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Roseder_400x279 I’ve become the chick that screams at the TV. I now hate the name Rose. I hate flowers and boxes of chocolate. I hate his eyes. I hate the phrase "I love him." I hate how attached I’ve become, how I want so much to stop watching but I can’t pull myself away. It’s like Miles of Chocolate. All because of anticipation and hope. Hoping so so much that Derek and our girl Grey will find their way back to each other. I cannot deal. I don’t want to think of the possibilities of them not being together because, in the end, all any of us want is a happy ending.

And yet. If Derek and Meredith were together now, I’d never watch the show. It’s all I’m rooting for. And I suppose anticipation really is better than the getting. Because once Rose goes away–which she will–we’re meant to see how much Meredith can change, how much they can each improve without each other, so they’re finally ready to be together. Which, I suspect, will leave us all a little annoyed. Like, that’s it? We suffered through all of that for this?

So as much as I throw a fit, there wouldn’t be much to look forward to if they were happily ever after. You know, aside from baby pictures and seeing how Meredith would juggle being a mother and a surgeon. At least the Sex & The City movie is coming. Another thing that’ll turn me into a psycho screaming at the screen.



  1. I really enjoyed the first two or three seasons of GA…but it's so boring lately. I'm tired of the Meredith/McDreamy saga…they are both idiots.

    HOLLA to the Sex & the City movie!

  2. McDreamy looked pretty impressed by Meredith's 'saving lives' research. He will probably chase her now. Cheech (of Cheech & Chong)was rather funny with his broken ankle.

  3. I am so freakin excited about the Sex and The City movie!! That has made me scream at the screen on a few occasions. I will soooo NOT be happy if Carrie and Big don't make it to the alter.

    I checked out Lipstick Jungle when it was airing and liked it … into it for a while, not Cashmire Mafia though. But nothing will replace SATC!

    I have never watched Grey's. Sounds like I should check it out!

  4. I lost interest in this show when the George and Izzy thing was going on, which I believe was before the writer's strike. When it came back on after the break LOST was on at the same time and I can in no way miss LOST. I just can't get back into it. I tried to watch some last night but it's really the same boring story lines every week. At least I think so…

    Comments on LOST?

    Anyway, VERY excited for SATC movie!

  5. I never watched this show and some reason never wanted to. I finally jumped on the Lost bandwagon and am glad I did but refuse to make time for GA. My aversion to it is weird, like the way I used to avoid having any of my food touch on a plate when I was little.

    Or maybe it's because I just find Ellen Pompeo pinched and unpleasant. It's not fair to let one person ruin what might be a perfectly good show. I suspect people do this though. I have the same aversion to Keira Knightly. I won't see any movie she's in -not even Atonement which got great reviews. That weird mouth thing she does is weird and distracting. She puffs her mouth out all of the time. Freaky.

    And re: the SATC movie. Excited! My husband refused to see it so I'll see it solo. In an interview Cynthia Nixon said a character dies. Speculation is that it's BIG (heart problem). That would really suck.

  6. I've been reading that the writers of GA have assured that Meredith and Derek will be reunited by the end of the season. However, I think it's because they're trying to reel everyone back into the show after the long break. I was an avid fan of the first couple seasons, but my interest has been waning. I watched last night hoping that it would suck me back in like the early days. Can't say I was completely impressed, but I suppose I'll watch a couple more episodes and see what happens…

    Can't wait for the SATC movie! Hope it's all its hyped up to be!!!

  7. I'm so excited for the SATC movie – it's ridiculous. It's like seeing old friends for a reunion – except better. I, for one, hope that they redeem themselves from the ending of the series where Carrie ends up all cozy with Mr. Big – it made me sad that they portrayed 'happiness' and 'success' as everyone settling down in their nest with their respective life partners. What about those of us who are awesome on our own!?

    Can hardly wait. This weekend (in theory), I'm going to the movies – I want to see 3 of them that the darlings won't. Popcorn! Diet Coke! Quiet Please!

  8. As soon as I saw the name Rose, before even looking at the picture, I knew I had to stop reading, because I hadn't seen yesterday's episode of Grey's yet. Now, that I have, oh gosh, I so agree! I would have agreed before this episode as well, because she is so annoying. Just hearing the name Rose makes me shudder on the inside. But I do remember from the times when Mer & Der were actually together that those episodes were usually more boring, so I suppose it is true that anticipation is just more fun.

  9. Of course the SATC movie releases right around the time Moose comes out, so I've had it arranged that Hardcover copies of my book will be given out to a few movie-goers on the opening day of the SATC movie in NYC.

    I love to love it, and cannot wait! Ideally I'd be able to see it with my NY girls, but I don't know how much free time I'll have when I'm there.

  10. I'm with you. I can't stand them being apart and yet if they were together, I wouldn't watch. I'd be bored of it. But damn that Rose! I love that Meredith's sister is stealing from the hospital to decorate her apartment :)

  11. Thank you for turning me on to Miles Of Chocolate. I'm a caterer and would love to use their products for large events. Yum and fun!

  12. And what is with Izzie? Why has she turned into a dumb blonde on the show? I hate that.

  13. Where did you hear about Miles Of Chocolate?! Perfect MOOSE and SATC snackers!

  14. I'm totally with you on the whole Mer/Der situation.

    And SATC. I'm pumped, but scared that it's not going to live up to my expectations, you know? Like they all left on such a high note, I don't know if I want to know how things turned out.
    (I talk about this like they are real people and not characters on a tv show!)

  15. I so agree with ATX…Keira Knightly won't smile because her lower jaw juts out, and it's unattractive, and Ellen Pompeo doesn't have much range, in my opinion…also agree that Izzie has become too strange. The most appealing character is Meredith's sister. George used to be cute but isn't now. And Yang has gotten so pushy and unsympathetic. At least Alex's "thing" with that amnesiac seems to be over. Back to you, critics.

  16. I saw an article with Michael Patrick King and he said the "Death" is not of a main character and is actually somewhat funny.

  17. Jaime,
    How could you not watch GA on account of LOST? They are on the same station… ABC does both so they can't be on at the same time!!!

    I am SUPER excited about SATC!! I love that show :)
    As far as GA I've been a fan from the beginning and while it's probably not what it was in the beginning I am still drawn to it. I desperately want Mer and Der together, but yelling at the TV will work in the mean time :)

  18. ugh, i hate rose too! and she's so cute and nice and sweet and i just … ugh…don't like her! anywho…i thought GAs comeback sucked ass…..BUT i am looking forward to next week's show. how about addison asking meredith if she's really letting him go?! there's still hope!

  19. Grey's lost me with the whole Meredith dying and coming back to life thing. Is it wrong that I hoped that she might actually stay dead? Yes, yes, very wrong…

    That being said, how freaking awesome has Lost gotten lately? LOVE IT! Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

  20. I love Grey's Anatomy! I'm glad it's back and not at the same time as Lost. Two of my "must watch" shows. Romantic tension is the spice of GA. I agree that it's not as good as it used to be. Starting and ending the episode with a trip to her therapist reminded me of many episodes of The Sopranos. I wonder if they did it on purpose as a homage to the Sopranos?

  21. PLS – Didn't they show in the previews that Alex's amnesiac girl is back and is pregnant???

    I'm so glad that others think the same thing I do about Keira Knightly. She annoyed the living crap out of me in Love Actually – she's always got her mouth open.

  22. amanda b- I guess I missed the preview – oh drat if she's back. Sometimes I just can't understand what the casting director is seeing that I don't.

  23. I am truly at a loss as to why everyone hates Rose. Explain please. Annoying? She has barely had enough screen time to even be considered annoying. She has been nothing but nice and sweet, and she's actually good looking. She's the complete opposite of Meredith, which is a good thing. Meredith is the worst thing about Grey's. She's annoying, obnoxious, a complete whore, and ugly to boot. I think it's totally unbelievable that someone as charming, good looking, and intelligent as McDreamy would be that into her. McDreamy should have stayed with Addison, and Burke needs to come back. And that plot line with Izzy and George was also completely unbelievable and obnoxious. Yet I still watch this show.

    Look at me being so passionate about fictional characters! I should probably get a life… :-) Go Derek and Rose!

  24. Crystal V:
    I don't know, maybe I am Lost…actually I was thinking of the Office, I know that's on NBC at 9pm and I have been watching that over GA.

  25. By the dates that you recently posted, it looks like you are doing a book signing on the night of the SATC comes out. In Miami….now I don't know what to do!

  26. Yay for the shout out for Miles of Chocolate! Once you've had it there's no going back to any other chocolate on the planet.

  27. Screw Rose and her stupid little button nose. I'm also a little over Callie & Dr. Put-the-lotion-in-the-basket Hahn. Give me some drama people! Izzy & Denny drama – not this weepy Meredith/McDreamy crap.

    And bring on SATC. I need it.

  28. Jaime,
    Ah I see, I was just a little confused. I don't watch Lost, but I did know it was on ABC.
    My guy loves The Office … we DVR both GA and The Office so that we can both have our favorite shows :)

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