hermes scarves and babies



  1. Stephanie – your photography is stunning. I'm impressed. Absolutely beautiful photos. and the babies are precious.

  2. The one of Abigail on your knee is my favorite. Lucas is still chillin. Hehe.
    GREAT pics. I love when you do put pics up b/c you put up a lot for us to view.

    And niiiice chest, Phil!*pelvic thrust*

  3. The one of Abigail on your knee is my fave too…you look like a kid yourself which might have been your intention, I don't know. Wonderful photos.

  4. They are adorable. You can really tell who is who and boy vs girl. Lucas has such cute baby boy charm and Abigail's eyes are huge!! So cute, so sweet. You're a lucky girl, Stephanie Klein.

  5. The photos are fantastic. Stephanie, which camera are you using to take these, and how do you develop them?

    FROM STEPHANIE: Thank you. I shoot with a Nikon D100, but I honestly think any good digital SLR works equally as well. Developing… good question. I crop using photoshop cs3 and bridge to manage the files. I am fine with sending the photos to an online print shop when I know the prints are relatively small. But I'm in the market for the new Epson wide format printer the 1800 I think. After I purchase my quicKutz silhouette machine for use with my mac.

  6. Stephanie,

    I have been having the worst week this week (down in the dumps for no real reason, feeling blue, feeling not quite myself). The baby pictures were so sweet and provided a much-needed smile! Thanks for brightening my day a bit!

  7. Stephanie, they are SO cute. Look at those big blue eyes! You really make me want to save up for an SLR, my digital is so old.

  8. Love the photos of Abigail with the pearls. And of course it's never too early to start an appreciation of Hermes. Nothing like a classic look!

  9. Adorable! Although it looks like Abigail dominated the photo shoot. They look like all pics of her, minus one or two of Lucas. Or did I miss something? My fav was the one of her being held by her daddy.

    FROM STEPHANIE: Yes, Lucas was asleep during this shoot. Earlier in the day, I got great photos of him, but he's naked. And for his sake, I'm not posting his naked photos on the Internet.

  10. Stephanie, your children are stunningly beautiful. Their eyes are simply amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I just love Abigail in the picture with your pearls..
    She is such a ham for the camera – look at that smile!

  12. Steph you're a great photographer but I gotta say, whoever took the one you're in (B/W) is not too shabby, excellent shot ; )

    FROM STEPHANIE: Thank you… yeah, Phil and I have a love of photography in common. We're planning a trip to Vietnam come the fall (after I hand in Moose). Why Vietnam? Mostly for the photography opportunities, less touristy than Thailand. We can't wait!

  13. cute pictures, cute babies.

    i love how you use your scarves. a friend of mine got recently diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemo. one thing i've thought of doing for her is getting her an Hermes scarf for her to wear while she looses her hair. I've often read in your blog about how scarves are "your thing" so was wondering if you could give me tips hat i could pass on to her for use with her scarf (how to wear it on her head, what to do with it post-chemo, etc). I'm clueless about the stuff and tips i've read on the internet seem a bit old-fashion. any tips would help.

  14. Your children are beautiful, and so is your ability to capture them. I just love the look on Abigail's face in the pearl picture. Grand!

  15. How can someone not believe in Heaven when they see those faces? Abigail's eyes are to die for! Thanks for sharing the beans!

  16. Beautiful babies, beautiful photos. And I think all commenters agree on both counts.

    You're lucky, many people are strong with either words or visuals, you are strong in both. Wonderful photography–you've got a great eye.

  17. Stephanie,

    There are several retailers who are using the Epson large format printers.

    Off the top of my head, Sam's Club, Ritz Camera and Wal-Mart. I know you can order 'posters' online for all of these but a lot of them have the printer in the stores as well.

    Also, a good online retailer, who I know personally, and takes care to review every photo is Cooper's Imaging in Connecticut.


  18. Your children are beautiful. But you might want to think twice about any naked pics of your kid on the internet, boy or girl. Not judging, just mentioning.

  19. i don't hardly see pics of your husband…but those babies look EXACTLY LIKE YOU.

    did you take these shots??

    they are gorgeous. beautiful. you are so lucky!

  20. They are so cute! And it`s unbelieveable how fast they`re growing! Really beautiful pictures.
    I remember the first pictures you`ve shared after they were born. They`ve looked so fragile, I had tears in my eyes when I saw these first pictures. And look at them now!
    I`ve had a miscarriage last autumn and am now 21 weeks pregnant. I`m so happy about my pregnancy, but I always worry that something could go wrong again. But looking at your pictures today makes me feel better. To see how your babies grow, how beautiful and healthy they are gives me hope that things will end up fine.

  21. Beautiful photos… and your children!

    BTW, do you wear shoes at home? …and if you do, how do you keep your white-cream carpet clean and germ free from your babies?

  22. sigh.. I was hoping nobody would feel the need to comment on the fact that there are naked babies on this blog entry. But anyway.

    I'm really not saying this just to garner favor with The Blog Owner, but I really think your babies are two of the most beautiful I've seen, Stephanie. Thank you for sharing them; their little faces make me happy.

  23. Beautiful children. Many fave pics here. Forgive me from being brand new to your blog and story, Stephanie, but did you have twins naturally? I have always dreamt of twins, and a RE told me that the body isn't meant to have twins. If for you it just happened, I would feel so much more inspired.

  24. Hi –

    I am a doctor and I remember your earlier posts about when your twin were in the NICU. They look so healthy and cute now. It makes me so happy to see that medicine is able to really help a family and support these twins when they were premature. So much of what we do in my field doesn't work or doesn't really fix the problem. It's so nice to see such little miracles and their mother enjoying them.

  25. The quickutz is nice, but honestly I like using my Cricut and Sizzix machines better. I guess it’s just a matter of preference. :-)

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