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I am so goddamn happy.  It is so beautiful here that I feel as if I’m on vacation.  I keep turning to The Suitor with, “Can you believe we actually live here?  I mean, like this is our supermarket.  These are our sunsets.  This is all ours!”  Linus gets air time, with floor to ceiling views of finches and squirrels, as our place overlooks a nature preserve.  We overlook cliffs and rolling hills on Lake Austin, with sunset views (you sort of have to lean to see the sunset completely).  All I want to eat is spinach and whole grains.  Living here, in central time, feels healthy and athletic.  Last night we worked out in our 24-hour fitness center then went for a dip in the pool.  Today, I’m working out by the pool, 15 sunblock, hair air-drying.  Hydrating on the Poland Spring alternative out here.  Of course we both packed our cameras like dumb-asses, so they don’t arrive until sometime later this week (when I’ll post photos).  We now officially have our own washer and dryer!  My own keys to our garage!  We have steps. Actual staircases, where we can hang art.  French doorknobs.  The entire apartment smells like grown-up, of new carpeting and paint.  A master bath with a sunken tub.  Two bathrooms!  I can’t stand it, I love it so much here.   We’re test-driving cars soon, so we can each have one.  Things are coming together.  Glorious.  It’s the only word that comes to mind right now.  Is it hot?  Yes.  It hit 100 today, but it doesn’t feel hot.  There are cool breezes, and my hair is fine.  There’s no humidity here that I feel.  Infusium-drenched hair helps, too.  I fell asleep to the hum of crickets and awoke to Linus’s gas.  Things are just as they should be…



  1. Go to Hyde Park Bar and Grill if you want a fancy burger… Shop at Whole Foods and Wheatsville.

    I miss Austin now! Tennis is the best during this time. Join Westwood Country Club!

  2. My soul is smiling for you. What an amazing time in your life! Go on a walk through Ziliker park, it will refresh and amaze you! Look forward to more!

  3. That sounds AMAZING! I feel like I took a mini-vacation in my office reading the description! Congrats on the happiness!!

  4. I am so sad yet crazy happy for you, but mostly I am in awe at your braveness. I know your fabulousness will translate, so do everything big and show Texans how NY’ers really are. Skip the whole grains and get some BBQ. I fill out my apartment applications today for NYC so wish me luck..
    PS Whole Foods sells this amazing sparkling lemonade for in old French style bottles. So good and it seems so right for where your at.

  5. I feel so weird because I don't even know you …. and I STILL can't believe you're not in NY anymore.

    I've really been spending too much time on this blog.


  6. Can I just say that as a girl who has lived in oklahoma most of her life, I really enjoy reading your perspective on our part of the world. its refreshing. helps me remember to enjoy the sunsets (which are one of my favorite things about living here). thanks for the fresh perspective on what I also get to live in every day. Welcome to our time zone. :)

  7. I would kill a small animal for a washer and dryer. or two bathrooms. a garage and/or a yard. I'm stopping now before I cry.

  8. I actually found out recently that I might eventually end up in Austin as well. It is a BEAUTIFUL city. It's too bad The Oasis burned down. I am sure it is in some state of repair. Heck, it might even be completely restored by now. It is an amazing place with very well priced food. Funny…I was just in NYC too. I would definitely pick Austin. I'm glad you are so happy there…

  9. Ain't the south great! The only thing good about this central time zone is that I can leave it and go to California and it still be early in California! :) Other then that, it sucks! LOL
    Glad you are enjoying Texas!
    It is so weird what we take for granted, everyone I know has a washer and dryer in their home, we all have cars, most everyone in a family who is old enough to drive has a car! Just strange to hear someone be so excited about it!
    I am happy you like it!

  10. Dancing an inner "happy dance" for you! It sounds so wonderful and I hope all continues to be as wonderful as they should be .. you deserve it! I shall live somewhat vicariously through you .. as I am in raining Washington state :o)

  11. I love that you stay true to your curls. I, too, have curly hair and live with humidity, and it can be a headache.

    Glad to hear about all the 'glorious' – ness.

    Would you share about ideas on making new friends. I'd love to hear about it. Good luck! Oh! And car shopping, that's always fun :)

  12. Wow! Sounds cozy and sophisticated all at the same time.

    I can't wait for you to post pictures so we can see the sharp contrast between your last picture, and your new ones.

    Congrats again.

  13. I have a suitor in Texas too. Should I go there for him? Or should I just go there, suitor or not? Hmmm, no house for me in the foreseeable future in LA.

  14. I hate how clicking in your comments box brings up a pop-up of your photos-4-sale website. Very annoying indeed


  15. Ah, lady… I'm so happy for you! I love that feeling the everything around you and inside you seems to swell with beauty and happiness. Life can be soooo good sometimes….

    Like today, my husband sent me flowers and a card, asking me to be his date for my 80's Prom birthday party. The sun is shining, we're having Porter Brewed Chili on the sunny patio while the kitties frolick in the new spring grass…

    *sigh* Life is beautiful.

  16. So glad you are enjoying Austin! Its wonderful here isnt it? Oh, but even though you didn't feel the humidity today…well…just wait, its coming. And then…ick lol.

  17. Congratulations! I love hearing you sound so excited and hopeful and happy.

  18. I always thought humidity was great for curly hair (as long as it's worn curly). I know my fro absolutely loves humid days, it gets really big and squishy from all the moisture.

    Anyways, Austin sounds wonderful and idyllic. I'm happy that you're happy. New York misses you.

  19. I was sailing merrily along here until I reached the part about you owning a car. Stephanie on the road? Watch out, Austin!

  20. I was a little nervous, but all is right in blog world today. I know there will be days when you miss the city, and that's allowed… but it sure helps really liking your new surrondings.

    Best of luck to you and your happy family.

  21. Honestly happy for you…hope everything remains perfect and glorious. You deserve it..hell we all deserve it. Glad one of us is living it!

  22. I'm so happy for you Stephanie! One more thing that Austin has over New York: you can buy a convertible as your everyday car, not just the summer car!!

  23. also… go to Guero's Taco Bar on S. Congress and be adventurous w/ what you get, or try Chuy's on Barton Springs (you might see Lance Armstrong at Chuy's on any given day). For night life.. check out Antones if you're in the mood for some of the best Blues in the US in a totally laid back atmosphere. Continental Club is a total dive in you're in the mood. For a Piano Bar… check out Pete's Dueling Piano Bar, it's a classic!.

  24. Cat – Thank you for the explanation. I did see that episode of friends when they went on vacation and Monica's hair developed a life of it's own. That was hilarious!! My hair does the same thing. It expands out and draws upward into a big mass on top of my head, giving me the perfect afro. But now that I think about it, I don't think a fro would really suit Stephanie too well, so I guess humidity and curls can equal one big mess if you're not trying to look like Foxy Cleopatra.

  25. So envious and excited for you. Sunsets, hot weather and new house smell, it does not get better than that. Enjoy every little thing about your life home. Welcome to Austin!!

  26. I'm from NYC originally and have lived both in the mountains and in DC, but I always come back to NYC. Even as much as I travel and would love to live abroad, there is NO city like NYC. But it's nice to know that we will have two more "blue" folks in a red state!

  27. It sounds just wonderful! And seriously, I'm glad the hair is holding up! I understand the woes of heat and humidity.

  28. You just confirmed all my sometimes thoughts/wishes/cravings for a normal house, with a yard, a car, and a garage….and to get out of my little apartment. God,I need an extended vacation to Austin I think. You make it sound so good.

  29. Liz – Typically moisture causes hair to be frizzy. In very humid climates people with curly hair can frizz up pretty bad.
    If you ever watched the show FRIENDS, you may recall when they went to Hawaii (I think it was Hawaii) and Monica's hair turned into one big frizz ball.

    I'm not sure if this is the case with tight curls, but it is with long curls.

  30. This heat is not normal, and it DOES get humid here, just wait.
    The Oasis is open, inside and outside seating. The view of Lake Travis is fantastic, go there. Also go to Hamilton Pool for a swim, but call first to make sure it's open for swimming.

    Welcome to Austin!

  31. Listen. You must drive to a restaurant in New Braunfels called the Grist Mill and get the chicken fried steak before you start any workout regime.

  32. I had a huge smile on my face as i read this – you can just feel the GLEE in your words.

    Congratulations congratulations congratulations!


  33. From a fellow new-to-Austin-ite, welcome to Texas, SK. Good to have ya :). Check out the Alamo Drafthouse sometime, if you haven't already. It's one of my favorite things to do here (so far).

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