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It’s Sunday, and it’s late, and I’ve been flipping through old (1989) diary entries trying to figure out which ones to include as the chapter openers in Moose. "This one reveals too much too soon." And writing about fasting on Yom Kippor won’t fit with the chapter about measurements and before photos. Should I sort them chronologically so they make sense and have an arc of their own, or just pepper them as they fall? Oh, decisions. That’s where I am now. The problem is, there are a lot of entries from before camp, but there are only four chapters before I even arrive at camp.

Oh, how I wish I had time to blog about Cashmere Mafia, though. Maybe later. So for now… the pout of the precious. More photos here >>



  1. Hey, working girl, remember that it's more important to be working toward becoming a member of the cashmere mafia than to have time to talk about it! And besides, recalling from my current mid-read of your first book, it's a bit of an overrated fabric… No matter the wrappings, can't wait for the carefully crafted, and eagerly anticipated new edition!

  2. Captured so beautifully! I do enjoy your photography very much Stephanie – you certainly are talented and I am thrilled that you share so much with us. Thank you.

  3. She is the most beautiful baby girl, such amazing eyes! Good luck with your writing, however you do it I'm sure we'll all love it.

  4. yes, please blog about Cashmere Mafia—I think it may be another Sex and the City w/more powerful women so that will be interesting to watch. Liked it very much.

  5. Such adorable eyes! "Ftou!", as we say in Greece! (just a wish, to keep the evil eye away!)

  6. Two questions: Where did you get the beautiful sweaters the babes are wearing in the photos you just posted? Did you get the purse? I really, really want the tote version that just come out.

    FROM STEPHANIE: If I had a wishlist, amazon or otherwise, I'd find a way to get Janie and Jack clothing for my kids on it. If it were up to me, it's all I'd ever dress them in. They have the most darling coordinating outfits ever. I'm not into dressing kids in rock and republic trendy things.

    I did not get the bag. Instead, I'm getting a new camera. Besides, I have a laptop bag that looks very similar.

  7. can't wait to hear what you thought about CM. I wanted to like it so badly, but I'm afraid it isn't going to be around long. While I liked some of the subject matter I didn't find it well done–so cliche in parts and painful to watch. I'll keep watching, but I bet it doesn't make it more than a few episodes.

    Darling picture!

  8. Oh my gosh – the pictures – absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

    Now – as to CM – I'm with closetmom – I so want to like it – I'm so ready to have another guilty pleasure like SATC – but when I could predict what cliches they were going to say before they came out of their mouths, it hurt my feelings.

    I took SATC off of my Tivo about a year ago – but just had to start recording them again, I miss them – they feel like comfortable gloves and old friends and with 3 feet of snow outside, I need comfort. Sort of like hot buttered rums, sans calories.

  9. Am with closetmom on this one. Cashmere mafia is far from SATC. in SATC the characters are much more believable and likable, even Samantha. In cashmere mafia, the only one that was touching is the blond. i doubt it will last, but I will watch it again, see if they grow on me and I am a sucker for cheesy tv on these cold canadian nights.

  10. Wow. Abigail is GORGE!

    I cannot wait to hear your take on last night's debut of CM because I for one, HATED IT! From The SATC knock-off music, to the "four girls, two brunettes, one redhead and a blonde" and the character who was doing Juliet's husband (um, remind you of Natasha, anyone??!) I was just plain old dissapointed. But maybe it's because I loved SATC and thought since Darren Star produced it would be different, but just a teensy bit the same to help fill the void of Carrie and the girls. The cliche's and dialogue were cheesy. When Juliet said she had to have good-bye sex with Davis before seeing him off on his business trip Lucy Liu said "Oh you mean like a BONE VOYAGE??" Stupid. And making Bonnie Sommerville's character walk the lesbian line sounds a little too close to Samantha and Maria's relationship from SATC. And the product placement whore-athon with the use of BlackBerry's by all four girls was just too much to handle.

    I'm waiting for February, when Lipstick Jungle debuts and hopefully Brooke Shields and her two gals will pull through with something good.

  11. The children are both just beautiful. I love the pictures of them playing together the most. I prefer the proper, sometimes old fashioned children's clothes as well like ruffles for the girls and little sweater vests for the boys.

    And while everyone is on the topic, Cashmere Mafia was hackneyed. The clothing sucked and the writing was awkward. It will probably get shitcanned soon enough.

  12. They are way too precious, great photos.

    By the way, what is SATC? I guess I am "out of it!!"

  13. wow. the photos you take of your beautiful babies are really your best work – there is so much love in the photos, and you capture the most precious little moments and expression in each image – they are really extraordinary.

    Abigail's eyes are such a vibrant bright blue, and Lucas' eyes are now a great hazel color. When did their eye color start to change? I have a 7 week old and we are currently taking bets on what color her eyes will be.. Abigail's eyes look to have gotten lighter and more blue since she was a wee one.. just wondering when you started to notice their eye color changing…

    looking forward to your next post with pictures! all the best.

  14. Eve-SATC Sex And The City

    CM couldn't even hold my attention, I wound up on the phone with everyone I could think of!

    Can't wait to read Moose, no matter what decision you make I'm sure it will be exactly right.

    And the little miss is too precious! I need to take a road trip and spoil my own granddaughter and get a baby fix!

  15. Now this is a photo I would love a little 101 on–with what did you take it and why?

    This photo was taken with a Canon EOS 20D
    Exposure: 0.013 sec (1/80)
    Aperture: f/5.6
    Focal Length: 85 mm
    ISO Speed: 800
    Exposure Program: Aperture priority

    I like to usually shoot portrait type shots in APERTURE PRIORITY on a camera, then set it to 5.6.

  16. Megan, the girl that was sleeping with Davis was the actress who played Big's ex wife on SATC. She is so beautiful.

    I didn't mind it at all..I think it has potential. Of course it's a SATC knockoff it's supposed to be. After all, it was a winning formula. I also really like Lucy Liu for some reason. And Tom Everett is delicious.

    Great pics of your kids Stephanie!

  17. their little signature coifs are great. i bet you have so much fun styling their barely there baby hair. :)

  18. I missed CM, I have set my DVR to tape it as it repeats so I can see what I am missing, if anything. Thanks for the heads up on a new show as I seldom watch TV!

  19. They are so cute, both very photogenic! I really like the candid style of your photography, and the pics where the kids are looking into the camera (trying to figure out what Mommy is holding) are always stunning. They have beautiful eyes and lashes. And I love their clothes!

    FROM STEPHANIE: Oh, thank you!

  20. Now that is a beautiful picture!

    BTW, now that your not getting the bag and getting the new camera, are you selling the old camera?

    FROM STEPHANIE: Yes, I am selling the old camera. But it needs a $300 shutter replacement. It's still a sick camera.

  21. hmmm..it sounds tempting. But, i'm a beginner so it's probably not worth it for me. I think I'm going to search ebay.

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