I just threw up in a trash can.  I really thought I was over this.  I will erase this and write more later, but I’m too sick now to do anything other than post the photos… last night was INCREDIBLE.  More on all of this later… and how the book SOLD OUT!  View more photos >>  (Oh, and I apologize for all the boob shots.  Think earth-mother not harlot, please)

(Photo courtesy of Rob)



  1. Could life get any more exciting for you? Twins. Vomitting in rubbish bins. Sell Out Book engagements.


    I'm this close to envy.

  2. you were so beyond fantastic, there are no words! You look so different in real life, actually amazingly gorgeous- not that you don't in your pictures, but it was so strange to see you in person! (no offense meant at all about real life vs. pics)
    I am so happy I went, and early to get a great great seat. I cannot wait to hear more!
    You read so well and I had such a great time. So happy for you.

  3. Can't wait for the full story…

    And beyond that, I can't wait for the full book tour schedule to come out!

    Please tell me you're coming to Baltimore. Ok, who am I kidding – if tell me you are coming in the vicinity of Baltimore I'll be there :)

  4. Wow! Sold out! Awesome. I know when I left there were still a long line of ladies in the front waiting to buy books. I loved that dress by the way. Great pick.

  5. I second the Baltimore and vicinity request! DC actually! Please come visit, you're writing is inspirational…

  6. I got an Italian sweater/beret set for my baby at SAKS on sale…their private label infant stuff is excellent!! It's never too early. Trust me, now is the time.

  7. You look so adorably pregnant (I think the picture is #4201?), congratulations on a successful, fabulous night!

  8. Going to the reading last night made me feel like such a creepy voyeur! Especially seeing all your friends/The Suitor who I recognize from your pictures here. I'm maybe in the first picture if you squint. Lovely time though.

  9. Stephanie, it was great seeing you last night. My shyness got the best of me so I couldnt come up with anything better to say than, I work with Barry's little brother Brad. Will email you with questions I couldnt ask yesterday.

  10. I agree that a DC trip would be great! You and Suitor could come down on the train from NYC for a stress-free trip. Hard to tell how many readers you have here, but I imagine you'd be well-received.

    As for the pix– you looked very happy and my g-d what those HCG levels will do for a woman's chest! ;)

  11. Congrats on selling out, Stephanie! (Wait, that actually sounded like a nasty thing to say… I meant it in a good way, like it's really great that your book sold out kind of selling out, not the other way.)

    And I look forward to reading about what happened, when you're feeling better. Here I thought that you were feeling better, since you were able to peruse through a orgy of descriptive food words without vomiting… Get well soon!

  12. Some people call it a tipping moment. You work hard all your life, and it can seem like such a struggle at times to get anywhere past where you are now. But then sometimes you get to the point where it starts to pay off. You get comfortable with yourself, and with who you are, and with your accomplishments, and where you are in your life. I know absolutely nothing about you, but you might be at or past that point, or, 'in the zone' as I refer to it as.

    Muy, muy cool. Have you decided what's next? Perhaps a book segueing to the back out of Manhattan,?

  13. Your boobs looked even more spectacular in person.
    You were great last night (I especially liked the British accent).
    Congratulations again.

  14. Oh Stephanie, I wish I could have been there too! Congratulations on the reading! Looking at the photos, it's like seeing your Blog come to life. It's lovely to see you and your readers interacting, and I can't wait to read your book. Mazel tov.

  15. Oh that is so exciting for you! I have just started reading your blog, and I love it! I cant wait you go out and devour your book!! Please tell me this book tour is national and that you will be coming to Chicago?

  16. Stephanie,
    I stumbled upon your blog this past weekend. First of all I am so sad I've been missing out on this for the past 2 years, but I am beyond thrilled I am in the know now! I am going on vacation in 2 weeks and I am forcing myself to stay out of the bookstore because I know I won't be able to deny myself if I pick up your book too soon. I am planning a day on the beach with your book and margaritas! I can't wait! I'm embarrassed to say how many hours I spent reading old posts. ( I was sick in bed so that's a good enough excuse right?) You are such a talented writer and the way you express your thoughts and emotions really connects with me. "Last comic standing" was amazing…honest, raw, and uplifting. Congratulations to you and The Suitor on the Twins! Motherhood is wonderful and I can't wait to read your musings on it. I hope you come to the Philadelphia area for your book tour (will there be one?). We've got lots of great shopping and good food too!

  17. Congrats! Sorry I could stay for the reading. I hope you received my gift. Before the reading, I left it with Amanda who works there at Borders.

  18. I was thinking about buying the book last night, but after hearing the two excerpts, the jokes just seemed so recycled. I'll pass and watch my sex and the city reruns instead. Imitation is really not flattering.

  19. Aww, I'm sad I was not able to be there but FL is a long way from NYC. I too am hoping for a tour but understand if it isn't likely to happen with the prego thing and such. Would love to see you in Florida though!

    I am so very happy for you Stephanie, with all your many successes and all that seems to be going right in your world. Hard work and determination pay off. I cannot wait to read all about last night when you feel up to posting it.

    Three cheers!

  20. I wish I could have been there! Many congrats to you! Come visit us in Chicago!!!
    Can't wait to hear more…

  21. those are my best friends charlotte and kate (the ears in the photo) and i'd just like to shout out to them!! stephanie, we love you and best of luck with everything! congrats on the hard-earned and most-deserved success!

  22. As you know I loved the book, finished it in one sitting. I didnt eat or drink but I smoked cigarettes. ALOT of them.

    And although, you wont tell us when you're coming to Baltimore..I can live vicariously through your photos. And I have to say in the least offensive, least girl crush way…your boobs look great in that dress! ;)

  23. Stephanie – you did a brilliant job even though I was halfway across the store due to the overflow of folks spilling down the aisles into the self-help section and I could barely see you through the crowd!

    You were luminous – and as I can always appreciate a fantastic pair – the boobs are spectacular. Sorry I couldn't stay but I hope to see you in Austin very soon.

  24. The nasty comment about the "Sex and the City" reruns was so recycled. A-plus for the irony.

  25. What an amazing night it must have been! To have your book sell out and all of those people there just to hear you-it must have been surreal. I don't know how you're doing it all being pregnant and all. I remember the first trimesters feeling as though someone had slipped a tranquilizer into my half/caff latte. From the pictures it seems you are doing really well. As soon as you get your appetite back, have The Suitor take you to Fonda San Miguel in Austin if you haven't been there already. Can't wait to hear more about NY. Congrats!

  26. Oh Steph I´m so totally happy for you!
    As I´ve promised you I´ve ordered the book from the UK and read every page twice, because it´s …how can I describe it?… DELICIOUS! Your honesty is just so powerful! Whether I´m sharing your opinios or not I love this book and will recommend it to everyone I know!
    Hope you´ll publish a German version soon, because not all of my friends are speaking English.

    All the best from Vienna!

  27. Hi Stephanie,
    I SOOO wanted to be at your book signing. I only live about 2.5 hours from NYC. In fact, I was near there for the Bon Jovi concert on Saturday at Giant Stadium. But I've never driven in NYC and I was a bit worried about that. My thoughts were with you, though!

    AND I just got your book in the mail TODAY from Amazon! So that's cool! I was so happy to see it, I started jumping up and down, to my husband's surprise and strange looks. (I don't think he's ever seen me do that before when he's handed me my mail!!) Can't wait to find the time to read it! Congrats on your packed house at Borders!!

    And to echo others, Baltimore would be a great place to do a book signing – and I'm not afraid to drive there either! :)
    My best, as always –

  28. That is really great! Congratulations! You deserve it. I'm almost done with the book and I love it! :) I truly wish I could have hopped on the train at Union Station and headed up there for the book signing. Hopefully, you'll come to DC soon. :)

  29. Until you were standing in one picture i didn't realize how gorgeous your dress was! Love love love the satin sash – sexy and demure at the same time.

    Don't worry about the boobs – you're pregnant and look fabulous – enjoy – relish – celebrate your body – and those beautiful little bundles inside it.

    XX – K

  30. Stephanie~You look absolutely wonderful! There is a glow about you! What a great turn out. So, are you doing a reading and signing in Austin soon?

  31. Congratulations to you for your successful book signing and also the pregnancy! I started reading your blog after reading an article in the S.A. Express News and have been hooked ever since. Bought the book, read it and loved it so much I went out today and bought one for my friend (I couldn't bear to part with mine). I am hoping for a book signing in Austin. I would gladly make the drive up 35!

  32. Vancouver is sitting here, waiting for a visit from the famous Stephanie Klein!

  33. You've got that pregnant glow! You look beautiful Stephanie.


  34. You do look wonderful! Congratulations! Ask your doctor about Zofran. Originally, it was just for chemo patients, but it is now being used to cure pregnancy nausea and vomiting. And it works! Both my stepmother, who went through chemo last summer and a friend who was pregnant with her first baby have used it and swear it is truly a miracle drug!

  35. I wish I was being ironic. That "should have given him a different finger when he asked me to marry him" line is classic Joan Rivers. Literally.

  36. Congrats! Just bought the book at the recommendation of a friend and am excited to read it. As for the boobs, I say flaunt 'em! In an earth-mother way, of course…!

  37. Hi Stephanie—I'm the girl who audaciously asked about the actual size of your ring as you signed my book last night….i think you deserve every last carat of that baby and i look forward to not just acquiring a fantastic man who feels lucky enough to have me in his life, to buy me a gorgeous ring…but to also feel every bit deserving of it….and for the most part, i do….and reading you helps…..thank you for answering my question during the q&a about how today's stephanie would advise the one of the past….thank you for being real and honest. I personally know another pretty well known blogger in NYC….who has a lot of readers and fans….and i know that she's largely full of shit—projects an "image", not reality….aside from your obvious writing talent, i think you've achieved this level of acclaim b/c of your sheer, raw honesty and vulnerability…..i thank you for that….and the universe thanks you….and i think that's partly why the heavens have been so generous with you lately….please stay real and true. please keep connecting us all with our own and each other's humanity….that's all there is….its our highest reward….it allows us to not just live, but to feel ALIVE….

    and your right, the guys that don't call back, can indeed f-off. my hot ass has a legend to be unleashing…..within myself…. no more time for losers. no more playing small to make the aged babies more comfortable….my best to you and all of yours…SnS

  38. i'm justa peon contributing to your pocketbook, but do you happen to know why (1) amazon sends me an e-mail telling me that my item [your book] won't ship for about nine days after placing my order and then (2) sends me another e-mail a few hours later saying that my order has shipped today [august 3rd] BUT (3) it won't arrive until august 25th or later. ::sigh::

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