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  1. When I was very young, on a trip to disney world, my parents bought me an autograph book. I got one autograph from cinderella and when I got home I forged Mickey and all the rest.

    You look great there, I have curly hair as well but can never get it to behave like you seem to be able to!

  2. So sweet!

    I love your writing and this video makes it all so much more real. Can't wait for MOOSE.

  3. My memories of that age are equallyas embarrassing. I thre up on Glenn Grey in the lunchroom. Not pretty.

    Moose is ginna be awesome!

  4. You should do a series of these and also have your readers submit ones for you to post. Fun.

  5. I'll probably sound shallow for saying this, but my speakers are off (I'm actually in a meeting…teeheeheee)- but that ring is gorgeous. Looks kinda old-miner-like, or maybe an antique cushion cut??? Love it.

    love the idea of book trailers

  6. how do you get your hair to do that? i have hair a lot like yours – but more like the hair you have in the picture on your home page… the tight, natural curls.

  7. Pr-ordered and looking forward to the books release!
    :-) I know me though, my pre-order always gets here after my book store releases them. Which means one copy will be going in my Christmas box for one of my blogging girlfriends. (Your last book got a write-up from a girlfriend I gave it to for Christmas)

    Can't wait to read it!


  8. I stumbled upon another book trailer when browsing Amazon recently. I have no interest in buying the book Celebutantes, but I recognized the actress that played Taylor on the last few seasons of the O.C. I thought it was kind of funny, but I wonder how much they paid these actors to do a 2 minute clip? I think the 2 you've made are just as effective and a tad more authentic? relatable? I can't think of the exact word, but you get the idea.

    It's good marketing, although for fiction writers, I always liked the aspect of every single reader picturing the characters in different ways. Even for non-fiction writers. You know what the author looks like, but most people don't know the supporting players. Of course there are discriptions, but it's taking some of the fun out of visualizing the words and the people when you put a face to it up front like that. Now I'll be picturing Taylor Townsand if I ever read Celebutantes…but i probably won't. Problem solved!

    Have you given any thought to what your next project might be? I know i'm putting the horse b/f the cart, but Moose was always in the works, even during the early stages of SUAD, no? Have you pitched anything new, or begun writing bits of anything that might develop into something down the line? Are you going to focus on T.V. writing for a while? Perhaps a book about motherhood and how difficult it was for you to have the beans? Perhaps working on a third bean?

    Too many questions, i know. I'm avoiding taking a shower and going to work.

    FROM SK: I do have a third book in the works. That's all I'm saying for right now about that. It's gonna be gooooood, guilty pleasure good.

  9. I'm with Buffy. Your ring is gorgeous. Sorry I'm of the Manhattan type who ride the subway and look at all the women's left hands to gawk at their engagement and wedding rings… :) Have a great weekend. Can't wait to read book and you are truly gorgeous!

  10. I love your little laugh at the end. These videos are great marketing pieces. Can't wait for Moose!

  11. yeah….i see a little bit of a doublechin….did the medicla spa help you?

    From SK: Um, it's more like a triple chin. Get it right.

  12. Ewww…you don't have a triple chin. You look great.

    I love the notes. I wish I could find mine. I think they mainly consisted of that game where you figure out who your famous husband will be, weather you will drive a BMW or a semi…stuff like that.

    FROM SK: M.A.S.H
    (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House)
    I know it well. I kept everything! More of these videos to come peppered throughout the months, each will show me combing through the archives of my life, as I do here. And the triple chin comment was said in jest, because really, wtf? Who even cares?

  13. After my friends signed my yearbooks, I would go in after them and augment their comments. Particularly those of my crushes. (cringe)

  14. I love your video. I have a few of those autograph books stored away somewhere. I also have a collection of diaries, starting from probably 2nd or 3rd grade, that are basically catalogs of 1) my crush of the week, day or moment, 2) anything memorable (or, not really) that happened at school and 3) how I really, really, really needed to lose weight. Funny, yet sad.

  15. Loved your first book STRAIGHT UP AND DIRTY so much I gave it out as Christmans presents. Can't wait for MOOSE.

  16. Found your blog through Gawker and now i'm hooked. My boss will not be happy with today's productivity. I'll just blame you, ok?

  17. great clip – love your stuff…. and whomever Eleni is – she's a bitter fool. She belongs in hell with my ex mother in law..

    FROM SK: I don't think you mean Eleni but "oyvaygirl"

  18. When I was in 3rd grade I told Jackie Ward I had a crush on Steven Rose. First lesson I learned- There is no such thing as a secret in 3rd grade.

    Love your book!

  19. What a great site! I have so many questions but think I should email you directly.

    Your new fan…friend, Shana

  20. Love it! Can't wait for MOOSE! I'm so jealous that you still have all those diaries and keepsakes! Mine got destroyed when pipes exploded and flooded my parents house a few years back. I felt like I lost a part of myself when I lost all of those!

    p.s. A friend of mine wrote an article and its front page in this weeks LAWeekly entitled "How to get Divorced by 30"…. thought I should pass it along for you to check out!

  21. I just gave a girlfriend SUAD for her trip but more importantly I just pre-ordered Moose!! Can't wait!!

  22. I am so pre-ordering "Moose" on Amazon. I have "Straight up & Dirty" and loved it. Can't wait to see what you have planned next.

    And by the way, your hair is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

  23. This link was sent to me by a fellow blogger – that's some funny stuff, right there. I don't think I've ever augmented autograph books or yearbooks, but I remember analyzing the messages of my crush to see if there was any hidden meaning in them. Oh, life.

  24. lol, nicely done. you had me back at "tease my bangs" last post. to stay in the language, yr hella creative girl ; )

  25. i recently found an old autograph book (in case you're curious, you said "to Betty Love Stephanine Klein 747-0463"). it makes me sad for today's youth that autograph books are extinct. they'll just text message. so sad.

    FROM STEPHANIE: Please do tell me that was your typo, and that I didn't autograph your autograph book by spelling my name wrong. :)

  26. That made me laugh out loud. You were a brave child, keeping all of those written-down memories.


    I pre-ordered two copies of MOOSE and hope to make it to the Austin party for your signing.


    You're looking quite svelte in the clip.

  27. Oh God…It's coming back to me…

    I totally did that, too. But I "disguised" my hand-writing and made it look like a continuation of their "Have a great summer!"

  28. sorry to say. i was quoting you. i thought maybe you did it on purpose since stephaNINE KLEIN rhymed! ;)

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