as promised…

One of my baby photos, not of my babies but of me… here with my full head of red hair.  And my eyes are just as wide as Miss Abigail’s.  However in the other photo, where I’m a bit older (and have more hair) dressed in green, I look just like Lucas!  That’s right, both of these photos are of me, even though I look so different in each of them…and we’ve yet to capture his sweet little smile properly on film, but it looks exactly as mine does in the image of me sitting on a planter.  Such creative parents I have. 




  1. oh wow.. isn't that funny, you really do look just like Lucas in that second one yet so exactly like your adult self, but to see Grownup Stephanie with Lucas, I don't think he looks much like you. It might be an unbalanced comparison, though; since Miss Abigail looks so exactly like you, it's harder to see the "you" in Lucas, if that makes sense. I could totally place either one of them on a cracker and eat them, though; I don't care who they look like. :)

    I love comparing parental baby pictures to those of their children. It's just fascinating to see who is a mix of who, and who looks like Grandpa or Aunt Phyllis or whoever. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have, on the second photo, the winner-curious-mistery smile, very interesting. And you still have it:)

  3. ditto EXACTLY what Lisa said….i never saw Lucas in you or phil really and now the planter one looks exactly like your adult self but totally lucas at the same time. how wierd. I guess its hard comparing boys to mothers for fear of either insinuating that the boy is girly or the mom is manly. niether of you are either though. :)

  4. Wow. Just Wow. Lucas is the spitting image of you!!

    I think that Abigail favors both of you.

    Either way, both are too cute for words.

    Let's see a picture of Lucas smiling :)

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