the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker

Yes, I’ll be on the TV Food Network this Thursday, December 8, 9 p.m. ET/PT.  Me with my cookie swap posse.  If you’re so inclined set your TiVo to Winning Holiday Cookies.  I haven’t seen the segment, other than the promo that has run (which I’m shocked anyone noticed was me).  It was summer when they filmed it… incase you can’t tell by my sleeveless silk top.  I wasn’t able to wear a bra with that top, so I asked my friends for a code word, if, let’s just say, my nipple was showing on camera.  The code word was LAKE… short for Lake Titicaca.  Sure enough, as soon as the camera begins to roll, Derek says, "Brrrr.  It sure is a cold day.  Heck I’ve just come from skating on the LAKE."  I clutched my bosom and gasped.  We then laughed, despite the camera.  I’m hoping that bit ends up on the cutting room floor… along with the bit where I say "cookie diva" instead of "cookie monstress."  Too little, too late.  I’ll live.  Afterall, now I’ve got me some baked goods.