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0442194257042_275x275_2 Head over heels in love, to the point where I don’t even want to eat.  I must get this bag.  I can’t help myself.  $1900.  That’s close to one month of rent for a small studio apartment in NYC.  Ever just want something so much, you don’t care what it costs? It’s a "cruise" bag, meaning it won’t be included in the 30% off one-day sale at Neiman Markups today.  I love the idea of this pale bag with a bit of grown up sparkle in the hardware.  Yes, I do love to love the gucci logos, but I also think it’s a striking bag in black.  But I’d prefer this one I think.  Though it’s not available until April!  I suppose I should be responsible and put the money toward paying off our mortgage.  Not nearly as thrilling.  I’ll think on it.



  1. It is a beautiful bag, but WOW 1900 dollars. As a teacher that is barely my month's salary.

  2. I'm in love with the medium hobo bag. I've yet to purchase it and refuse to do the faux gucci. But yes…I completely understand. Just yesterday, I ordered a skirt I've been haunting jcrew.com for….its over $200. I have SO many other things to be using $200 on…like medical co-insurance. But I checked the site yesterday and it was there. In one size larger than I am. I ordered it, anyway. Because you know, a tailor could fix it for maybe another $50. So this morning I get an email saying the skirt was no longer in stock. Humpf. But I'm guessing it was a sign. I still want the hobo bag. There's always Santa, I guess.

  3. Stephanie- I think you have great taste. I really do. But this bag is fug. Walmart written all over it. Not even a Target bag. I say keep your $1900 and look for something…cuter?

  4. Funny you should be mentioning bags. I have looked for months for a great leather bag that wasn't covered in cheap buckles & studs, it was getting frustrating. I finally found one last week & I love it. Black, tasteful and was on sale – $200. down to $149. That one in the pic. is gorgeous. Somewhat out of my price range!

  5. Absolutely, I got a bag very similar to this when I was in Capri this summer. I had to have it. And I don't regret it for a second. PS these puppies are about half the price in Italy.

  6. damn gucci and their cruise line, it always makes me weak in the knees. it's quite the beautiful bag and i should know, i've been staring at the same one in white leather at the saks website instead of working. get it so i can live vicariously through you, since i cannot afford a 2000 dollar bag on my freelance pay.

  7. I know that feeling. I just had to have the new Mercedes truck! So I went out and bought one!!!

  8. Thousands of your WGA bretheren are going to lose their homes and you're buying a $1900 handbag. Nice. Why don't you spend that money to come to LA and get on the picket line with the rest of us?

  9. ::sigh:: what a gorgeous bag!! sometimes when i covet something that's hard to justify, i literally stash dollars and coins here and there in a little box until i have enough to buy it. it might take me 3 months, but eventually i'll buy it.

    either that, or half cash, half charge works too :)

  10. ::sigh:: what a gorgeous bag!! sometimes when i covet something that's hard to justify, i literally stash dollars and coins here and there in a little box until i have enough to buy it. it might take me 3 months, but eventually i'll buy it.

    either that, or half cash, half charge works too :)

  11. There's a bag I'm in love w/ too at the boutique at my gym. LOVE IT. Every time I pass it, I swear, it calls my name. The boutique owner keeps saying, "once it's sold, you'll be upset". I'm sure I will be, but it's really too expensive, and I've already bought two bags from her. Enough! I just hope that the person who buys it never carries it in front of me. Once it's gone I never want to have to see it again. Or, maybe the owner will be in a generous mood one day and decide to knock a few hundred dollars off the price. Wishful thinking.

  12. That bag? Seriously? That looks like any normal Coach purse. It is not worth $1900, and whomever priced it needs a serious talking to.

    the handles are awesome though. I see why you like it.

  13. Yes. The Chloe Paddington Messenger Bag. I believe it's around the same price as your coveted bag.

    I love handbags. Chloe is my first love, and the bordeaux pony hair Versace comes in a close second.

    It isn't logical or practical…but neither is love.


  14. Yes, yes, yes! My "something" was also a purse. I bought a Coach bag 2 years ago for just under $400. It's a perfect bag and I use it almost everyday. Once I saw it, I just couldn't leave the store without it. I moved all of my stuff from my old bag into the new one as soon as I got into the car. I knew I was in love the first time I swung it over my shoulder and it just felt so right. And I don't have the type of job that allows for $400 purses.

  15. I wouldn't have posted, but I felt the need to put up a supportive "I feel your pain" type comment before all the "how can you be so materialistic?" comments made their way in. I can totally sympathize. I've been known to stalk my dream purchases on the internet, going so far as to add them to my "shopping cart" and then keep visiting the website until the item is no longer in stock. (I'm typically too embarrassed to do this in real live stores with disapproving sales people). I find it actually does curb my luxury cravings, but if you can swing it I'd say go for it – when's the last time you splurged on yourself (really splurged – not just a mani/pedi)? Think how fab it will look when you're doing all those Moose signings!

  16. Wow! Love that! Who is the designer? The most expensive purchase I made was on a pair of Coach clogs that I bought last year. So gorgeous I had to have them! I stalked them for a while in Lord and Taylor till I gave in. I am not a real shoe gal with my extra wide feet and all so that was a huge purchase for me. Definitely no where near the price of this lovely item that you have fallen for! I can see the reason for the love fest though! :)

  17. Yes, I've felt that. Fortunately for me, buying a purse with a price tag of $1,900 would never never enter my mind. At trip to Europe maybe, but not a stupid purse.

    I have never understood how people of good conscience can spend such money on single items of fashion. It must be a whole different world for the wealthy or wannbe wealthys.

    That said, it's your money. To hell with the starving children, right?

  18. I have subscribed to this blog for over a year, but this post made me want to cancel. Here are some other things $1900 can buy (via Unicef):

    $3 can buy a large wool blanket to protect a child from the cold during an emergency.

    $17 can immunize a child against the 6 major childhood diseases.

    $54 can buy 150 sachets of PlumpyNut, a ready-to-eat therapeutic spread to nourish children with acute malnutrition.

    $100 can buy a kit with enough materials to test 100 children for the Hepatitis-B virus.

    $500 can buy a year's supply of antiretroviral medicine for an HIV-positive child under three-years-old.

  19. I love Gucci. So much. I ebayed for my first Gucci bag- and it worked out so well that I'm afraid of doing it again for fear of a fake. Sigh, now I want another.

  20. Carolina — those pants really are SO cute! Unfortunately, the only size left is zero, and I won't see that in this lifetime..

    erose– love the bag.

    I swear, the women in this group have fantastic taste. Thanks, Stephanie for leaving those URLs up.


  21. Needless Markup. Don't forget the first part.

    That's a lot of money, man. That could buy a lot of wine.

  22. Just wanted to comment again to say that I rolled my eyes so hard at the WGA WRITER comment that I think I lost a contact back in there.

  23. Wish I could relate. Well, maybe not. I hate hadbags. Stopped carrying bags about 7 years ago. Started feeling like I was responsible for a baby or a small pet. I'm alot happier and carefree.

  24. for some reason whenever i have to spend on myself a big amount….i feel SO guilty!!! don't know why. i get a good 6 figure salary and my finances are in order.
    I have been planning to buy just a louis vuitton bag…nothing fancy…but cannot get myself to buy it! I am SO weird…anybody else out there like me?

  25. Very, very pretty. I'm not really into the Guccisima logo print myself (don't really care for the all-over logos no matter who the designer), but the silhouette is lovely. I love the gathering/pleating detail.

    Darn it, you're stirring up my "need" for a new handbag now!

  26. You should get it! Maybe you can start next week and put $100 in a "Stephanie's bag fund" drawer and by April you can walk in with cash and make your purchase. It won't be $1900 all at once and you can continue to eat knowing you will be with the bag in a few short months.

  27. Yes Bess, $1900 could do a lot of good elsewhere in the world, but if you're going to open that can of worms, where do you draw the line? So maybe you don't spend that kind of money on a bag, but then how do you even justify a new tube of lipgloss? You don't NEED it. That $20 could be spent on immunizing a child. But even if you buy chapstick, WAIT, that $3 could buy a wool blanket.

    Does donating to charities make it okay? "I already saved a refugee child yesterday, I'm sure the rest will be okay if I buy these shoes?" Or is it never okay? In which case, I hope you live in a grass hut and spend all your time donating and volunteering and have never gotten a manicure in your life to be casting such stones at other people. At least Stephanie's honest.

  28. I have a thing about being an advertising vehicle for designers. If an article of clothing or an accessory has the designer's label or logo prominently displayed, I won't buy it. The $1900 is outrageous imo, but that's a matter of an individual's values, a personal decision and no ones business but your own.

  29. Agree with Sam: it is really fug and I am with Carole re logos on bags. That said, if you love it, go for it, especially if you know it will make you happy for years to come. Some of my best purchases were those that I probably couldn't afford at the time but have paid themselves off 5x over with the uses I have gotten out of them.

  30. I shouldn't admit it, but the only purse I own cost $12 at Target. But I completely understand the product lust.

  31. *sitting back, chuckling in anticipation at all the "Stephanie's-such-a-rich-spoiled-brat" comments*

    Super cute bag, though. I like the handles. I'm a handbag moron so I have no understanding of the handbag fetish. My friends are all currently deep into Coach bags. What kind of bag is this?

  32. As a complete handbag devotee, I think the bag is positively divine, although my own preferences are the Chloe Paddington (absolutely to die for) and the Balenciaga Le Dix motorcycle bag in turquoise or black (it's just beyond). Both you and that bag are worth every dime you spend on it, so I say go for it!

  33. Yeah, I'm with Carole here. I'm not against spending a small fortune on a bag (and yeah, I guess it is a studio rent in certain neighborhoods!) if you can afford it and you feel like it's a worthwhile expenditure – and it's no one's business but Stephanie's what she spends on a bag versus what she spends on charity if at all – but man, if I'm going to be walking advertisement for a brand? They should pay ME.

    Which would be awesome, actually. I'll totally drown myself in logos if I get paid like billboard companies do!

  34. I spent $2100.00 on my last legal black Perigord truffle. Does that count as totally insane? Every time I tasted a shaving in my personal cooking it was like sex…Wall sex. I spend my extra $$$ on Cashmere throws, Chef paraphernalia, and my child. Sure that's extravagance, but I balance, I cook for 200+ people at a soup kitchen twice a week. But I buy all of the extra's that the soup kitchen does not provide, to make the meals taste better and provide a more balenced meal. The reason why I am writing this response is that yesterday, I had to hear the same crap that is always posted on this site when SK writes about an expensive want or desire or purchase. You know….the people who tell everyone what they should be wanting or doing with their money or time. You get only one go around in this life.
    "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death" from Auntie Mame
    That was meant metaphorically, lest the haters start hating.
    Buy the purse… Run, don't walk.

  35. Personally I would use the $$ to take a trip to Italy (even for a long weekend!) and buy a truly original and beautiful bag for FAR less. But to each their own I guess.

  36. Oh, what timing you have. Here's a follow up to my earlier comment: The bag I've been drooling over at the boutique at my gym? Since the first wk in Sept, mind you? Well, I was there this afternoon, and IT WAS SOLD about an hour before I got there. So, RUN, do not walk, and buy that bag. Do it for me! And, the worst part is, the person who bought it is a brand new gym member – just joined this wk. I am a gym rat – there all the time – and some newbie bought MY bag!! It will kill me when I see her w/ it. :o(

  37. geez. all this bull about the money could go elsewhere, well- that could be said about ANYTHING. did you really need that cd, or for pete's sake, that last handbag YOU bought. shut up and practice what you preach before getting on someone else's case.

  38. That bag is cheesy and gaudy. Like Staten Island secretary with long manicured fake nails with rhinestones gaudy.

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