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My pregnant friend Yasmin emailed me this morning to tell me I was in her dream:
I just woke up and had yet another bizarre dream (I’ve been having many recently).  I dreamt that you and I were on some tennis team and you were playing with a paddle instead of a racket and you kept acing your serves.  Then it was my turn and you gave me your paddle and it had been broken all around from your strong serves.  Suddenly it turned into a Haagen Dazs bar, and I ate it.  And then had nothing left to play tennis with.

AWESOME. It makes me want to go play tennis and then eat a bowl of ice cream with thick heavy fudge sauce that’s so thick it slides off to the side in a chewy clump. Ahem. The thing is, when I was pregnant (and didn’t even know I was pregnant at all) I had a dream that I was pregnant with twins. My pregnancy tests kept coming back negative, yet I still had a dream I was “super pregnant.” I love that. I was once in a writing class where a woman in the class kept a dream log, a notebook beside her bed. I convinced myself I’d learn so much more, even see more coming, if I kept a journal of my dreams. I was certain I’d do it, but then I never did. And once you’re awake for the day, you kind of forget it. You squint a little, trying, and you know there is something to remember but you can’t quite remember what that something is. So I’m starting this week. I’m going to go for it. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m pretty sure last night I had a dream about being divorced or something. I woke up and grabbed Phil to make sure everything was okay, then I went back to sleep. Maybe we’ll play tennis tonight.


  1. Pregnancy dreams are so vivid! I had a dream the other day that I had an affair with a blogger's husband. Felt guilty for hours after I woke up. Crazy! And I am only 12 weeks. :)

  2. I once tried to keep a dream log. I'd wake up from a dream and make sure I wrote it down before I forgot the details. Cause it's the details that bug me…the little things. I dreamt of a friend who passed away recently.I woke up knowing I had dreamt of him but it bugged me that I couldn't remember what he wore or where exactly we were and why.

    I think you'll appreciate doing the journal. I stopped cause after a while I got lazy and wanted to go straight back to sleep after waking up from a dream. I think the secret lies in writing it all down immediately after waking up…while you're still not fully awake but can almost feel your dream…when you feel that if you close your eyes it will continue.

  3. I tried the dream journal. It got boring. I mean do I have time to go to different sites to look up the meaning of say, a bear in a dream? And many meanings were contradictory to start with. It was an exercise in frustration and futility.

    I think the dreams you had of the twins IS fascinating. It speaks to the connection you have with them. Forgive me if I sound new agey but often souls can come to visit (or so many people think) before they are born. It's kind of neat. I didn't know when I was preggers (my husband did the minute it happened, ahem) but after a false early home test I dreamed about a blonde, blue eyes baby who was being very wilfull but funny and playing with me- looks exactly like my 11 month looks now. Nose, everything… it's wild. I think we all have some abilities to connect on a deeper level but when you are pregnant you are more 'in tune' so that explains it.

    As for Maria, you dreaming about your friend was very likely a genuine visitation. A way of comforting you. When you are asleep not only are you more receptive (i.e. not having the walls of cognitive disbelief up) but most beloved friends and family who pass know if they show up at the end of your bed rather than a dream they'll just scare you not comfort you:) You can google this or look anywhere online for numerous accounts to back this up. This is more common than you think. Heck, if you really want to know someone passed is ok you can always just think about them, concentrate on them and sometimes that can encourage a dream visitation to reassure you. Then again, when passed friends and family fail to show in dreams it isn't cause for panic. It's not something to take personally at all.

    I record dreams only of they are recurring or especially vivid. I read once dreams that are either of these things usually are most significant. Sometimes something we need to focus on in waking life or something like that. I have only a handful of vivid dreams and some were years ago but I remember them like yesterday. Focusing on the time before you dream seems interesting to me: you can dream with intent, i.e. ask (yourself) for an answer to a problem, some idea for a project you might be working on it.. use it to visualize and then go to sleep. The more you do this the more focused the results and the more it works. It's kind of fun too.

    Anyway sorry this was so damned long. And I think your ability to intuit (like you having the dreams with the twins- not all women have dreams like this pregnant!) could be developed. It's worth looking into:)

  4. I had a dream that I was going to have a girl, and I knew exactly what she would look like. She is exactly what my dreams showed me she would be.

  5. I dreamt I was pregnant. It was a nightmare, as I had two small children at the time and we were pretty broke. We had debated a third, and the dream convinced me that a third would be a horrible idea. I woke up in tears, told my husband who said, "ok, that decides it. I'll get the surgery. First, get a pregnancy test."

    I was pregnant.

    I cried throughout the pregnancy and felt horribly guilty about it. My mom said, "it's ok to be scared now – you will love the baby when he/she is here." Which is all SO about me and not at all about you and your dream, your dream journal… but it is amazing what is only occasionally revealed in dreams.

    Mostly, I dream weird, disjointed things – tennis rackets and ice cream cones. And I don't play tennis.

    My son will be four on December 7th and he is the light of my life. Truly. I feel guilty even revealing how emotionally difficult the pregnancy was, now –

  6. i wrote down my dreams for awhile, and then i lost interest. I've heard you should use the feeling you get from the dream vs. the actual events in the dream as an indicator of what's going on subconsciously.

    but more importantly, ice cream is delicious.

    try the new fleur de sel caramel ice cream from haagen daz. sweet/salty/heavenly. I honestly want to drink it.

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