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“Do you have a favorite accent?” a friend recently asked. As I took a moment to chew the cud, she responded, “Spanish. Definitely.”
“Like who?”
“Antonio or Enrique. Latin men are controlling, which is ridiculously sexy.” I cannot help, at this moment, to think of a matador of a man in a red button-down shirt, leading his lady across a mirrored dance studio, unfurling her as if he’s through, only to snap her back to him, commanding their next purposeful step. “I just can’t date them. Way too many of them worried so much about how they appeared to the world, instead of how they appeared to me.”
“Yeah, that’s not so much a Latin thing," I assured her. "It’s a coward thing.”
“No, it’s a Latin thing, trust me. I’ve dated enough of them. There are exceptions to any rule, of course, but–”
“Damn, if only the Wasband spoke with a Spanish accent, I would have been so far ahead of the game.”
“What’s your fav?”
“If only character came with an accent. It’d be the ultimate relationship resume and a great tell."
"Oh, all right. British. Men or women. I’d take either. Anything out of their mouth sounds brilliant. They could ask for a napkin, and I’d want to make out on the spot.”



  1. How about Brazilian/ Portugese accents? So sexy!

    Meanwhile, me with my Dutch accent here in London; all the Brits think I am either German or a total dyke..

  2. It's so true. I'm fascinated by accents in general, but British accents are incredible. They have a way of making me melt. The operator at a client of mine has a British accent, and I love calling there because I get to hear her voice. I wonder if Americans are the only ones obsessed with British accents, or are there other countries who'd love to hear British accents all day.

  3. …which is, ironically, something a British man would likely never say. In Britian, napkin= sanitary napkin. Nappy= diaper. And serviette= table napkin. Augh those crazy, sexy Brits!

  4. I love British accents definitely. But the Liverpool accent numero uno! In second place the Parisian accent, note that I say Parisian because the French Canadian accent isn't very appealing to me, it's hard! I recently met a couple from France and they're accent was definitely sexy.

  5. All I have to say on this topic is: Colin Firth. I'm so in love with him (or am I really just in love with F. D'Arcy?). Either way, I wouldn't kick him out of my bed for eating crackers. And my husband is fully aware of this fact. Oi! Oi! Oi!

  6. The British accent. Therein lies the real reason I went to grad school in the UK. I exaggerate zero percent.

    On the downside, when you're in an argument, you really don't want your husband to sound like Simon Cowell. Because, even when he isn't, he sounds full of conceit and he's talking down to you.

  7. p.s. 2 comments:

    as to the British thing, I’m currently reading "Yummy Mummy"… if anyone is looking for post "Moose" reading material. Cute.

    also, Moose is NOT easy to find in my neck of the woods (New Haven area)…I have been very surprised that it isn't prominently displayed ANYWHERE I've been. That sucks.

  8. Sign me up on the Irish brogue team! I had a filthy fling with an Irish guy and it makes for hto memories. Also, when I studied abroad in Australia I was clearly in a land filled with sexy boys with sexier accents. But the best thing that happened? I heard–more than once–that MY American accent was sexy. Say whaaaaa?! That's right. It still cracks me up. I think the rest of the world agrees that it doesn't sound hot at all, but for those 6 months I was it.

  9. I'm on the Brit bandwagon, but oh – a deep, southern drawl…like Georgia…when that voice just trickles down like warm honey all over…magnolia trees and sweet tea…darlins' and ma'ams…fireflies and that delicious hot, hot heat.

  10. the southern accent totally does it for me! my ex was from Alabama. unfortunately, we don't come across that accent too often here in Miami. The guy from Friday Night Lights (Kyle Chandler) has got to have the sexiest accent and voice out there!!!

  11. Even though Im from the south and have a slight drawl myself I detest southern accents on men. It actually makes me cringe.
    You'd think I'd like southern accents since my dad sounds so southern he sounds cajun sometimes, but nooooo…Australian accents though…slurrrrp.

  12. Southern accents make me melt! Along with the manners they are taught from birth…I never opened a door or lit a cigarette when I dated a man from Mississippi. Another plus….he kissed like he had all the time in the world and did everything else with what seemed like deliberate ease…must be the heat, makes a man take his time…yum!

  13. I think the combination of Texas/TN accent is the most amazing sound in the world. It's the same drawl as a Texan with a slightly quicker cadence, and a hint of the Nashville twang… combine it with a deep voice and I'm sold.

  14. British? No way. I lived in Europe for half a decade – I went there with a love of all things British, but after living in a country that they used, poorly, as their playground, I saw what they're really like. That accent makes me cringe, now. Trust me, ladies – if you let a Brit out of your sight, or to travel with the boys, he gets trashed and makes a beeline for the brothels. And they tend to strip all their clothes off and run naked down the streets. True story.

  15. Ummmm…..give me a man with a nice Irish Brogue any day – A la Bono or Colin Farrel. Oh my, I could die a happy girl.

  16. I always wanted to date a guy with a yummy accent. And then I briefly dated a South African, which was fine, in person, but over the phone I never had the foggiest clue what he was saying.

  17. I'm betting "Appalachian/Hill Billy" ranks low.

    Accent schmaccent, give me the deep, deep baritone, the kind you feel vibrate all the way down…to the toes.

  18. Australian and Scottish. Frickin' amazing. I don't mind southern accents on men, but have a really hard time with them on women, not sure why that is.

  19. last tango in paris – i love maria schneider's frenc accent when she speaks english

  20. rp was with all the wrong boys, i mean all the boys here (in the UK) do get trashed, sometimes taking their clothes off too, but not brothels – they're just not that brave really!

    & Elli We do so say napkin, or serviette, for table napkins. Sanitary towels are NEVER called sanitary napkins forgodsakes, where did you get that from?! We don't speak the same language at all do we.

  21. My design teacher was british. And 20 years my senior, but things like that don't matter when the accent comes into play. By trying to impress him, I ended up impressing other faculty members and got a great design job!
    Brits all the way.
    (Straight teeth are so overrated)

  22. HelenSparkles: I wasn't with any Brits, I was too put off by their behavior on holiday, especially when their girlfriends and wives weren't around. And oh, they certainly were brave enough for the brothels. I lived in Prague and I saw the crowds of them entering the local brothels, as well as negotiating with the prostitutes on the street, every single night.

  23. "Ciao Bella" in an Italian accent. Together the way they look at you like you are the only woman alive. Molto SEXY!

  24. French. I "dated" a french guy. He drove a Citroen, had too much hair, dirt under his nails (mechanic) and never listened to a word I said. But, oh the sex. He was really more of a FB than a boyfriend.

  25. British is extremely broad, but I know what you mean. Definitely not Bemmy. People from the Bedminster district of Bristol, have Bemmy accents, and they sound like uneducated thugs. But Edinburg Scotland? Yummy. Australian – Yes, mate! Irish – I'm all aquiver. But I really don't like South African accents. Or Canadian. How silly, I have an accent! I'd hate to be judged by someone based on my accent, in whatever language I'm speaking. I was once told by a Russian woman, to whom I was speaking in Russian, that I have a Ukrainian accent. I thought that was hillarious. I was totally unaware that my spoken Russian is tinged with Ukrainian. (The American-English version would be like someone from Louisiana, y'all.)

  26. Scottish. Perhaps that's because I just got back from Scotland. Oh, and French. A prep school, Oxford educated, blue blazer, striped tie English accent is absolutely disarming. Then again, it's not the accent but how you wield it. I'd never cared for Southern accents until I met a guy with the most amazing Louisiana accent. Warm and sugary—it was polished perfection.

  27. stephanie, normally i love you but this is one strange post. when you think of latin men, you picture a matador doing tango? for real? and the opinion you have a british people they often have of themselves. but if you're ever unlucky enough to get accustomed to their accents, well, let's just say you won't be so easily impressed.

  28. Hmm..British and Aussie. And maybe Irish. And if we are talking about listening to another language..definitely Portuguese!

  29. Definitely Scottish! Not to mention they have the driest wit and wickedest sense of humor I have experienced. MMmmmm

  30. I once dated a guy from the Mississippi Delta who said "oil" like "aaawl" and "Iowa" like "aah-wa," and I turned to butter whenever he talked. Maybe it was the accent; maybe it was his deep, slow voice, which made me think of other things that are deep and slow.

  31. Thanks for the teeth comment Blonde Daisy, we do soooo hope other attributes win out. & apologies rp, you had some bad company, and observed some crap men – a universal description not (unfortunately) limited to British men. aicha will also find that some British people are just fine, and don't think our accent makes us any old thing, until you tell us it does of course! I guess Stephanie's post is a generalisation so I should accommodate them more easily but sanitary napkin just was a step too far!

  32. hels, imagine being an american in grad school in england where most people think like stephanie: brits sound more intelligent even if their talking complete hogwash. fun times.
    just a little scarred, perhaps. that said, about 20% of my inner circle is brits, and i'm sure you're lovely!!

  33. Before moving to London a few years ago, I use to be completely seduced by the sound of an English accident. However, now that I live here — their accents no longer have the same effect on me — especially the cockney and northern accents — complete rubbish! However, the toff accent (think Hugh Grant) is still somewhat appealing.

  34. I'm going to have to go with the South African accent… kind of a twist of the british accent with a little southern twang. I know it sounds weird, but seriously I could listen to it for hours!

  35. Ugh… having traveled a bit I'm gong to have to list a few favorite accents 1)Irish 2) Austrailan 3) British… sigh

  36. OTT but I want to let you know that I went to Barnes & Noble in Houston and 3 copies of Moose were on display on the new arrival table in the Biography section.

  37. Eleni — I had the same experience once . . with a Frenchman! I would have thought the French would have found this girl with her Oklahoma-accented French undeniably uncouth, but I was meeting with this guy, who was soooooo handsome, I couldn't believe it — when he told me, "Your accent is so charming." I said what, that's impossible!!! But he was literally blushing, it was clear it was doing something to him. I about fell out of my chair!!! I do believe we went on to conduct our "very important international business." But I will never forget that!

    As for the British accent. . . I used to find it charming but for some reason for the past few years, it has totally turned me off. I do think it is related to the Prague stag parties, the images of the drunken soccer hooligans, etc. Sorry to say but British men are getting a lot of bad press these days! (Although I agree Hugh Grant and Colin Firth any day!!!)

  38. It's amazing how excited we get for accents, isn't it? I'm completely fascinated by any of them but when it comes to indiscriminately melting into a puddle at the sound of a fellow's voice, I'm for the Irish, too. My fascination with those boys has gotten me into trouble – i.e., an Irish coworker who turned out to be a complete dick – and more recently brought me great joy. My boyfriend is from Cork, and I half wonder if he's ever said anything mean or stupid in the whole time we've been together. I probably wouldn't have noticed.

  39. Emilie: I'm from the Mississippi Delta…and believe me, its a VERY small place. AS for the deep and low, well, i'll refrain. Hee hee…

  40. Forget the Brits. Give me some New England accent anyday. Hubby lost his accent less than a year after moving out to the Pacific NW :(

  41. It's making me laugh how many people, Stephanie included, are chiming in here about how they love "British" accents, which makes no sense at all. Great Britain is composed of more than one country and a multitude of accents. Do you mean English accents?

    Saying you are fond of "British" accents makes no more sense than saying that your favourite is "North American" accents, which range from Texas to Newfoundland.

  42. Talking about stereotypes? Not all latinos are controlling. Sure, they are many out there, but generally they are wonderful, and respect women (their opinions, careers, etc.), and,I must say, have a unique 'charm'.

  43. YES!!! Fist pump! I love a man with a Brittish accent, actually all of the Brittish Isles: Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England… They are always yummy! But I wouldn't turn down a sexy Spanish accent either.

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