on in the background while I was getting some work done. It was my first viewing and it was awesomely bad. $136,000 in consumer credit card debt?!! And her explanation seemed to be "I like to shop, I hope you can overlook that"

    Although to be fair, she didn't spend it all on clothes — some of it went for her boobs and the "maintenance" botox every 25 year old needs

    This is very rich material for The Soup

  3. Shamefully, I watch "The Hills" too. It's fun to wonder what life would be like if I were 30 pounds lighter, 50 times richer and 15 years younger.

  4. "Whole Nutha Level" – great Mad TV skit. That line is perfect for what she said. Ever watch something and just burst out laughing at the sheer idea of saying something like that? I wonder if they'll do a "Daddy's Girl" next?

  5. OMG!!! Stephanie, you are right on! That show was great! Loved the silicone girl with the 136K in debt! What about Mrs. B, when she through a tantrum over her recipe? Her son is such a Momma's Boy. It was great, I will def tune in for more! Cheirlyn, I am with you I love Big Brother!

  6. Stephanie,

    Thank you so much for your blogs! Your superfantastic. I look so forward to reading the next one. I'm 43 divorced and a Libra ..:-)I can relate. Great Job!!

    Toast – to the new year and all those new Stephanie ideas and thoughts she will write about, to old ideas and thoughts that youv'e written about and ideas you haven't yet noticed… Thank you so much for sharing your life.


  7. My favorite part of Mommas Boys' was when the one brunette got axed and she flipped out a la Dane Cook "I did my best…I did my best." Except she was wailing, "I didn't even get a date. I didn't even get a date!!!" I think the guys missed the bullet on that one.

  8. Will never watch that show. My hatred of reality shows is unparalleled. Not a critique of others just a personal peccadillo.

    But someone commented that 25 year olds on the show budget for 'maintenance' botox? Really? It hasn't been that long since I was 25 but I sure didn't come close to needing that (and my friends did not either) what in the hell is happening in this world? Unreal.

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