bratfest at stephanie’s

It was bound to happen. So now it’s out of the way. I grabbed a handful of your hair and chopped it off. Better now than when you’re eight and on the verge of a bratfest. It’s hideous, and I’m sorry. You wouldn’t sit still, and, um, all I had handy were eyebrow trimming scissors. Had your father done this, and I’d come home to see your hair the way it is now–basically a mullet–I’d have shrieked, and quite possibly, mentioned a trailer park or Dairy Queen. You’ve got bangs where you shouldn’t have bangs. It’s horrendously uneven, but if I try to even it out.. well, we all know what happens when mama tries to even things out, don’t we? She gains five pounds and finishes the whole damn pie. So I’m walking away. At least you’re still smiling, even if you do have summer teeth (sum’er here and sum’er there).

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  1. Relax :). Mommy-haircuts don't make a difference when the kid is this cute. (love "summer teeth"!)

  2. I am laughing my ass off!! No worries, she's still just dreamy – such a beauty.

    I remember when I took my sweet baby son in for his first haircut – right after someone at the grocery store admired his lovely golden ringlets and complimented my 'sweet girl'.

    I teared up as those golden ringlets fell to the ground…but boy do they grow back. Now that he's 6'4 and nearly 18 years old – his hair is looooong – won't let me come within 50 yards of it.

  3. You could chop her hair in all different directions and it still wouldn't matter because you can't ruin those gorgeous eyes.

  4. Trailer Parks rejoice, they've found their goddess :)

    That little girl can rock any 'do you give her-intentional or not. If you don't believe me, bring her along to Brooklyn when you come up this way, she'll fit right in with the city kids. She's got that confident appeal which resonates through whatever outfit or haircut is worn by her that day. Well done, actually!

  5. I have to thank you because I was going to do that to my daughter.I decided to wait.It's hair. It will grow. Trust me she doesn't give a fig and just look at her perfect face.

  6. She looks precious! When I was about 5 and my younger sister was 3, I cut her bangs OFF. Right to the hairline. My mom called my grandmother in tears, and my grandmother told her that my aunt had done the same thing to my mom when they were little girls too. Hide the scissors…for the next 4-14 yrs.

  7. Just do as I do (when I am not so damned impulsive) and take them to the hairdressers. (Not saying she looks anything but lovely but hey, know the guilt we mothers place on ourselves.) She DOES look lovely… unbiased opinion.

    My most recent gaffe was when I finally convinced one twin daughter to cut off her bangs. Did it. She was upset and cried :( (10 years old, has an opinion).

    Twin 2 decides she wants to look and comfort twin 1 and tells me to cut her bangs off too…

    Yeah they both hated it and did it out of love. Can I be really evil and admit I LIKE them with bangs? ;)

    Lesson learned? Never cut your kids hair. Leave it to the professionals. That way they can BLAME THEM. :)

  8. Stephanie, she looks just gorgeous and also so proud of her new hair style – such a cute little baby girl.

  9. Stephanie, what sort of processing did you do to those pics before posting them? Are you photoshop crazy like so many people, or…? Abigail's coloring is so pretty, with her rosy cheeks, porcelain skin and blue eyes..I am just curious. She looks just like a little doll, Mommy haircut or not. Do you guys get asked about whether or not you plan on having more kids? And if you were asked, what would you answer? (Was that just me trying to ask without commiting some serious but unbeknownst to me faux pas? I'll let you decide..)

  10. Abigail is gorgeous. Usually after a first haircut, the hair will have a growth spurt, then you can even it out. But it looks good in the photos, cooler for the summer.

  11. Give it a week or two, and it will look fine. She's still adorable, no matter what's on her head. :)

  12. When I was 5, I had beautiful, thick, long brown hair. Well, mom decided to give me a little trim…and then a little more…and then a little more…until she finally had to take me to the hairdresser's for a pixie cut. I refused to go to Kindergarten the next day and was really embarrassed. Take comfort in knowing you did not do that to your child who remains incredibly cute and has no idea what you did to her hair. I actually think the cut is very sweet on her.

  13. I swear I just want to kiss her!! You're babies are so beautiful, I feel so happy for you-I'm remembering the post of when you drove yourself to the hospital when it was time to deliver-my how time flies..

  14. She's a charmer regardless of the hair. Don't sweat the small stuff! Hair grows. Memories like this are precious. Just save a lock of it and put in her baby book. I love looking at my baby book on occasion and I'm 47. :-)

  15. You're so freaking funny. No trailer park there though.
    You cannot mess up a lovely little face like that even if you tried.

  16. It could always be worst, my friend thought it would be a good idea to shaave her 9 month old sister's hair so it would grow faster, It didn't the poor girl had to go around with a mullet for a while.
    I like Abigail's cut and she is beautiful.

  17. what does a tornado in kansas and a divorce in mississippi* have in common? somebody's gonna be lose a trailer.

    nyck nyck, wise-guy, eh?

    *no guff…i'm from MS.

  18. How funny that someone should mention cutting her own hair. My sister and I STILL joke about the time we cut our bangs off completely ….hilarious!
    It grows back and it makes for a hell of a story :)

  19. Want to know what's trailer park and dairy queen?
    Saying summer teeth.
    Seriously, the only other person I have ever heard this expression from was straight up n' trailer park.

  20. Yeah I butchered Kellen's hair the first time I truly cut it. Trimmers. That's the secret.
    It isnt that bad either. It's hard cutting their hair at that age they move so quickly.
    She's beautiful, Stephanie.

  21. It's hard to believe how much these babies have grown. I just clicked on your "Abigail" index and looked back at all the posts. Precious.

    I like her haircut, it was getting a little too long before. Did Lucas get a haircut, too?

  22. Your post made me laugh. But seriously, I don`t believe that kids at that age worry about their hair. She looks so beautiful and I, personally, think it`s nice because you can see more of her sweet little face now.
    BTW, looking at your pictures makes me curious how my little babygirl will look when she`s at Abigails age. She`s just six month old now, but my, she`s growing so fast – and her hair too…

  23. i don't know if you'll find these tacky or too cute but here are some shirts for your little ones…

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