if Marianne had a blog

The problem of course with non-fiction stories of one’s life, is that it can’t always be tidied into a bundle of joy. It cannot begin poorly, then circumstances only worsen until our heroine ultimately gets all she deserves and all she’d ever dreamed possible. This can happen in stories of sisters, stories of love, two that begin hating each other, where there are misjudgments and wrongful assumptions, eventually all brought to life, prompting her to run to him (always in the rain), to lose her composure, and he won’t need an explanation. This is the way it happens in tales, in novels where stubborn is softened, where well-meaning stops meddling.

Life is sad when it doesn’t end up as we’ve imagined it for ourselves. In the books, these women who swooned and lived with passion, ultimately suffered from their grand illusions, usually falling in love with the idea of love, too fast. From their suffering always arises a new view, more compassionate, sensible. Not as fast to judge, to be as hard, open-minded, looking for someone gentle, someone noble, who’ll always care for her heart. Who’ll always adore her.

Let us take Marianne from Sense & Sensibility. Now that she’s married to The Colonel Brandon, what truly is her temperament? She plays her piano forte. He still adores her, gets her all the things she’d ever hoped for, hopes to bring her every happiness. If she had a blog, she’d be writing how she still thinks of Willoughby.



  1. I adore this blog, i actually have thought this many times, love the movie, even love the ending but we all know what the girls thinking because that my friend would be real life.

  2. I'd like to think if Marianne had a blog, she would work through those issues, concentrate and feel all the love she has in her own home, and get beyond it. Knowing how powerful our minds can be; and that we have the choice of what we allow ourselves to dwell on. (Always the hopeful romantic)


  3. I love how you find topics which resonate with me. Thank you.

    Buying MOOSE today!

  4. I'm still picturing what you said at your reading in New York about the jazz singer you met- "Her voice was like the inside of a kiss"


    Wonder how many calories are in that?

  5. What a GREAT analogy. I love the idea of Marianne Dashwood having a blog. "Today Elinor was SUCH a bitch. She stole my bonnet and then denied it".

  6. I actually squeaked when I read this. I am a total bookworm, rediculously so, and how many times have I closed a book, and
    sighed, hating that my time with the character has ended. I often speculate about if they were real, where would life take them next. As for being sad with the way life ended up so far, I have been known to mutter that THIS IS NOT THE LIFE I ORDERED. Perhaps that is more appropriate for a souviner T-shirt or a Koozie, but everyone has their moments. However if I hadn't lived through all that I have by 35 I would hardly be the dry funny wit that I am. Hee Hee. So maybe sometimes
    life experience, good or bad, expands us and makes us better then we would have been without the twist and turns in our journey.

    I always wondered if Lady Brett Ashely and Jake Barnes,(from The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway) stayed together as friends. Is there no more Poignant or questioning ending then when Lady Ashley says "Oh Jake we could have had such a good time together" and Jake replies "Isn't it pretty to think so"
    And the book closes with that. Hmmph.

  7. Love Moose–thank you. Do you still pick your scalp–i still do..when in grammer school a bunch of girls noticed my bald spots and would write "the disease" on every blackboad in every class–god girls are awful…

  8. I beg to differ; Elinor would NEVER steal her bonnet.
    She'd borrow it and then return it all washed and ironed and probably with some new trimming on it! :0)

    I think Marianne WOULD work through all those issues with Willoughby. It might take her some time, but eventually she would see what a cad and gold digger he really is. Even tho he looked on from afar as she got married, he still didn't have the cajonas to declare his love for all to see and she would realize that.

    I think she truly does fall in love with the Colonel.

    Great topic!

    I bought Moose yesterday and am about 100 pages in; LOVE it!

  9. Umm, not that anyone cares, but I forgot the Damn as in "Damn good time together" from Lady Ashley's quote.

  10. If she had a blog someone would comment she's self absorbed, doesn't care about the environment and pretentious.

    Just picked up MOOSE. Thank you for writing such a wonderful memoir and letting us into your life.

  11. Hi,

    I'm almos finished with Moose and I've really enjoyed it, it's made me remember some great things about my childhood (and some disturbing things too). It's really taken me back to those awkward years. fun times.

    This post is my biggest fear – do i continue to wait along for my prince charming, the man of my dreams or settle for my Colonel Brandon? (did Marianne settle? has always been up for debate)do i spend my life waiting for someone that may never come or accept someone just because I don't want to end up alone? Is alone worse than setling? Will I be happy with Mr. Ok or will I continue to think of my Willoughby?

    God, i need drink

  12. If Jane Austen had a blog it would most likely be her venting about egshell vs. taupe.

    Just finished MOOSE. It changed the way I feel about my adolescence. That is a rare gift. thank you.

  13. My mama told me the most important thing about choosing a man is finding one who loves you more than you love him. Oh. And one who won't embarrass you at the Christmas Ball.

    There are Willoughby's aplenty out there, and they need to be someone else's husband.

  14. I'm surprised no one has brought up Darcy vs Wickham! I'm only 21, but man, I'm getting restless (not desperate, yet)-and this is just the beginning!

    To the comment above about settling, I am about to quote some wise words spoken by Betty in UGLY BETTY. I think it's when she was deciding between Walter and Henry and her sister Hilda tells her she should settle down. Betty asks, "Am I settling down? Or just settling?"

    Truer words have never been spoken.

    I can't wait to buy Moose and I hope I can make it to your LA signing.

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