auf wiedersehn

So I arrived at my office of red chairs at Borders, ready to plug in and get going.  I’ll be damned.  There are a bunch of kids holding
class back there, some of them are sharing seats.  Remember when your ass was that small?  So now I’m left to Dean and Deluca, to stare at bacon Swiss muffins and lemon frosted cupcakes.  Ah, and I get to listen to the sounds of children banging things against metal chairs and tables because they think the cafe is marching band practice.  I looked at their mother and saw her pulling flexi-straws from a zip lock bag.  She carries them on her for when she feeds them sugar in the form of apple juice.  I want to carry a ziplock baggie with bendy straws for my kids one day.  I miss the days of apple juice and snack time.  Naps, smocks, and getting dirty during the day.  Perhaps I’ll have some after the gym.  All of the above, since I’m now without obligations.  Tomorrow perhaps I’ll hit Barnes & Noble.  I am so thankful I never ended up following my dream of law school; a traveling office is such a good time.  Though, admittedly, it doesn’t allow for much of an office romance.

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  1. I like that Gene Simmins thing you have going on there, looks like it was a blast!

  2. Borders has the internet access I pay for (t mobile)… at starbucks, kinkos, and yes, borders. My gym is also in the same building… making life easy.

  3. You're SUCH an inspiration to me. In one month, I'm following in your footsteps. I'll see you at the B&N office. :)

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    I've been an avid reader for some time, yet have never posted. I enjoy your style of writing, but not always your analogies based on such things as brand names and impression management. (Fat, Passing for Thin was an entry I love to hate!) So I must tell you, I'm really digging these latest pics of yourself. They are less staged and more natural – letting the mind wander. Don't be afraid to let us see the less complementary pics! Those of us who really appreciate the "real you", want to see them all – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Let it all hang out! (Like I have to tell you that….)
    Best wishes from Pennsylvania,

  5. I think your hair looks great there. Kind of a compromise between totally straight and greek island curly. Isla Fisher, the girl from 'wedding crashers' was on conan last night and said that redheads attract magpies swooping at them. I wonder if by magpies, she meant men…

  6. Borders in the TW Center is my weekend office. Its nice for writing and caffiene. Conducive to looking at the beautiful women there too. Make no mistake, folks…New York City bookstores are a breeding ground for beautiful broads with brains. But stay away from the Sci-Fi section, unless you like your women with beards, male genitalia. No offense to beautiful female Star Wars fans. Does someone want to make out with me???

  7. wistfully wishing my job could have a traveling office. too bad I love what I do, or I'd be tempted to quit, just to have my office be a comfy couch at a coffee shop.

  8. I'm not sure if you even read these comments but if you do…..where did you get that shirt that you're wearing in the photos? I live in LA so we'll never be seen wearing the same thing out! You look fabulous by the way in all the photos! Maura – LA

  9. Steph,
    Nice pics – They remind me of what a great time I had and how bad I look in pictures, thank you! I'll e you tonight with the info we discussed – btw, the pic of the guy with the funny hat outside the bar – I didn't catch his name, but I kept calling him "The Republican"

  10. Steph- as a longtime reader, I'm so happy to see the great things going on in your life. When you're true to yourself and live your life that way, only good things can come of it, right?

    It's people like you who continue to inspire me to find my own north star (your book recommendation from waaaaay back), to abandon the fear of change or the unknown and try to seek out the life I was truly meant to live, not the life I think everone else will be OK with. Thank you for reminding me that it's ok to expect more out of life than just "getting by", that it's ok to dream big dreams. I needed to be reminded of things like that as I'm at the crossroads of a very big life decision- a choice between "getting by" (very unhappily, but seemingly safe) or taking a leap of faith.

    I'm sick of looking before I leap- it's about damn time I leapt and then looked and just believed in myself. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. "auf wiedersehen" means "good bye" and not "farewell" which is a good thing! cheers!

  12. Steph!

    Is your Asian friend on the left into women? Get me a date with her! :)

    Good luck to you- and enjoy this time off while you have it!

  13. working out of home is overrated… there's something about not having enough work-related human contact that can make you slightly crazy.

  14. I find it interesting that some folks comment on your pics and not your writing. Just a thought.

  15. So where are the pics of you being hog-tied by the cops and thrown in the paddy (patty?) wagon? If you're going to go…go ugly, go early, and avoid the rush.

  16. My eyes!! Oh my God, my eyes!!!

    Oh, and MY ass STILL fits in the small seats.

  17. And J….you need to put down the crack pipe. Her hair looks "sooo" good? What is WRONG with you people??

  18. Bittersweet farewell party no doubt. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing! I haven't commented in ages, but am stillout here reading!

    Ahhh, new york in the fall! It will be there before you know it. I will envy you more than ever then. London just isn't nearly as beautiful in the fall.

  19. Great entry. Great photo. Nice blue tongue. What's not to like?


  20. Ms. Klein, have you ever thought of starting your own church? You seem to have more believers in you than even I have.

  21. Steph, can you recommend a good hotel in Midtown Manhattan to stay at in February?


    General Max

  22. I too know the ups and downs of the travelling office. Starbucks and Barnes are my offices of choice but the pitfalls are the same everywhere. If it's not teenagers with big voices and small asses (damn! I should know better than to come to this starbucks right next to PS 158 just as school is letting out), then it's an obnoxious businessman with a blue tooth devices in his ear who, from a certain angle, looks like he's screaming at himself. I swear, I've gotten to know more about a stranger sitting next to me yakking on her cell phone while drinking her latte than I have about friends I've had for years (for some people, it seems nothing is sacred). At least it gives you fodder for the blog though!

  23. Dear Stephanie

    That is auf wiedersehen, not wiedersehn.

    If you are going to be pretentious using a foreign word, then learn to SPELL it correctly.

    There is nothing more annoying.


  24. Oh my god, who is the hottie in Last Roll 50 picture? Definitely worth the wallpaper of the day.

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