liar liar $250 giveaway

hermes 071

Congratulations to L of the blog Love This Life. She’s won an Hermes twilly scarf for spreading the Moose love by embedding one of the Moose trailers on her site. These scarves make beautiful bracelets, headbands, and um, very sexy blindfolds… you know, for when you need your rest while traveling to holiday weekend weddings this summer. Congratulations L.

Next up, if you’d like a chance to win a $250 visa gift card, all I ask is that you lie. That is, click on over to Divine Caroline (where you’ll need to register, free) and submit a lie you’ve told at some point in your life, including perhaps what motivated you to lie, what was the payoff? Did you learn anything from it–you know, aside from the fact that the whole business of not being able to look someone in the eye while lying is a complete lie unto itself?