hip or too hip-ee(k)

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Hating not having a roomie when such decisions must be made. I also am not loving the silhouette this skirt is giving me, but maybe I’m being too critical. No, it just shows that I’ve got hips so wide my children fell out. And, yes, it’s not your imagination, with this hair, I’m officially beginning to look like a country western singer.



  1. i'd kill for your figure. your hips aren't too wide. your hair looks great.

    but … the skirt doesn't do you justice. it's unflattering, especially when compared with the awesome jeans/tops ensemble to the right of it.

  2. i replied to your tweet, but i don't know if you see if it you're not following me as well.

    skirt is flirty and cute, but the other outfit is def. more slimming. still, it's summer and hot out, so maybe just work what your mama gave you and wear the skirt. oh, and, love the yellow shoes.

  3. You're pretty brave for posting this picture for all to see. You've changed, you look old and heavy. not a good luck.

  4. Well, I would go with the pants. You look great in both but the pants do give you a better silhouette than the skirt.

  5. Oh to have a waist that small (I've got the shape of an apple)!
    My vote is for the pants. Hope you are having fun!

  6. The skirt outfit has a very Mad Men-esque quality to it. And with your skinny legs it just accentuates your awesome hourglass shape. Seriously, rock it.

  7. It does make you look a bit hipp-ish. It's a cute skirt just not very flattering. Love the shoes though!

  8. I like the skirt personally. I don't think it makes your hips look wide; I think it looks like the style of the skirt is to be poofy. And the color is great. :)

  9. I don't know where you're going (reading posts not in chronological order), but the skirt is really cute. Not so much hippy looking as flowing. The other picture looks like stuff we used to wear to go to frat parties in college. Cute, but not as creative as the first. Good luck!

  10. Those style of skirts flatter only the waifish anorexics. Stick with the pants, and you'll be gorgeous!

  11. Is a poofy skirt stylish or frumpy?

    The country western singer thing……FUNNY!
    I need a big laugh today.

  12. I like the skirt outfit better– it's cute and shows off your pretty legs. Maybe it would be better if your belt were cinched a little looser?

  13. Outfit #1: I'd lose the 4 strands and move to 1. I'd swap out the shoes for a black or nude pair. Cute outfit with a few minor tweaks.

    2. You actually could use a little bit more color here in the form of a great necklace (lose the pearls.) You actually look way more confident in this outfit.

  14. You know you are standing in a more flattering pose in the pants picture, right? The skirt is a bit foofy. I think it would be better if it were in darker colors, so the dark color is on the bottom. You have killer legs, so you shouldn't give up on skirts altogether, but probably should give up on that one.

    You look fantastic in the second photo!

  15. Your hips clearly aren't the problem, as they look fine with the more tailored look of the jeans. Skirts like that don't really look great on anyone. I'd stick with the look on the right or find a better A-line skirt.

    Monique, how old are you and how much do you weigh? I think it's only fair for us to know so we can assess the validity of your comment. Let me guess — you'll say you're 25 and weigh 110. I'd estimate reality at something older and wider.

  16. Actually I think you look more country-western with your hair blown out into big waves. I think you should stick to your natural curls more often – it might look a bit less polished, but it's gotta be easier in this heat. I'm currently knee deep in chopper's remorse. My hair is naturally wavy/curly, but I couldn't resist trying out that sophisticated bob everybody is wearing. Now I'm so damn sick of having to blow out my hair every day I'm counting the days (weeks? months?) until it grows back out.

  17. Yes to the pants, no to the skirt. That is my 2 cents. I also have his as wide as the Mississippi, so I know that a second opinion always helps.

  18. I really like you in the jeans ensemble. I know what you mean about the hair. I cut 11 inches of the same type off my head a few months ago.
    Maybe I'm thinking the mood of the jeans outfit goes better with your hair. You know, that whole artsy, sophisticated appeal? Maybe the skirt would look better without a belt and a less structured shirt? Eh… what do I know?

    The jeans look good though. You look like you feel more comfortable.

  19. That skirt is not flattering. I don't think anyone could pull that off, unless they were trying to create the illusion of hips where they had none. For those of us who have hips, it is just awful. The second picture looks great!

  20. Keep the jeans, the pearls, and the shoes (definitely the shoes). Everything else must go; your cute figure deserves better than these outfits. There you have it – tough love (love-love-love-love-love).

  21. OK, as a fan of the What Not to Wear show I would have to say that the skirt is a no. You my dear need an Empire waist to minimize the hip or, a jacket cut right at the middle of the zipper line with darting or structure. As for the second outfit, Cuuutteee!!! Love it. it is sophisticated yet sassy!

    Of course, if I had your figure I would wear any damn thing I wanted to, to hell with the critics!

  22. I recently cut my long, curly red hair and I have to say- I love it. It's shoulder length now and feels more polished. It all stemmed from a photo of a friend's wedding. I caught a glimpse of myself in the background and for two seconds thought- good God she has too much hair. Oops!

  23. your figure is fine – i agree that it's the belt more than the skirt that's accentuating the size of your hips. also, the belt/shirt combo are making you look short in the torso. that preppy lil' skirt belongs with a casual polo shirt, lose the belt and overmuch necklace, keep the shoes.

    the 2nd outfit is nice enough.

  24. I think you look great in both pictures and not hippy at all. Although your legs look great in the skirt, you look like you feel more comfortable and confident in the jeans.

  25. The black leather belt is actually part of the skirt. I cannot take it off, and I cannot pull the skirt down lower (to elongate torso). Just SOL there, really. AND even when belt isn't tight, it looks exactly the same. It's just that 1950s style I guess. I definitely have a short waist (which actually makes me petite because all dresses gap in the back, or have straps that are too long for me), which is why I usually try to wear longer top looks, like the one shown with the jeans. I ended up wearing the jeans. It was a business meeting on the Disney lot, and as it turns out, everyone else was in jeans too.

  26. It's the length of the skirt that doesn't work, not your waistline. If it were longer, ala the '50's/Marilyn Monroe, it would look great.

    FROM SK: I disagree. I promise, no matter the length, it wouldn't change the waist to hip ratio that the eye can distinguish. It's, in fact, an evolutionary ability, across cultures. When scientists studied Barbie, they measured the proportion and found across many cultures that the same ratio, when compared with sex symbols, or what's generally considered desirable in terms of looks, is that exact ratio. In other words, it's not about whether you're a size 2 or a size 20 if you're well-proportioned. Well, it depends on the culture, too, and the BMI, but overall, fertility is actually linked with waist to hip ratios. On some level, if your breasts are a certain size in relation to your waist which is a certain size in relation to your hips, etc., it doesn't matter, overall, what you weigh, so long as you're in proportion, you're seen as attractive to the eye from an evolutionary standpoint.

    It's why clothes actually can make quite a difference in balancing out our proportions (or making them appear more balanced), and why in this particular instance, the length of the skirt would do nothing to change the appearance of my hips in relation to my waist. Just, um, sayin'.


  27. OK well it's done, so for future reference (and for whatever it's worth):

    They're both fine. If at all possible, move the belt on the skirt off to the side, and lose the necklaces. They're fighting the line of your v-neck.

    Hard to decipher when it's not in person, but I think a more muted shoe would be better with the #1 as the skirt has a fairly busy pattern to it, so you don't benefit from the contrast like you do with the jeans. I'd also like that look with boots; it can totally slim it down if need be (and it doesn't need to be here, I'm just letting you in on one of my little tricks).

  28. I know this isn't the popular opinion, my vote is for the skirt. where did you get it??

    FROM SK: I bought it at By George across from Whole Foods in Austin.

  29. oh stephanie–how can you do this to yourself? Have 47+ people tell you how you look, and some be mean about it? Oy, you've got balls! (This is my first post:)

  30. You've got great legs!
    Buy a trimmer/tighter skirt, not that poofy style that makes anyone look a size or so larger.
    In my humble op, your tresses could use a wee trim.
    Keep those ends healthy, and even.

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