flashing back to flash forward

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I so pinned this trend down first. Ok, not so much that I wore a costume or stood in line for a midnight screening (yes, they actually show television shows on the big screen here in Austin, thank you Alamo Draft House). And granted, to me "Lost" and Flash Forward were one in the same. The alphabet has 2009 plans for a companion show for "Lost," titled "Flash Forward," based on the book by the same name, the very same that I mentioned last September. Congratulations to the author, Robert J. Sawyer (whom I’d congratulated long before the deal was in the works). We do love our Sawyer, don’t we? When the hell is Lost back on, anyway? Fringe just ain’t the same. At all. The key to good drama is knowing a whole lot of backstory and keeping it. Knowing just when to reveal to the audience what the creator/writers already know is what holds our interest. We want so much, on our own, to guess, to figure it out, to solve things so they make sense. It’s what we do in our everyday lives, though, here, we’re only left with flash backs, not the ability to flash forward.