Tomorrow is a big day for me.  My book, Straight Up And Dirty, comes out.  Onto actual shelves in actual stores.  I’m in Austin, so friends keep emailing, "So, are you excited?"   I’m sick is what I am, and none of it feels real.  If I were in New York, it would feel real.  I’d ride the subway and look for someone with my book.  But here in Austin, I’ll be in bed, where I’ve been these past few weeks, and nothing will appear to be different.

Yesterday was a big day, too.  I actually left the house, though I doubt I showered.  Showering takes way too much effort and smells so clean it makes me vomit.  In the shower.  The Suitor and I went to the movies because dark air conditioning was all I could stand.  We saw Monster House in 3D, which really is a movie only worth seeing if you have children.  When the credits began to roll, I turned to The Suitor and said, "Nearest exit?"  Then I’d like to think I ran, but it was probably more of a dedicated walk.  As soon as I saw sunlight, I bent forward and threw up on the ground.  "Oh God," I managed to say as my man twisted my hair behind my head, rubbing my back, saying, "it’s okay.  It’s okay." 
"It is not okay.  This is so embarrassing."  Then I threw up some more.
"What’s embarrassing about it?  You’re pregnant.  If you were drunk it would be embarrassing."
"Yeah, but people don’t know."  Then I threw up more and began to cry.  "It hurts," I said wiping away the tears. 
"I know, but this is all normal.  It’s all part of it.  It will go away soon."

Tomorrow I will be 11 weeks pregnant, exactly.  I’m going to the doctor at 11:30 AM for another ultrasound before I leave for New York.  I will only be doing one book signing and reading while in New York, so please please please come stop by! I’ll post about that a lot in the next coming days, because quite frankly, I really enjoy meeting readers and their friends.  It changes the dynamic, I think, once you meet the people behind the names and posts.  So put it in your calendars.  NEXT Wednesday.  In the meanwhile, I’m only thinking good happy thoughts for Tuesday, tomorrow.



  1. If you vomit on their books, will they be worth more on ebay?

    Stay well and enjoy every minute of your one and only NY reading. How exciting!!!

  2. If it gets really bad and you start to lose weight, talk to your doctor about Anzemet. I had SEVERE morning sickness all nine months, and that stuff was a miracle.
    I'm so sorry; nausea is torture.

  3. I'll capture the readers/riders on the subway with my mobile phone (once I come-to).

  4. It's on my calendar in big bold letters, i'm very excited to meet you!!!! Should I bring a bucket just in case you need one during the signing or the reading, or did you work that into your appearance agreement with Borders? New York will definitely shine brighter due to the pregnancy glow that you'll be giving off – can't WAIT!!!!

  5. Looks like a lot of people have tomorrow marked on their calendar. I notice Straight Up & Dirty jumped 1500 places in the Amazon sales ranking….in just a few hours.

    Well done you.

    Feel better.

  6. I'm going to head to B&N tonight to check out your book! Congrats on book + baby + baby. And the new masthead–very nice.

  7. I'm so sorry you feel like crap. I know it's hard to believe, but all of that vomiting is a good sign. I'll send good vibes your way tomorrow.

  8. Jeez – you poor thing….I know it is all for good reason and normal, but that doesn't make it much easier. Hang in there – I wish I could tell you when it will lighten up, but with twins I have no idea. I can give you a couple of things that worked for me:

    Squeeze straight lemon juice into a glass, and dilute with a tiny bit of water. Or even drink lemonade if you can find a really sour one.

    Sour candy! I chewed Starburst, but anything works

    Sea Bands: Some people swear by them, and even though you look like you're ready for a game of tennis, it's worth a try.

    I hope you're feeling well enough to make it through your book signing! the good news is, I'm sure a lot of your readers will be there and totally understand if you're looking a little green.

    I feel for you!

  9. I'm soo excited about the new book. I live in Oklahoma, so I have no chance of ever meeting you for a book signing, haha, but I hope it goes well. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. :(

  10. Good luck to you, Stephanie. You shouldn't worry one bit about tomorrow…you've already done what many people procrastinate about. And remember what you said, 'Realize the only individual who should have that much power over your happiness should be you.'

    Ginger and white crispy italian toast with lots of butter…works for me, every time.

  11. Congratulations on everything – and good luck with everything too! I'm stopping by Barnes & Noble after work tomorrow to pick up a copy :). I so wish I was in NYC this summer so I could stop by borders. Congrats again

  12. best of luck tomorrow.

    And those ultrasounds are precious. Every single one.

    If I were in New York I'd totally stop by. As it is, you have my good wishes.

  13. Oh god, stay strong with this vomiting! I know you are, but just imagine the beautiful lovely baby/ babies coming!
    I can't wait for your signing.

    Be happy, the #1 thing my mother always says about pregnancies. And I think truly is the most important, with all the theories that have come out recently. Stay relaxed, write, photograph, and cook- all when you feel up to it.
    Big hugs of love from all your readers.

  14. Congratulations on the book and on the baby! Now tell me something: why did you use the word "vomitando"? It's a portuguese word and I found it funny to recognize it, since I'm from Brazil. Once again, congrats! :D

  15. Keep hydrated. (No duh, really?) Having offered my best pregnancy advice, let's move along to The Power of the Blog. I do not buy hardcover books. I buy paperbacks or used hardcovers or obscure discounted hardcovers. I read easy-to-digest books in 1 sitting at Barnes & Noble — hey, if they didn't like me to sit there reading, they wouldn't have put in easy chairs and coffee, and yes, I know I'm cheap. I am, however, driving to Barnes & Noble tomorrow evening, and I'm buying — that's right B-U-Y-I-N-G — Straight Up, etc. If you had told me a year ago when I started reading your blog that I would be putting down cold hard plastic to purchase a blogger chick's book, I would have guffawed and tittered. So who's guffawing and tittering now? (Not to mention puking.)

  16. Good luck with your other baby — I know I can't wait to read it!!

  17. Oh no! You poor thing! So sorry that you feel so awful … try some ginger and those nausea lollipops for pregnant women. Might help. I never got sick with my 2 babies … just a little nauseous. I was very lucky. Wish I was in NYC – I'd come by the book shop! Good luck!

  18. I read your blog all the time, but never write. Congrats to you, the Suitor and Linus on your new family. I'm a transplant from NY and have lived in TX for 16 years. It takes time to get use to living here and some things you'll never get use to. My daughter says there's an article in the Austin paper about you. She's saving it for me to read when I visit on Friday. She's also buying your book for me. I have only good thoughts for you on Tuesday.

  19. I've never posted before, but I just gotta say, I wish I live in NY so that I could meet you! Ever coming to Canada??

  20. Well, we don't have a subway here but there will be at least one girl in Rochester, MN reading your book. I'm so happy for you!

    Enjoy the signing!

  21. Steph, I`m so excited for you. Your book is finally out there, you`re pregnant with twins and you`re living with the man you love in beautiful Austin. I hope tomorrow and all the other days go well and morning sickness passes soon and you can enjoy it all more.
    I really wish I could be there on Wednesday but I´m stuck in the middle of nowhere…

  22. Had the book since Friday – picked it up this side of the pond. People on the train keeping looking at me and wondering why I'm laughing to myself – if they were reading the book too they'd know – way to go!

    PS: Monster House apparently causes that reaction in non-pregnant people too!

  23. Tomorrow is also day one of the bar exam! Much less fun. Wednesday at 5pm, I buy your book. To celebrate.

  24. I have been following another blog which has an author who is at the same stage and has the same predicament.

    and in in she describes the daily vomit and the godsend that is medication.

  25. Congratulations!! Have you tried the lollipops they sell at Babies R Us? They work great!!
    Good Luck tomorrow! I'll be buying the book on my lunch break!!

  26. Oh, how exciting! Book signings and such. I can't wait to get your book from Amazon! I've been looking forward to it since i preordered it way back when.

    I don't want to give assvice on the nausea thing, because every pregnant woman handles the vomiting differently. But I had a friend who had twins and she said that sucking on lemons helped her nausea somewhat (and i'm sure you already heard that before so i should probably just stop) and that listening to her cravings helped, too. If she was hungry for fries, she ate fries, even if the day before she threw up fries. i found the same to be true when i was puking pregnant.

    Anyway, I don't want to go overboard since you didn't ask for tips on nausea management. I hope it passes and soon. The Suitor is a sweetheart for holding your hair and being so understanding.

    and twins! I'm still wowed.

  27. Crap, did I post that comment anon? If so, it was me. Im sorry..dangit.

    Anyway, I wanted to p.s. that I am thinking a million happy thoughts for you tomorrow as well. Tomorrow and everyday, right through till the birth of the guppies and beyond.

  28. I'm disappointed I won't be in NY to be at the book signing. I enjoyed your last reading at JCC back in March. Oh well, maybe next time.

    When my best friend was pregnant we went out to Denny's for dinner. Right before we got back in the car, she turned her head and puked in the parking lot. She spewed once, spit, then hopped in the car like nothing happened. She was about 5 months pregnant at the time. She was a puking pro! I say all this because hopefully in time, the upchucking will be second nature. Just spill your guts and keep it moving type thing. Or even better, the sickness could go away entirely.

  29. Darling, your book is already out! I saw it at a Borders in Phoenix on Saturday afternoon! Totally not kidding! It was on the New Hardcovers table right in the front of the store.

  30. I own it! I wandered to the Lincoln Center Barnes this evening, inquired at information and the lovely woman went down to the stock room to get it for me, no questions asked. My only regret is that I can't start it now–GRE studying beckons.

  31. Stephanie –

    Love the look of the new site. So exciting, all that is going on in your life. Just a bit jealous…


  32. The smell of shampoo made me vomit in my first trimester. In the shower.

    It went away in the second and all I wanted to do was sniff dryer sheets. Pregnancy's weird.

    Good luck on your reading, though I doubt you'll need it.

  33. Maybe the onlookers would just think you were giving your honest opinion of the movie.

    I like your new header border.

  34. I'd be more concerned if you WEREN'T getting sick. Carry crackers and plastic bags.

    Enjoy the signing. Selfish me–I hope you'll make Vegas one of your book tour stops, 'cause by the time I move to Austin next summer you'll be toting two little ones and will have little time for coffee and chat. Plus, you'll be ridiculously famous and I'll be too wimpy to fight past your security dudes :)

  35. I can't wait until next Wednesday. I bet there are going to be tons of people there. I'm buying your book this Wednesday so I'm sure I'll have it finished by Aug. 2nd…at least that way if you have to stop mid sentence and go throw up, I'll still know what's going on.

    Reading your blog and anticipating reading your book makes me want to be all grown up already, although you'll probably laugh at me for saying that. I can only hope I end up as lucky as you…even if you did have to overcome a few hurdles along the way.

  36. Good luck tomorrow. 12 weeks is kind of the turning point, right? So hopefully your vomitornado or whatever will clear out soon enough.

    Good happy thoughts from me to you for Tuesday, tomorrow.

  37. I will be purchasing and devouring your book tomorrow!

    The being sick part shouldn't last too much longer.

    Happy, happy day tomorrow!

  38. I'm SO excited about tomorrow! I think I have enough excitement for me, you, Linus, The Suitor and the Twins!!! I wish I was in NYC to meet you 'cause I would most definitely be at the book signing. But I'm stuck here in Orlando sweating my ass off and looking forward to some indoor entertainment…reading Straight Up And Dirty! Hope you get to feeling better. Don't feel embarrassed, feel blessed!

  39. Wait — you know your book is already out right? I just bought it today, at the Borders on 57th and Park. The cover is adorable, and the writing quite good so far. — Did you know it had been released? I was shocked to see it out myself, as I was sure it wasn't out for a bit…

    in any case — congrats on everything occuring in your life at presnet; the baby, the book, the beautiful new blog. Much happiness and luck.

  40. Wait — you know your book is already out right? I just bought it today, at the Borders on 57th and Park. The cover is adorable, and the writing quite good so far. — Did you know it had been released? I was shocked to see it out myself, as I was sure it wasn't out for a bit…

    in any case — congrats on everything occuring in your life at presnet; the baby, the book, the beautiful new blog. Much happiness and luck.

  41. s, the good news is that most of the sickness goes away after the twelth week! i didnt believe it but i promise it does get better. i couldnt even stand the smell of my house everyday when i would walk in from work i would have to run to the bathroom. dont worry we have all been there! its worth it i promise! have a good book signing day.

  42. Wait — you know your book is already out right? I just bought it today, at the Borders on 57th and Park. The cover is adorable, and the writing quite good so far. — Did you know it had been released? I was shocked to see it out myself, as I was sure it wasn't out for a bit…

    in any case — congrats on everything occuring in your life at present; the baby, the book, the beautiful new blog. Much happiness and luck.

  43. Congratulations on the eve of your book release! I work for Harper (parent company of your publisher) and there is great buzz around the office about it. I can't wait until the book signing!

    Feel better!

  44. Apparently Borders has the jump on everyone else, that's where I bought it too. Can they get in trouble for that? You might be amused to know that my husband sat down and practically read it cover to cover the other day. He liked the part about your ex husband's bad breath. I haven't gotten there yet. I hate throwing up, it's something I am NOT looking forward to if I ever do get pregnant. Hopefully you'll find a trick that works for you. Try not to let your stomach go completely empty – that seems to work for a lot of people.

  45. He said it's normal. He said it's okay. He said it will go away soon. He's not a bird. Or a plane. He's SuperSuitor.

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