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People came to BookPeople!  I always have a hard time deciding what to read at book signings.  To which excerpt will people relate?  Which part is funny (and still a part I can tell in case they place me beside the children’s section of the store)?  Each time I do a reading, I read something new, mostly because I can never decide which bits to read.  I wish the audience of people who’ve already read the book could vote, telling me which section to read.  Last night, I read three excerpts.  First, a bit from chapter two, where I revisit my old journal entries and realize I’m embarrassed by my life, then some on Oliver and the precaution we take in life, trying to protect ourselves from our own lives, and finally, a bit about Valentine’s day and how it makes me want to shit out all my tenderness. I had fun, and I think people had fun being there.  Some readers drove in from San Antonio, and others from as far as Dallas (which is at least three hours each way)!  I’m so glad they came up to me and we had a chance to chat for a while.  It really makes what I do so special and rewarding.  So thank you to those of you who were able to make it.  If you have photos from the event, please email them to me.  Now, I must get to packing, as I move, officially tomorrow! Here are the photos I’ve received so far (thank you Deanna & Phil)…



  1. I really do think you should do a 'bloggie/podcasty' type reading…for the unfortunates amongst us who cannot make it to the live gigs.

  2. I hate the fact that I discovered your book (and blog) after you left New York! I missed my book-signing chance!

  3. Stephanie, I attended last night and have to say that I enjoyed every second of the reading. I purchased the book and began to read it last night and so far love every word! It's so something I need at this time in my life, going through so many changes and all…the mid-twenties crisis! Thanks again so much for telling your story and encouraging me to tell mine as well! Robyn

  4. I was delighted to take the pictures! You looked very happy and lovely.

    I can see how it would be hard to know what to read. You had a lot of people who had already read the book and follow your blog, others who had just "heard of you," and then behind us, were several people whose "kids had blogs" so they wanted to see what it was all about. We had a funny moment on our side of the room after you mentioned the chapter "Oral Sex South Beach Diet" and the man behind me said, "I better go read our daughter's blog."

  5. If I were a single guy and in Austin, THAT is where I would have been last night. Not another single guy within sight.

  6. I had such a great time last night! I loved the excerpts that you read, especially since I haven't started reading the book yet. It's made me excited to start, and I'm definitely telling all my friends to read it as well. Good luck with the move!

  7. I wish I could have been there.. I'm jealous.

    And I have to add – You looked stunning!! and such cute shoes.. You have to tell us where you got them!

  8. Stephanie,
    I really enjoyed the reading last night. I hope the Paper Bag Princess gesture wasn't too weird-I just really think it's a unique childrens story in that it 'tells it like it is'-a quality you have and are quite good at. Anyway, there were so many things that I wanted to tell you, like we've had so many common experiences and blah blah blah, but I was overcome with shyness and just stood there. So, my favorite part of the book is the Barbie & Skipper analogy. Also, I wanted to tell you I think you're more cinnamon than strawberry. Not in anyway plain or ordinary but a little spicy, warm and very interesting. Thanks for writing.

  9. I was there last night & wanted to say hi in person, but I confess, the long line scared me away. The reading was great. You're great in person. Welcome to Austin! Maybe I'll catch you at the Book Festival.

  10. Well I wasn't there but only because I live in Alabama.
    Anyway I did want to tell you Good Luck with the move, I know they are such a pain!
    By the way – there isn't a chance maybe that you'll have a signing anywhere closer to the southern states or is Texas as close as you will get? I have many people reading your book right now and everyone LOVES IT!

  11. Stephanie. Will you ever be coming to Houston? I read your blog daily to get me through these routine work days and your stories always put a smile on my face. Would love to meet you.
    Victoria from Houston

  12. It was really great to actually hear and see you in person-you looked beautiful, and your personality is so true to what I have read. Thanks for the get together at Molotov, that was alot of fun meeting all those other fans and spending some get to know you time was the icing on the cake. I'll try to email my picture of us when I get home from work tonight. I suggested maybe we can make a playdate for our dogs at Town Lake or something, but in retrospect, I think Linus would kick my cocker's ass, so maybe just lunch or a movie, or whatever. The invitation is always open. Phil was really cool too, and lastly, your ring is to die for. Have fun getting settled in to your house this weekend.

  13. Stephanie-

    I really enjoyed your reading last night at Book People, and I'm so glad you picked the excerpts you did. A year ago, I got out of a serious three-year relationship. I started dating someone new (my Oliver, so to speak) this summer. After three months together, it ended Tuesday night. Hearing your first reading, and hearing you talk about how you started the blog really inspired me. Because I can't "want it enough for both of us." I want to go out and find what makes me happy now, so someday I can find my own Phillip. Thanks for signing my book, and the two I brought for my friends. I wish I could have stayed and talked, but I had a test this morning and had to study. Also, I really wanted to go home and start a list of things that make me happy.

    I do have a question for you, though: You said last night you wish you had a copy of a book like yours when you were my age. Is there any advice not in your book that you'd give to a 21-year-old girl about to embark on the "real world?"

    Thanks again for telling your stories,

  14. You look GREAT!!!! You hardly even look pregnant! Congrats on a wonderful night!!

  15. Sounds like last night was great! I wish I lived closer!

    Any plans at all to come to Boston-ish area at all?? PLEASE?? :)

  16. What a great night! I am so glad I went, I loved your book and I have always enjoyed your blog. It was so cool to hear you speak in person. Thanks for do the book signing/reading event, it was wonderful.
    ~GINA (I'm the girl in the pink sweater that you have a photo of in the blog photos).

  17. Why not do a reading in Bozeman, MT? Then you'd have a paid trip to visit your sister. Two birds. One stone. She said hopefully.

  18. And look at that photo of your darling husband looking on adoringly….gives the rest of us singletons hope! congrats on everything, stephanie!

  19. Personally, I think you should read the stuff about David Manetti, although not if you're near the childrens department. I will never look at mushrooms the same way again :)

  20. I would have driven down from Oklahoma if I could have gotten off of work. I really wanted to go, though, and I was sad that I couldn't. Come to ugly Oklahoma City.

  21. I just realized something. I haven't read anything about Linus in a long time…is he OK? Is he with you in Texas?
    -a concerned lover of pups

  22. I just finished your book.I have to say…I could not have read it at a better time in my life. I related with soo much of your thoughts in the book. I agree with MaryCC. We would love to have you come down here to Alabama (preferably Birmingham) for a signing. Thanks for writing this book.

  23. You look very pretty in those pictures, but the thing that struck me the most was how Phil looked so proud of you. How adorable!

  24. I would have loved to be there…but I live in Rome (Italy!)…any chance you'll be doing a book reading here?!!! Anyway, love your blog- it's like keeping in touch with one of my friends who live abroad…Congratulations on your wedding and twins!! Baci anna

  25. Your female to male ratio is like 100 to 1. I guess that's not a big surprise. I've given up waiting for you to come to Florida and have bought the book. Reading now. Review to come.

  26. Stephanie,
    So glad to hear your book signing went so well, although I'm not surprised. I just wish I could've been there. I agree w/ what other people wrote about the picture of Phil; he looks incredibly proud. His expression is priceless. Lucky you!! You look wonderful, by the way. I hope you're feeling as great as you look. Here's one more plug for a reading on Long Island. Please???

  27. Stephanie,

    I was at your reading at Book People and really enjoyed your reading and discussion. I bought the book and finished it last night. It was great. This morning, my copy began its travel through my friend group. I am sure there will be lots of discussion as it makes it way through the girls. As I was reading, I kept thinking…Melissa needs to read this, Bonnie needs to read this…etc. Point being that although your story is uniquely Stephanie and the situations would certainly not match perfectly with others, I do think that it portrays what life can do if you have the guts to say "this is not right for me." I also thought it was ironic that Gabe wanted to be nearer to excitement and celebrity when all he had to do was turn over in bed and take a good long look at you. I'm excited for your future. Congratulations on taking the bull by the horns of your life.

    Welcome to Austin!


    PS. At the book signing you asked if I ever comment…..well now I do! (Watch out, I'm pretty loquacious.)

  28. Your book signing looks like fun!!! Ive never had any of my books signed by someone else, unless they were a gift and filled with words on the back of the front cover.

    Just putting out a request for a book signing in Dallas somewhere! I live in Oklahoma, and would graciously drive down to meet up at a book signing to get mine signed as well!

  29. Being a "man fan" of Stephanie and her writing, I was at the book signing in Austin…I would suggest to any guy out there that this book and the associated fans of Stephanie (FOS) go to the next one in Chicago…it was great to meet you.

  30. No chance you'll tell us where you got that necklace? I really loved it.

    Also, does your sister need cool girlfriends in Bozeman? I know a great one-Jen Boulden.

    She's a local force despite the fact she only moved there 2 years ago from D.C/ NYC. She was in Feb issue of Vanity Fair as she's leading the way for light-green eco thinking. Jen is the founder of and was just on Martha Stewart last week. I know she needs good girlfriends, cause Montana is guy zone #1. (OK #2, after Alaska!) so maybe you can hook the two of them up? Or does that sound TOTALLY weird?

    just a thought.


  31. I got the call around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday night, "Mom, that was so fun". Three months ago my 23 yr. old daughter had never heard of you but then I finally told her about my daily reading of Greek Tragedy. She moved to Austin in July, checked out Book People and bought me your book as a gift. I read your book and passed it back to her. What I really wanted was for my daughter to read about a girl like her, young, pretty and smart, let her know that crazy things happen and ways to cope (i.e. writing). Like you she has kept a journal ever since she could write sentences and it has been great therapy for her. My daughter was a creative writing major in college and the evening at your reading was a great inspiration for her.Thanks! p.s. i miss your wonderful descriptions of food, maybe now that the morning sickness is gone…….

  32. Deanna got it right, a single guy at your readings could get many phone numbers, unfortunatley this shy balding male (1st pic with back to the camera) was there and didn't get any, I had fun though, Hi Zoe , miss you at the pool, WB

  33. Am I blind or is there a secret cache of photos? The only discernable shot of Phil that I can see is entitled "websizedphiltalkstofansoct". He's wearing a brown shirt and is in profile, holding a camera and talking to someone. He looks mildly interested, though possibly bordering on bored. Where's adoring, proud, priceless, gazing Phil? Or is this simply a matter of differing expression interpretation? You look lovely, BTW.

  34. I have been reading your blog for such a lont time now, I don't remember when I first started. Right now I am reading your book. All I can say is thanks. Thanks for giving me the courage to be honest and open on my own blog. When I first started reading I felt so jealous / envious (actualy).

    I wanted to be you. The you who looks good on paper. I wanted to go to the parties and share in the friendships. We have quite a lot of the same heartaches in common. I am so glad you found Phillip and so wonderfully estatic you have Baby A and Baby B on the way.

    All the very best always, and thanks again!

  35. To Barbara E.,

    Re your comment above, there are no hidden photos. The picture of Phil in the brown shirt talking to someone is the one everyone is referring to, however, he obviously doesn't look bored to those of us who commented about it. If I had to guess, I'd say he looks like he's talking about how proud he is of Stephanie's success. His expression seems like he's filled w/ pride and love, not boredom. But, like you said, that's my interpretation. Maybe Phil would like to fill us in…

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