in praise of galatea

Yeah, so the fcuk what.  I’m an Avril Lavigne song.  There.  I said it. I can’t not be what I am, either.

“If you trying to turn me, into someone else
It’s easy to see, I’m not down with that
I’m not nobody’s fool
If you trying to turn me, into something else
I’ve seen it enough, and I’m over that
I’m not nobody’s fool
If you wanna bring me down
Go ahead and try”

Try to mold me into what you think I should be,
chisel the ivory out of me.  Walk through
my studio door, in your smock, with a list
of things you love about me.
Re-write it.
Change your mind.
Take my prerogative.

Press your chin with your accusation finger.
Tell me you’re “assessing,”  when I ask you for a shiny “penny?”
Go ahead and wonder where you’ll start.  On me.
Hard on me.
Pygmalion the shit out of me.

Your sullied fingertips buttered with my unfired flesh, until
they come clean, until you say,
“I’m not going to lie to you.”

Hardened now, the flakes of my skin
divorce themselves from your thighs,
like plasma from red cells of your creamy blurry blood.
I am your hemoglobin, young Pygmalion.
Transfusing life to you
like a mother.



  1. Most likely, Stephanie is using it as a reference to the statute carved by Pygmalion, and brought to life by Aphrodite. I could be off though.

  2. Pardon my ignorance but what is "galatea" ? It's not in my dictionary, and I thought most things were in the dictionary.

  3. Just wanted to say that even Avril has found love and happiness. Have you seen her lately? Glowing and engaged to her Love…….

  4. Oh! THAT galatea! Oh, OK, sorry.

    … slinks away with tail and the Concise Oxford between her legs…

  5. Personally I think a Wierd Science allusion would have worked better. They tried to make the perfect woman out of more than just marble. Crazy kids.

    "Anthony Michael Hall the shit out of me."

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