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When I think of adults, I think of the smell of newspaper, of briefcases, and buttondown shirts. They drink strong coffee, own a trenchcoat, and have more than one key. They plan for inclement weather and always have the time.

I sleep on the floor at the airport.



  1. Random Q: Is the picture on the cover of your book actually you or just a random child?

  2. About 12 years ago I found myself working as a tech support person, commuting back and forth between Denver and Austin, and I came to detest two things I used to love: airports and laptops. I'd navigate from one end of the airport to the other end, which is where my gate inevitably was, lugging my gianourmous laptop case, which was always overstuffed, and try to avoid hitting all the other tech support people who were lugging their own laptops as we all raced (slowly) for the concourse like a bunch of greyhounds loaded down with backpacks. You could have easily picked me out of the crowd: I was a woman, I was short, I was out of breath and I was cursing like a sailor. I never feel like a grownup in airports. Sigh.

  3. I'm jealous. I have been travelling quite a bit for work lately and always want to sleep on the floor at the airport. Unfortunately, I have to travel with co-workers who resemble grown-ups.

  4. This comment is slightly out of place for this post, but I have nearly finished Moose after scooping it up first thing on Tuesday, and I just have to say, it's wonderful. It has brought back so many memories from adolescence and gives me such a sense of relief that I was not alone in all these experiences.

    (I was never overweight, but did have an eating disorder, was never cool enough for the cool kids, but felt like I deserved better than the AP nerds I was stuck with, took extra electives in order skip lunch to avoid the fact that being rejected by said cool kids and rejecting said nerds left me with very few friends, sought affection in all the wrong ways and places… could go on. You went to fat camp in the Berkshires, I found a community theater on the South shore where out of work actors in their early 20's were not beyond dating 16 year old girls and hordes of flaming gays pronounced me 'fabulous' among other cliches.)

    Thank you for (again) baring it all and sharing your experiences with the world. Looking forward to the signing at Columbus Circle!

  5. beth, your post was awesome…and made me think back to my own childhood. i've got to pick up moose…will read on flight home next week. can't wait.

  6. I cant seem to post a comment on your GMT interview post so I am putting it here. Great interview Stephanie and you look wonderful, just one bit of constructive criticism… You have to change the way you sit in a dress! Either cross your legs or put them together and to one side. The legs parted with dress tucked in between is extremely unflattering. I hope you don't take this the wrong way but it really detracted from your otherwise lovely appearance. Best of luck on the remainder of your tour!

  7. Just watched your video clip from Good Morning Texas…love to hear you talk about Moose and your adventures in fat camp. Looking forward to seeing you in DC. Just one bit of advice (i feel like a heal mentioning this) although there was nothing visible to the camera..you may want to think about keeping your legs together while sitting for your interviews. I was afraid that at any moment, you'd see a flash of green or pink or polka dots or something. Just lookin' out for ya!

  8. Hi Stephanie-

    The comment link is gone from the last post,
    and I'm wondering if everyone else is having trouble with the sound on the video, or is it just my crappy computer?

    You looked lovely, but (and I say this constructively) legs crossed was oh-so-much better.

    My copy of Moose arrived today and I'll be up half the night reading, I'm sure.

    Hoping the rest of your travels are trouble free!

  9. 2 Questions, both out of place.
    What the heehaw is a permalink?
    And since there wasn't a comments section on the post with your most recent interview, I have to ask you here Stephanie, where did you get that necklace? Love it!!!!

  10. The honest truth, everyone needs an airport horror story once in a while. The one where you lose your luggage, miss a flight, get rerouted. It makes you appreciate the ones on time even more (or so I tell myself every time i fly…) hopefully this will be your last encounter on the tour!!

  11. Watching the video from the morning show……….how about crossing your legs next time? You look awkwardly uncomfortable……….

    Just a thought.

  12. Stephanie, I got my copy of Moose yesterday and am already 1/3 of the way through. I can't put it down! I love it!!! I look forward to meeting you next Tuesday on Long Island!

  13. Stephanie, I mean this constructively: That dress and the way you were sitting in it was awful. What were you thinking??????

  14. Beth, your comment made me think of my own high school growing up.. It's funny how every school is different as at my high school, the AP and Honors kids were the POPULAR kids!! Strange, isn't it?

  15. Airports are all starting to look so much alike now that I sometimes forget whether I'm in O'Hare, Newark or Denver.

    I never sleep in them though. I just can't do it. I will hang out at an airport bar until it closes, or go get a hotel room.

  16. Good interview. Echoing above – Definitely cross your legs. And, wear a dress that doesn't wash out your skin (dark blue, green, anything would be better than something beige and blah.) It is a great necklace though…

  17. Just watched your video … It was lovely! :)

    Just one question: How do your parents feel with you openly talking on TV about them criticizing you.
    I admire your story and your forthcoming. And I'm not trying to say you should leave anything out to protect feelings! I just wonder how they take it… and did they ever apologize?

  18. Loved what you said and how you said it in the interview on TV. You looked radiant! I'm out to buy MOOSE!

  19. Agree with the others. The look for the interview wasn't very flattering. An awkward outfit (maybe more appropriate for a 22 year old going to a summer party) and posture deflected any semblance of polish or professionalism. As an adult, author, and mother, the dress struck me as totally out of place.

  20. Did anyone else read that Stephanie had driven all night and gone straight to the studio I thought you were great.

  21. I can't sleep in a public place. Ever. Good for you though. FWIW, I thought you looked great considering the circumstances.

  22. I think the trick to feeling like an adult in an airport is sunglasses, giant ones that allow for people watching or graceful sleep, or mysterious smirks at passengers who throw fits over delays. You can pair them very well with a mug of coffee (if you bring your own container you save on paper, and can have style that's greater than a paper cup allows), a novel or a newspaper.

    In any case, I think you're fully mature for handling all the stress of travel, and taking any necessary action to get to where you need to be. Any materials aside, that's what being grown up is all about.

  23. Your blog today is so funny – I had the same thoughts about you when you were on the news in Dallas. :) You're doing great.

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