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See all the photos of the kids, of Phil, of the grandparents, and yes, of me too. Or three. Or forty.



  1. I love all the pics! Did your parents and Phil's go to Fredericksburg? What is cut into that cactus plant? Jacke?

    FROM SK: JACKS… it was that store that sold a candle that smells like… wait for it… rawhide. There was another that smelled like… a field boy. I'm not kidding.

    My dad and Carol came in March. Phil's Mom and Ted came in April. Phil and I went to Fredericksburg with the taters.

  2. There are too many to compliment them all, but "nature's candy" steals the show. Beautiful family, Stephanie.

  3. A few closeups you got of Abigail almost made me teary– lovely. I am making notes on angles. etc. I can try shooting photos of my sweet pea. The photos you captured of the beans and your family really show just how loved they are. It's beautiful. I really loved the black and whites of Abigail and grandpa – the wide angle shot and the one where they are off to the side of the photo – great layout. They not only have written documentation from you about their stages but they have amazing photographs too. Lucky kids.

    I think the shots of you were promotional shots, right? Obvs you found a good salon again. But you look different in those somehow. Gorgeous, but different than previous photos.

  4. You look beautiful in the pics where you labelled yourself a Cougar. Where'd you get that dress? I agree, you do look different, gorgeous still.

  5. The photos of you with your new book don't look like you. They look like you might after plastic surgery, like you but not you, like someone tried to "fix" what they perceived as your flaws (what the rest of us call facial features). The shots of you with Phil are so much better – they're YOU.

    Pretty beans!

  6. Just a question. Not a criticism, but the long fringe of hair over the forehead and into the eyes, especially on Abigail?

  7. You have the best hair. Even in pictures, it looks like it smells good and is always warm from sunshine. (is that creepy? Hmm…)

  8. Carol – Babies grow hair funnily. Sometimes the top grows faster than the bottom, and depending on cowlick, may grow in crazy directions until they have enough to really control it. I think it's part of a babies charm to have cute funky hair. At least they are not bald! I am sure once it grows out, she will have beautiful hair just like her momma.

  9. Geez, soo many people over-analyzing your pics.. I'm just soo glad you shared them w/us and what a beautiful family!!

  10. I love the sweep of long hair in Abigail's face. It's so cute. My fave photo is the one of Lucas with his grandmother where she is pointing. I love his look of concentration, like he's thinking, "Yeah, I see it. And I'm thinking about it." Love all the pics.

  11. What lovely little people your children are! How sweet that we get to see them grow from "beans" to "tater tots." Thank you for sharing pics with us; they brightened an already-dreary morning for me.

    And you look HOT! :)

  12. Indeed. Baby hair is crazy. My little one was born with a full head of it, then lost all but a fringe above the ears at about 6 weeks. Allopecia? Nah, just baby. Now his hair is thicker than mine.
    Stephanie, great pictures of the little ones. They're adorable.

  13. Sallie.. all you are seeing is a change in makeup products.

    Love the pictures of you, Phil, and the kiddos!

    Your hair is fabulous!

  14. Flickr's blocked at work, but I will say that the ones I can see here on the site make my uterus hurt- those are some seriously adorabel munchkins. Also, I'd be willing to trade six months off my lifespan if my long red curly hair ever looked half as good as yours.

  15. Really? Then I like the old makeup.

    I figured it out. The new makeup makes you look a lot like Meryl Streep, who is LOVELY, but isn't you. You should look like you, if that makes any sense. Be your own lovely. Not hers.

  16. Love comes shining through on these pics! And Stephanie you are one hot mama! You will kick arse on your book tour. So sad you didn't include Denver, CO on your tour. Maybe next time….

  17. you only look more gorgeous as you become more comfortable with yourself!! beautiful!

  18. hey Stephanie, haven't posted in ages, but just had to say you look fantastic. You look awesome in black, it contrasts your red hair fabulously.
    Love your hair all curling iron'd/curlers' up. I wish my curly hair would do that, but I can't, bc it's relaxed, and then the curling iron doesn't take to it. So I wind up going to Dominican hair salons in Queens to have them do the rollers, only then it works!
    The best to you and your beautiful family! xo

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