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Hermes Holy crapjacks, that was seriously amazing. The response I received asking for volunteers to help fondle the chocolate (and guests) at all the events surrounding the Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp book tour have been incredible. Thank you all so much. I have my volunteers. I hope you’ll forgive the fact that I cannot respond to all the emails, just know that I’m seriously thankful and can’t wait to see each of you in person.

That said, I also want to share a little something with you, and maybe this is just the matchmaker in me, but every time I meet a man who’s single (via IM, email, or in person), I totally pimp the event out as a singles scene. I can’t help it. There are always plenty of single women at my readings, and what better way to celebrate the release of the Sex & The City movie than to point single men to a free event with a bunch of amazing women with which they’ll at least have a better "opener" than, "Are those real?"

So thank you, and I hope my efforts, in some small way, return the favor. Now I’m going to log on to and try to find some hotties to invite in each city. Okay, really I’m not. I’m going to instead go feed the taters some lasagna. But if you’ve ever for a second thought about doing online dating, and were a little nervous about going for it, use my reading and recommendation as your motivation. Have him meet you at the reading and go grab drinks afterward (never commit to breaking bread on a first meet-up).

As for the mamas and papas out there who cannot find a babysitter or whose babies’ bedtime happens during one of the events, bring ’em with you. My kids will be there! Well, at least that’s true of Austin, NYC, Long Island, and possibly LA. Besides, if they scream, I can scream over them. I’ve got a big mouth.

Ooh, and as for the prize for putting this video up on your site, one lucky winner (selected at random on June 4, so there’s still time) will have his/her pick of one of these Hermes silk twilly scarves!:


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