nanny be good


After a wonderful birthday dinner, where I ate like I’d never been to fat camp, I came home to the most delicious surprise.  Our nanny helped to create the most precious birthday cards I’ve ever received.  Inside, each card were the drawings (scribble) of my sweet beans, signed with love and their names… and outside, their sweet little handprints.  How absolutely thoughtful, creative, and… treasured.  We’re so lucky to have her.



  1. What a thoughtful & creative Nanny. You'll want to save those forever. Glad you really enjoyed your Birthday dinner. Treating yourself 'cause you sure deserve it. Moose is done, can you relax abit more?

  2. My mom always said that homemade cards from her kids were the best presents she could ever receive. Your nanny is obviously amazing.

  3. How precious! And how very thoughtful of your nanny.

    When I worked in daycare with two-year-olds, I had the bright idea to "think outside the box" and do footprint cards for Mother's Day. That was the stupidest idea I've ever had, period. Viva las handprints!

  4. Precious!

    And happy birthday! Was it today, or yesterday? My birthday is today — the big 30. thank you for being a constant source of inspiration. I read your book and it seriously convinced me to end my dead end relationship, and I re-read it last week in a moment of panic, wondering if I'd done the right thing.

    I did.
    He is Gabe (only nicer, less educated, and with less money).

  5. you are so lucky to have such a great nanny who cares. :) It's nice to have little angels in our lives!

  6. Just found my nanny a new home after 4 and a half years bc my smallest bean started school. She is truly like family, and it looks like yours will be, too. Happy Birthday from one Sept 29 Libra to another!

  7. We are blessed to have a wonderful nanny living with us too. She takes such good care of our little chicken. With our hectic and challenging careers, plus living away from our respective families, our nanny 'chelle has been a godsend.

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like you had a great birthday. I love the birthday cards. Great job to the children's nanny.

    Congratulations on finishing "Moose". I can't wait to read it.

  9. Yeah……Phil was right. You shouldn't talk about blowjobs in front of a stellar nanny who makes cool cards.

    If she were useless…maybe.


    Happy Birthday.

  10. i have a cardboard hand cutout of boy's hand when he was maybe 10…it's attached to the frame of some photos he gave me for christmas last year. there is something wonderful about our babies hands no matter their age.

  11. Happy Birthday Stephanie!
    In Italy it is extremely hard to find a nanny like her. You are really lucky!

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