better in black

All I needed was a headband.  I stared at myself in our bathroom mirror this morning, after softening some of my curls with a wide-barrel curling iron, and I thought, "I look too married."  I was wearing a navy and white striped fitted t-shirt with a white linen a-line skirt, falling mid calf (I think).  Flats.   Very 1950’s off the boat.  Not the immigrant boat.  The yacht. I don’t like looking this way, so Better Homes now that I’ve room for a garden.  All I need is a string of pearls and a spatula.  Yesterday we bought mixing bowls and a stainless grill.  "Screw it," I said then shut off the bathroom lights.  I then walked into my closet and stripped, finding refuge in black capri pants and a black t-shirt.  Better.  At least for now, as I await my clothing to arrive in one of the many boxes we have coming.  I just feel better in black, at least for now.  It feels more chic, even if it is the color people who have no real sense of fashion wear.  Black is too easy.  Having a sense of fashion means pulling together the harder choices and making them work.  I need new clothes. 



  1. new clothes for a new life in Austin! Love the nautical look though… so chic. Basic black can be nice, but only on blondes and redheads, in my humble opinion.

  2. I don't 'get' colours. I want to. But I don't. If I'm gonna stand out I'd rather it not be in pink. (Every time I try to do not-black…everything turns pink.)

    I've never figured out what works for me. What goes with a pale olive face and whatever colour this hair of mine is?

    I need a stylist.

  3. I had no idea one could look "married", though there definitely is a Mommy-look. (I've been thwarting it for years.)

    I think I'd avoid the Sprockets look for reasons of heat absorption. Black's not only "easy"; it's sweaty.

    Do you have a fave NYC tee? A local eatery or some such? Pair it with that white skirt and high-heeled, chunky sandals and go.

  4. email me if you want to go shopping!
    need to hit south lamar boutiques … :)

  5. I'd rather have a sense of style than a sense of fashion, anyway.

  6. Ha – this made me laugh out loud. Today I'm wearing the navy and white long sleeved t-shirt and khakis, AND a tortoiseshell headband. But I am married, and now I'm a mama. It's an adjustment, and sometimes I do a double-take in the mirror.

    But I still have lots of black in my closet. Easy, maybe, but definitely me.

  7. Serenity now. I have the WORST outfit on, in the Nation. It is ALL BLACK, and each polycotton blend piece is at least three years old. Sick. I feel your pain. Point me towards the nearest Saks!

  8. I still can't believe it. You're gone. I'm so happy for you on so many levels, but I still can't believe it. Its been a year since I've been reading your blog and we both have come so far. It sounds like you are happy and you deserve every last drop of it. Best wishes in your new home and new life.

  9. The next time you don the striped fitted T with the A-line skirt and flats, be sure to jut your lower jaw, extend a limp hand and greet the gals at the country club. Until then, stick with black, which is NOT the color of choice for people with no sense of fashion, says the girl in black. What other color allows/invites you to accessorize in ways unimaginable? None.

    (Did you pack any scarves or are you waiting for their arrival?)

  10. I too turned to black today. Some say I look like I am in mourning, while I say I am hungover. It was easy this morning.

  11. I too turned to black today. Some say I look like I am mourning, while I say I am hungover. It was easy this morning.

  12. I prefer neutrals…I don't wear black and white often, but I love browns, champagnes, and taupes. Right now I feel like a kid: jeans and a supergirl tee. (sigh)

  13. see, this is why I stick to sweats and PJs. There's only one look those convey: BUM! And I'm cool with that.

  14. Not the immigrant boat.. So funny. Instead of changing the whole outfit, it would have been fierce to put on gold hoops and thong sandals, big sunglasses, black slouchy hobo bag, and make your hair really sexy and wild. It would have been just the right juxtaposition.

    Buffy-I will so style you for free BTW did you ever buy any of the day dresses we discussed? Email me, hun. soon.

  15. Girl, I'm fully empathizing and I'm a single 23-year-old. My closet has become too pristine, too color coordinated, too predictable. I put on an outfit and don't feel like my rare, slightly goofy, somewhat chic self. So you know what I do? I take that cute J. Crew colorful summer skirt and then I pull out my favorite baby t-shirt (the one that I've taken a pair of scissors to and deliciously cut the neckline too low) and I mix and match. I am also an over-zealous fan of different kinds of watches–like that bulky orange one I got on sale or the white (cheap) leather one that has holes cut throughout the band.

    Let's face it, gals like us have to rip ourselves out of the calculated pattern and go galloping through the fashion wilderness buck-naked…in a metaphorical way, of course.

  16. Its the gated community. I'm telling you. These places are poisonous. Next thing you know you will be joining the Junior League.

  17. Oy. Black capris in 100 degree heat. I'm shvitzing here. Speaking of 100 degree heat, if the weather's more or less the same in your new part of the world day after day, does that make breaking-the-ice-weather-chit-chat boring? Not to say it's scintillating under any circumstances, but in the northeast, the weather's certainly changeable enough to make it topical. Apropos of heat, is Linus keeping hydrated enough? Have you found him a new vet?

  18. Wear whatever, wherever you are. It's too easy to give advice. I've gotta learn to follow the advice in my head and not give a damn about what others think. Or what I think others think. From one of those New Yawkers!

  19. You do realize that you have moved to a place where male FORMAL attire usually involves pressed jeans, black cowboy boots and a cowboy hat? I think you should pick up a copy of Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Growl" cd, listen to "Screw You We're From Texas" and dress accordingly. Austin's all latitude and attitude. Maybe you should pick whatever lets your tattoos peek over, around and through the way you want them to. That's the way lots of Austin women seem to pick their clothes and it works out just fine. Even that natty nautical look could work with the right tattoos.

  20. you'll find out soon enough that nobody in austin will give a shit what you wear or what you look like. that's the beauty of it. they will be just as happy to see you in goodwill purchased gym wear. to find those kind of people, you will have to move to dallas or houston. hook 'em.

  21. You sound like Jackie O. in your first outfit. Not a bad thing, but I understand why you would want something more chic. My only question is; isn't black exceedingly hot in Austin?

  22. I totally know how you feel. I moved to Portland, OR from Boston two years ago. Suddenly all the outfits I had confidence in back in Boston made me seem out of place here in Portland. It took some time but I am finally starting to work it all out.

    Congrats on the move too. It takes guts to leave all your friends and old life behind to start new. Kudos to you and the suitor!

  23. It's true, no one in Austin will care what you are wearing. If I were back in Austin (sigh) I'd go for the boho look mixed with classics lines (what's with the poofy slouchy thing?). Wait. I'm in Seattle and that's what I go for here. Austin is all about the eclectic, so wear the black throw on some gaudy bangles too. Or a hat.

    Whatever, it's Austin, where a guy who wears stiletos, a bikini and sometimes a top hat ran for mayor and got 2% of the vote.

  24. Okay, I resent the insinuation about the Junior League. I've met some of the smartest, funniest, most fun women I know in the JL.

  25. Uh oh. I feel the out of place fashion emergency will happen when I move from Philadelphia to NYC. I had never thought of it. Thanks for the indirect heads up. =) Sounds like all is well though, SK.

  26. If you get stressed about clothes, just say to yourself over and over again (like a mantra):

    I have a pool. I have a pool.

    Hope you're enjoying your new home.

  27. Haha having just moved myself, I too am waiting for my boxes with my clothes and my bed. It sucks!! But good luck to you with the move and life change.

  28. Life moves on, enjoy the ride, wearing whatever you want! It's not bad to look 'like a wife' or look 'like a mom'. It would be like a greek tragedy to never experience being either. You are going to the next chapter in life, and I'm sure we will read great things from you during this next phase. Thanks for always writing from your heart :)

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