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STRAIGHT UP AND DIRTY is now available in the UK.  Not for pre-order.  For actual purchase.  How exciting!!!  I think it’s on stands in England, New Zealand, and Australia!



  1. Is it usual for a book just being released to be marked 1/3 off the cover price? I've never seen that deep an initial discount before, and I'm not in publishing, so I haven't the faintest clue.

  2. If I were you, I'd run out right now and buy myself something terribly expensive and totally frivolous.

    Bask in the glow……

  3. Congratulations!!!!
    I can't wait to read it :-) When is the official release in the US?? Are you going to do a book tour to promote it?

  4. I'll try and get to my bookstore this afternoon and see if I can confirm the Australian sale for you!! :)

    Woohoo the wait is over!!

  5. That's exciting! I was wondering about the pink that appears on the cover. I thought you had said you wanted "anything but pink" on the cover. That "pink is not my color, I'm a redhead"

    Just wondering how that happened?

    Lots of luck to you and I have already placed an advanced order for your book here in the US!

  6. OK, i'd NEVER leave my real name on a blog comment board but let's just say you have fans from all walks-celebrity included and we can't wait to devour your book! You are the buzz!

    Good luck with everything, sister.

  7. Maybe I could use my frequent flyer miles to get the book sooner?

  8. I am waiting … not so very patiently … my Amazon account says “delivery estimate: July 27, 2006 – July 29, 2006” I can’t wait!
    Hooray for you!!!!

  9. I believe the exact quote was: “Please, for the love of God, it cannot be pink. Pink makes me want to vomit. And no loopy letters or caricatures of pointy shoes or shopping bags." I guess the marketing gurus know what sells . . . and sadly, women want pink loopy letters and caricatures of pointy shoes. It's unfortunate that your book will be one of the 200 others on the shelf that look like this.

    You're published though and that's f'ing huge!

  10. And there it was. Right beside 'Freud in the City'.

    First thing first. Jewish urologists apparently aren't all they're cracked up to be. And then, my favourite line:

    "Chivalry wasn't dead. It was five-foot-eleven, Cuban and wearing faded Levis with Jesus sandals."

  11. Pretty in pink's there. Not here. Same script sans shoes. Glorious galley. Fone a friend in the busyness of words which could never be said except by our girl. C'eSTEPHANIE. Mazel Tov!

  12. Congratulations Stephanie, on your latest book and hope it does well for you!!!! Let us know when your book tour schedule is set, including Chicago, if it is in your plans.

  13. Good for you, Stephanie. I can't wait to get my hot little hands on it here in Canada.

    Congratulations, you deserve every last bit of it.


  14. I picked up a copy this morning. I couldn't wait for my amazon order.

    Stephanie, I love it. Congratulations.

  15. It IS on sale here in Australia, and has been for at least a week and a half. I saw it on the first stand as you walk into a very snazzy/upmarket bookstore on Oxford Street in Sydney. Congratulations!

  16. I bought this yesterday, in a little bookshop near Oxford – it really took me by surprise to see it there so I had to pick it up and buy it straight away…

    Have started and am enjoying – well done, yay you!

  17. I bought the book in London last week, read it in two days, and have been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I think people, perhaps especially readers of your blog, will be surprised by its arc — it has a real plot, real characters (Rome is just vile), and my favorite parts were the conversations with your friends and, of course, the ending. Congratulations!

  18. Bought STRAIGHT UP & DIRTY yesterday and can't put it down. "Moving the furniture" made me choke on my tea! Great storytelling.

  19. Congratulations!!!!
    I'm from Italy and I read everyday your blog!
    but for me it's too hard read a book (all in english!!!)
    do you know when someone will translate it in italian language?
    I hope will be soon!!!

  20. So far–and it's still early–Straight Up And Dirty will absolutely be translated into German, Russian, and Italian (but not until 2007). The US version is available in stores July 25. I will be on tour at that time. Still coordinating where and when!

  21. I admit it… I couldn't wait for the NY release so my friend is bringing it for me from London next week. I just couldn't wait any longer! On a side note… I was on Fire Island this weekend and EVERYONE was talking about the book. We're all quite excited. Congratulations!

  22. I am so bummed you aren't here to promote it though!! But how delicious that I'm getting to read it before all my NY sistahs! xx from London and a BIG congratulations, Ms. Published Author!

  23. Sorry I'm not in London yet, but I might be soon. In the meanwhile, look for me in the August issue of ELLE UK (a feature written by Emma Cook) and in GRAZIA, where I wrote an article about my experiences with miscarriage and abortion. I hope to be in London soon.

  24. That is TOTALLY unfair that its released there before the States! I'm DYING for some good summer reading. Congrats!

  25. Official US on sale date is 7/25 everyone. So start ordering or just go to the stores on that date.
    Stephanie- how come your tour schedule is not set yet!?

  26. just bought your book, it was in the popular psychology section of waterstones on oxford street (london) , have been getting stuck in on the bus already! let me know when you are over here and i can recommend some great 'off the beaten track' places to eat, def no soho or notting hill on my list. congratulations xx

  27. Congratulations!! I'll try to buy it with credit because I'm from Greece and haven't bought anything from Amazon yet. Kisses.

  28. I received it via amazon this morning and am completely hooked! I am trying to savor it like I would my favourite Godiva icecream, only skimming one layer at time in order to make it last all week. So, I am desperately not trying to read it all in one sitting. Yet, finding it difficult!


  29. That's great. I just ordered it and waiting for it in the mail.. I look forwad to reading it.. yeah!!

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