My Thighs: The Other White Meat

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Not exactly kosher.


  1. Ha! I loved it! I can't wait to read Moose. Question: is it a book appropriate for my daughter who struggles with weight (16)? Did it do you more harm to have loving concern over your food choices? Would it have been better if they had let you eat whatever you wanted without comment or judgement, or would you have eaten more? I'm intrigued.

  2. Hmm…subtle , or not so, comments about your weight from relatives. Been there..*who am I kidding*..I am there still.

    I wish I can blame my Mum for cooking too much..or for not telling me when I overate. But I can't..apparently I'd demand to eat and even help myself to food when she said no.

    As I grow older ( or old even) I learn to SLOWLY (I'd underscore it and make it bold if I could) accept that I was meant to be on the big side…that I look best at 70 kilos and not 56. A guy I knew commented once that if I lost 10 more kilos ( I was dieting at the time) I'd look fantastic. I happened to get ill that year and lose 10 kilos. I ran into him a couple months later and he said I didn't look like me and I needed to put some weight back on as it 'didn't suit me'. can't please anyone so you may as well stop trying and concentrate on being the weight you are most comfortable with.

    P.S. Have you ever wanted or looked into getting Straight Up and Dirty translated into Greek? I'd love for a few friends to read it but their English is really bad to follow it (and I can't be translating bits of it forever).

  3. My favorite video yet! I also grew up in a jewish household and I am very familiar with the weird issues with food in the jewish culture. My thin mother would also prepare an abundance of food except she would insist that we eat and behave as if we didn't love her if we did not eat large amounts. I have not had problems with being overweight but have struggled through major problems with body image, and alternating bulimia and anorexia. Once I became pregnant I realized I needed to take care of my body not just for me but also for someone else now. Now I struggle with how to raise my son without imparting strange eating issues on him. Of course, grandma as sweet and loving as she is trys to insists he is hungry at the slightest hint of being upset and she thinks I don't feed him enough (he is 75% for his weight and 10% for his height) :)

    I can't wait to read Moose. I will be there on Tuesday in Austin!

  4. I think this and the last trailer you did are really great. You come across very well in both – authentic, honest, and kind. For me, they sell the book a lot better than the more comedic videos.

  5. Love it. And even better? I got an e-mail from Amazon saying they shipped the book. Woo hoo! Best of luck.

  6. Girl.. your relatives' comments and attitudes sound exactly like mine. *groan of solidarity.* I can't wait to read this book!

    "My thighs are the other white meat" made me laugh out loud.

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