I knew it as hot cereal they ate in nursery rhymes, or perhaps in Oliver.  Though maybe that was gruel.  It looked like Cream of Wheat, farina, something from my own childhood.  I was passing it down to a new generation.  I fed the babies their first "solids" yesterday and let them really play with their food. 



  1. I still cant get over how much Abigail looks like you. She's going to put a hurtin' on Phil with those eyes as she gets older and wants, wants, wants. He wont be able to turn her down. She'll be throwing those looks that PussNBoots uses to mesmerize with those huge eyes of hers.

    i always called it mush (hot cereal) growing up b/c of "bowl full of mush" from Goodnight Moon. Just always looked like that to me. That and they called it mush in Annie :D

  2. Lucas wears his porridge proudly! Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Abigail's eyes are so big & expressive. The beans look like they are excited to be experiencing some new food. Have fun!

  3. Stephanie,


    And please ignore the rude people who choose to spread their own unhappiness.

    I have a writing question for you. When you write these blog posts, do you write them out by hand in a journal first? Do you keep another diary/journal? A more personal one just for your eyes?

    Keep up the great work…When's the next book due in stores??

  4. How great are these photos!!!!! You are going to be so happy to have these when they are all grown up!!!!

  5. Looking at your photos of Abigail, the tasty toaster strudel & Lucas the Jimmy Dean sausage – makes me want to make scrumptious breakfast creations of my own! Your children are beautiful Stephanie.

  6. your photographic skills make me green with envy – and make me want to take a class. you're incredibly talented.

    the children – amazing. beautiful. little bundles of perfection. congratulations!

  7. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!! Forget my previous post about not being sure about having kids or not – i want some!! :-)

    Suzanne, look at these photos!!

  8. Abigail looks like you and Lucas looks like your husband! It's amazing! They are cute beans!!!

  9. i have been a voyeur on your site for quite some time and just read the post where you withhold sex sometimes…and sometimes your husband is too tired or not in the mood and you feel rejected…ditto. wow, it is refreshing to read so much honesty and know that there are other women out there trying their best every day, but sometimes just not getting there.

    i have been meaning to ask you – how did you get pregnant with the twins? i couldn't find the post on how it happened. did you seek help from a fertility dr? we are now 'trying' and it is taking quite a bit of time, so it helps to know how other women pulled it off.

  10. Congratulations on the first solids! Now you can look forward to constipation and stinky diapers :) On a more positive note, I am sure with your penchant for fine dining, you'll be whipping up some drool-worthy treats for your little ones once they are ready to move on past the cereal. The pictures are fantastic, thank you for sharing!

  11. Oh Stephanie,
    How awesome are your babies!
    Abigail is the spitting image of you and Lucas oh Phil.

    p.s. I would like to back in New York. Can you please show me some not expensive but cute hotel in Manhattan ?
    Thank you.

  12. Another treat of beautiful photos for your readers! You and Phil both have wonderful photography skills.

    How did you learn photography? Did you take classes? How long have you been doing it?

  13. hey stephanie-
    could you share where in NYC you took photography classes? and cooking classes? (i think you mentioned those a few times) i'm looking to get into it and in search of suggestions!

  14. For those of you asking if I took photography classes and how I got into photography in the first place, shame on you! What? You mean you haven't read Straight Up and Dirty? I go into detail in the book about my introduction to photography. I took classes at ICP (International Center of Photography). I believe I've taken three classes there. And now that the book is out in paperback, there's no excuse not to read it.

    As for cooking classes, I've taken a host of them at "The Institute." I believe the best thing an aspiring chef can do is learn proper technique. Knife skills, especially. How to construct a vinegarette. How to poach, roast, broil, steam, bake, etc. Once you learn these techniques, you can handle any recipe and eventually learn to create your own.

  15. I love your pictures; you've got a good eye! Plus your two subjects are adorable so you're off to a good start. Thanks for sharing them it made my morning.


  16. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your adorable beans with the world! It is so weird to go back and look at pics of them as itty bitty babies to gorgeous little porridge covered babies! Just a thank you! :)

  17. Oh wow, you are a really good mom. I never, ever let my kids have any fun messes with their food. Ever. I remember once a friend showed me pics of her daughter covered in spaghettios and I was like, "Ewww that is gross." She said something to the effect of how else are they gonna learn and that maybe I wasn't that good of a mom to not let them play with their food.

    I kinda think she may have been right!

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